HICSOUP – A Healthier Alternative to Juicing

Was your New Year’s resolution to eat healthier?

Kickstart your healthy diet with HIC‘s new range of soup served conveniently in a bottle.

The colourful, fibre-rich superfood soups are prepared with whole fruits and vegetables, blended and cooked at low temperature to help conserve the nutrients and natural fiber. They are low in sugar and do not contain artificial additives.

The HIC Soup menu features five flavours – Creamy Mushroom, Tomato Basil, Watercress Zucchini, Green Pea, and Carrot ’N’ Spice.

Designed to be sipped like juices, you can take your favourite soup on the go and don’t have to worry about your soup getting cold. Think eating a refreshing gazpacho or a cold smoothie – it works the same!


HIC‘s new soup range tends to be quite flavorful, thanks in part to a liberal use of spices like garlic, ginger and black pepper. It is said that souping as compared to juicing is much more healthier and will not leave you feeling hungry – tried and tested, it worked!

You can soup cleanse for two non-consecutive days a week, eating only soups for each meal, or you can choose to eliminate one meal and substitute soup. It is a pretty flexible diet plan and you can make your choices of nutritious, low-calorie, fiber-heavy soups.

Find out more about HIC 5:2 Soup Diet here.




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