The Knightsbridge Clinic: How to Flatten Your Belly and Lose those Love Handles without Exercise

I’ve tried almost everything to flatten my belly and lose my love handles. Spending countless hours in the gym, eating right and went on a juice cleanse – with zero luck. Getting rid of my love handles has never been easier until recently when I received an aesthetic treatment from The Knightsbridge Clinic, it almost help me say goodbye to fat.

While liposuction is always an option, the idea of going under the knife in the name of fat elimination can feel a bit extreme. That’s where a new line of treatments called Firma-Lift (RF) and Liposonix comes in.

Firma-Lift (RF) is a non-surgical method that utilises the advantage of Light and RF (Radio Frequency) to supplement dissolution of fat and cellulite – best suited for those with only a few inches and pounds to lose of stubborn fat; whereas Liposonix is a non-invasive treatment which uses ultrasound energy to permanently destroy the undesired fat – suitable for those with a significant amount of fat to remove and may require extensive treatments.

Both procedures do not involve any needles, diets, supplements, exercise or surgery. The downtime is zero, so that you can go straight back to your normal routine right away.


Knowing that a trial can help me feel better when deciding whether or not to take part in one, I set out on a quest to try the Firma-Lift (RF). During the treatment, the Midas device is positioned on my body which is carefully targeted at my abdomen and love handles.

The treatment process of Firma-Lift (RF) feels like a heating pad therapy and is free of pain. Light and energy are delivered under the skin into the fat cells where they are targeted. The RF procedure simply uses light and energy plus the body’s normal processes to optimise fat removal.

It can take six to ten weeks to see the results, but the patient can lose half an inch from his or her waistline after the first few treatments.


After a 30-minutes RF procedure, it has shown some nice results in tightening my abdomen area. Though there wasn’t a very visible reduction in my belly bulge, it did a great job of smoothing out.

I have to admit that I was drawn to the procedure, because it was so minimal I can resume back to my usual routine after the treatment.

But there is a catch. If you want immediate results, the procedures might test your patience. All aesthetic procedures take at least six weeks to show changes, and full results come at two to three months. And the prices doesn’t come on a bargain – that part is up to you to choose.

Firma-Lift (RF)

  • Cost: Approx. SGD $450 per treatment
  • Time Commitment: Six to ten sessions, one to two weeks apart


  • Cost: Approx. SGD $175 for a handpiece area of 5 x 5 cm
  • Time Commitment: One month of four weekly treatments maintained at least for three months


The Knightsbridge Clinic / South Bridge Aesthetics Clinic

Address: 277 South Bridge Road Singapore 058826

Tel: +65 9730 9399 (KB Clinic) / +65 9730 8999 (SBA Clinic)

The Knightsbridge Clinic Website

South Bridge Aesthetics Clinic Website:

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