Soi Thai Soi Nice makes an excellent seafood hotpot and aroi Thai dishes

Falling somewhere in between no-frills Thai Mookata and Chinese cuisine Steamboat, SOI THAI SOI NICE offers a good quality and value-for-money hotpot experience, sans the smell of oil and grease from a Mookata BBQ.

Keeping it authentic, SOI THAI SOI NICE signs up Thai Chef Worawong Phairat with 19 years of culinary experience from Bangkok to bring the vibrancy of Thai food culture to Singapore. In addition to its authentic taste, SOI THAI SOI NICE embraces creative twists to deliver more exotic, palate-teasing experiences to increasingly sophisticated customers.

Taking over the space previously occupied by Atmosphere Cafe, SOI THAI SOI NICE is managed by the same folks behind Atmosphere Bistro and Shin-Sapporo Ramen. Located on the second level of Alexandra Central Mall next to IKEA, the new Thai hotpot restaurant is a perfect solution for a hearty meal after shopping.


The restaurant’s signature Royal Thai Hotpot features a range of fresh seafood and meats like crayfish, tiger prawn, green mussel, pork belly and other ingredients that sparkle with personality yet all harmonize in the simmering hotpot.

Though the ingredients are limited, the Thai hotpot is hearty enough to feed two to four people and more. Add-on ingredients such as seafood, roasted pork, soft boiled eggs and Thai MAMA noodles are available as options.

If you are a fan of Thai Tom Yum, you will love the SOI THAI SOI NICE hotpot broth, which is made very similar to Thai Tom Yum soup – with a little bit of sweet, salty, spicy, sour and everything Thai.

Royal Thai Hot Pot


Royal Thai Hotpot (Regular $38.80 for 2 pax / Big $68.80 for 4pax)

Besides the signature Royal Thai Hotpot, SOI THAI SOI NICE serves up a line-up of classic Thai dishes range from appetisers, salad, soup, curry to grilled seafood and meats, including rice and noodle dishes.

The menu also offers unique tasting egg dishes and vegetable options, while dessert is highlighted by traditional sticky rice and coconut ice cream.



HOR MOK MA PRAW TALAY / Coconut Seafood Otah ($12.80) – A sweet medley of fresh seafood such as squid, fish and prawns cooked with coconut and curry served in a coconut shell. Good lemak taste and goes well with steamed rice.

Meat Dishes


KHO MOO YANG / Grilled Pork Neck ($9.80) – Well marinated pork neck grilled to perfection and dipped in a homemade spicy sauce to bring out extra Thai flavors to the table.


MOO SAM CHAN TORD / Roasted Fried Pork Belly ($9.80) – Twice cooked crispy pork belly seems to be a crowd favourite is also a sure hit to me.

Egg and Tofu Dishes


KAI JIAO CHA OM / Fried Omelette with Thai Herb Cha Om ($7.80) – Fried omelette cooked with fresh acacia leaf or cha-om is distinctively Thai and not commonly found in most Thai restaurants in Singapore.

The leaves of the cha-om has a unique ‘herby’ flavour, either you like it or hate it – it was somewhat earthy tasting and relishing to me.


YUM KAI DHAO / Fried Egg Salad ($6.80) – Chef’s take on the Thai fried egg salad made out of fried chicken and vegetables. A light and simple homestyle dish, best paired with curry.


YUM MA MUANG TOFU / Fried Tofu with Thai Mango Salad ($8.80) – A healthy dish combining the tartness of shredded green mango with a touch of sweetness from the homemade sauce, and contrasted with the texture of crisp fried tofu.

Seafood Dishes (Prawn)


KUNG CHUCHEE / Curry Prawns ($15.80) – Fresh prawns cooked with a dry, rich yellow curry sauce.

Seafood Dishes (Fish)


PLA KRA PONG PHAD KUN CHAI / Sliced Fish with Celery ($13.80) – The Sweet and Spicy Seabass is what you should order for a signature fish dish. For something different, try the Sliced Fish with Celery which is a healthier take with fish fillet first deep fried, then stir fry with mushrooms and greens.



KAO NIAO MA MUANG / Mango Sticky Rice ($5.80) – Thai sweet sticky rice with coconut milk and fresh mangoes. Love when the steamed sticky rice was served hot and mangoes were sweet.


KAO NIAO I-TEAM / Sticky Rice with Coconut Ice Cream ($5.80) – For this dessert, the mangoes are replaced with a scoop of coconut ice cream and dressed with brown sugar and crunchy corn flakes. An alternative take of Thai sticky rice dessert which was surprisingly pleasant.


THUB TIM GROB – Red Ruby ($4.80) / I-TEAM – Coconut Ice Cream ($3.80)



Address321 Alexandra Road #02-01 Alexandra Central Mall Singapore 159971

Tel: +65 6250 4863

Opening Hours: Weekdays 11.30am to 3.30pm, 6pm to 10pm / Weekends 11.30am to 10pm



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