Tokyo Chopped Salad feat. Teppei Yamashita: Eating Bite-sized Salad with a Spoon

There’s just something about bite-sized foods that makes eating more exciting and tasty!


Located in the retail and F&B haven of Millenia Walk, TOKYO CHOPPED SALAD brings us a refreshing new way of eating salad – with a spoon!

This new salad bar concept is focusing on Japanese ingredients and special dressings crafted by the award-winning chef Teppei Yamashita from Teppei Japanese Restaurant.

The menu consist of 5 signature salads – Mentai Teriyaki Chicken Salad ($13.80); Premium Beef Tataki Salad ($14.80); Soft Shell Crab Oishii Salad ($16.80); Corocoro Shrimp Tofu Salad ($12.80) and Healthy Avocado Mushroom Salad ($11.50).

You can also choose to build your own salad from scratch – by selecting your base, ingredients like protein and toppings, plus a choice of dressing. There are more than 30 carefully selected ingredients, such as romaine lettuce, quinoa, brown rice, snow pea, edamame, ikura, home made croutons and more.

DIY – Create your own salad

  1. Select 01 Base – Romaine Lettuce, Quinoa + Brown Rice, Baby Spinach
  2. Select 01 Premium – Wagyu Beef Tataki, Soft Shell Crab, Salmon Sashimi, Teriyaki Chicken, etc.
  3. Select 04 Toppings – Japanese Seaweed, Edamame, Snowpea, Tofu, Broccoli, Japanese Cucumber, etc..
  4. Select 01 Dressing – Mentai Caesar, Seaweed Sesame, Homemade Balsamic, Wasabi Dressing, etc.


Once you have placed your order, have fun watching the staff assemble all the ingredients together in a large mixing bowl and then chopping the neatly assembled ingredients with a large cutting blade.

With the excellent Japanese precision, the staff will chop, dice and slice your salad to perfect bite-size pieces with the ability to eat with a spoon.

For my first Tokyo Chopped Salad experience, I choose the Premium Beef Tataki Salad which include romaine lettuce, wagyu beef tataki, wakame, brocolli, snow pea, baked button mushroom and creamy sesame dressing.

My verdict? It was everything one would want in a salad – fresh and crisp, full of flavor and enjoyable in each bite. Most importantly, it was easy and convenient eating salad with a spoon!

*First 100 readers at can enjoy 15% off their total bill.


TOKYO CHOPPED SALAD feat. Teppei Yamashita

Address: Millenia Walk 9 Raffles Boulevard #01-02 Singapore 039596

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday 11am to 9pm


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