Snippets: CNY 2017 Pineapple Tart Baking Masterclass with SCS Butter

SCS Dairy Singapore is hosting a series of Pineapple Tart Baking Masterclasses to give families and friends a time to share their love for baking, bond and work together.

The SCS Bake-Out will be held over two weekends in January 2017, 14th to 15th and 21st to 22nd at All Spice Institute.

We rounded up a few friends to learn how to make pineapple tarts using SCS Butter. Here’s some of the snippets from last Saturday’s SCS Bake-Out, where we spent an exciting and fun afternoon messing up the kitchen.


There were close to 20 teams at our SCS Bake-Out session. Some of the teams were professional bakers, while some were self-taught bakers and including amateurs like us.

Thanks to SCS Bake-Out official venue partner – AllSpice Institute, we had hands-on guidance from the chefs on the ground.


As the number 1 trusted butter brand in Singapore and Malaysia, SCS Dairy Singapore is aiming to set the record for ‘The Largest Chinese Character Made with Pineapple Tarts’ in the Singapore Book of Records.

Each team is encouraged to bake at least 200 pieces of Pineapple tarts. You can bring home 100 pieces of your baked pineapple tarts, while the remaining 100 pieces will be used to form a 100 square metres auspicious greeting at the record-breaking ceremony.


The Lunar New Year is just around the corner. Partake in the SCS Bake-Out event with your family or friends to spend quality time together and learn how to make pineapple tarts for free!

Simply purchase eight SCS Butter blocks within two receipts, form a team of four and register at Registration is open from today until 20th January 2017, on a first-come-first-served basis.

Followers and readers of can register for the SCS Bake-out event by entering promo code ‘Alainlicious‘ upon registration – we are giving away 5 FREE slots (no purchases / receipts required), while slots last.

During the SCS Bake-Out sessions, participants will stand a chance to win attractive prizes such as KitchenAid Cookbooks worth $69 and KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixers worth $1018.

SCS Dairy Singapore



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