Three Legs Cooling Water now comes with a refreshing fruity twist

A traditional remedy or an elixir to relieve body heatiness, Three Legs Cooling Water is an incredible beverage that most of us included in our daily diet for many decades.

This healthy beverage has made a mark in various cultures especially in Southeast Asia for nearing 80 years. The natural active ingredients such as Gypsum Fibrosum and Calcitum in the beverage is deemed to be a cure for various ailments like high fever, sore throat and headaches. The beverage product also serves a supplementary function of hydrating the body.

To celebrate its successful milestone, the company Wenken Group that produces Three Legs Cooling Water has finally evolved and created three new flavours of cooling water – Lychee, Guava and Lime, targeted at up-and-coming younger generation.

Give the enduring beverage brand a new taste without compromising the original product benefits.


The NEW Three Leg Cooling Water – Fruity and Refreshing

Drinking the original Three Leg Cooling Water isn’t the most exciting beverage in the world – but it’s definitely one of the healthiest.

The new Three Leg Cooling Water is now fuelled with the fruity refreshing flavours of Lychee, Guava and Lime. Think your favourite packet Lychee drink, Guava juice drink and Oceanic Lime juice drink, but with a more subtle sweetness and sans other unhealthy agents.


When it comes to keeping one hydrated, particularly those who play sports under the hot sun, the new array of flavoured cooling water will give your body a much-needed refueling, and make good option as a relief from spicy foods or even as a cooling agent to remedy fatigue from a restless night; while the flagship non-flavored cooling water stays true and effective to prevent heat intolerance.


Three Legs Cooling Water is available at all major supermarkets such as NTUC Fairprice, Cold Storage, Sheng Siong, convenience stores like 7-Eleven* and Cheers, including Chinese Medical Hall and Provision shops.

*Lime flavour is only available exclusively at 7-Eleven outlets.

Love Three Legs Cooling Water. Take advantage of the current promotion that runs from now till end of March 2017.

  • Purchase 4 cartons of Lychee or Guava flavour cooling water at a special price of $92 and receive 8 complimentary bottles of Lime Flavour cooling water + Free Delivery (Singapore only).
  • Purchase and self-collect a carton of  Lychee or Guava flavour cooling water at a special price of $23 and receive 2 complimentary bottles of Lime Flavour cooling water.

    While the amount of water needed may vary from individual to individual, the general recommendation to consume Three Legs Cooling Water is up to 4 bottles daily.




*This special feature was brought to you by Wen Ken Group.

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