Drink Sake, Stay Soba and Eat Magically at MOJO Singapore

The bustling dining area in the CBD including Telok Ayer, Amoy Street and Boon Tat Street has seen many eateries with dual concept, serving different food in the day and night. Here’s a new contender –  MOJO, which gets a lot of press lately. So, I am curious to visit this new dining spot to find out what’s the buzz all about.

Mediacorp Actor Shane Pow has expanded his works to the F&B dining world, teaming up with hipster cafe Sin Lee Foods and established MOJO, a casual restaurant which serves protein grain bowls by day and turns into yakitori bar at night.

This 2-in-1 transformer restaurant seriously has some strong cool vibes. Check out the unique features within the restaurant – starting from the bar entrance looking slick; to a welcoming selection of tipples; and a open-sheltered roof window with hanging cotton flowers; as well as a vibrant Maneki-neko (Japanese fortune cat) illustration designed by local visual artist Jojie Atomick.


Expect Asian-inspired grain bowls at lunch with choice of protein such as grilled Norwegian salmon, Japanese Tilapia Fillet, grilled beef steak; served on a carb base (Brown Rice / Quinoa / Baby Spinach / Cha Soba) with hot or cold vegetables and toppings.

The average lunch bill will be about $15 a person. Happy hour starts from 12pm to 9pm on weekdays – with 1 for 1 wine and $7.50 draught beer on sale all day. For weekends, a prefix menu of grain bowls is available for $14 each.

From 6pm onwards, dig into about 30 items of Japanese tapas, dinner bowls and yakitoris, including a selection of Japanese-influenced tipples. Popular dishes include Tsukune, Pork Jowl, Aburi Broccoli, Uni Soba, and Foie Gras Chahan, while signature cocktails like Gomashio and Niwatoko-Ume will definitely please you all night!

MOJO is great in a lot of prospects – and it is undeniably worthy of a visit. Just try focus on the concept and dining experience rather than the bill.

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Location: 204 Telok Ayer Street, Singapore 068640

Tel: +65 6220 0723

Opening Hours: Mon to Fri 12pm to 12am / Sat 3pm to 12am



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