TGM: Japanese-Korean Cuisine at Singapore Changi Airport


Previously known as The Green Market, the dining establishment has undergone a revamp and is now known as TGM. Located on level 3 in Changi Airport Terminal 2 Departure Transit Lounge; the 120-seater restaurant has kicked off a new concept called JAKO; offering an array of Japanese and Korean fusion dishes.

Guests can enjoy fresh, quality food that is value for money. What’s more, Wi-Fi is also available for travellers to stay connected.


Highlights of the new menu include JAKO Tapas such as Grilled Oyster with Mentai Mayo, Maki & Mari (rice rolls), Korean Spicy Noodles, Salmon Butter Yaki and Patbingsu. Ala carte menu prices start from $6.



We were served a trio of appetizers — Botan Shrimp ($14), Tuna Toshiba ($20) and Grilled Oyster with Mentai Mayo ($24). My favourite got to be the Botan Shrimp — fresh, creamy with subtle sweetness.

Side Dishes


Maki Moriawase An assortment of Japanese and Korean-style rice rolls.


One can’t go wrong with California Maki ($14) but if you are more adventurous, opt for the Beetroot and Crab Meat Mari ($14) or Squid Ink Mari ($14). In fact, I like the Beetroot and Crab Meat Mari more than the other two.


Japanese Kushi Yaki – Grilled Shiitake Mushroom Skewer ($7), Grilled Bacon Enoki Mushroom Roll Skewer ($9) and Grilled Chicken Wings Skewer ($9). Needless to say, the Grilled Bacon Enoki Mushroom Roll Skewer is my favourite.

Main Course


Sashimi Japanese Set ($25) – A sashimi platter (5 types of fresh sashimi) served with rice, salad, miso soup and fresh fruits.


Salmon Butter Yaki ($22) – Pan-fried salmon cooked with butter yaki sauce.


Tempura Japanese Set ($22)An assortment of crispy, deep-fried seafood and vegetables.


Beef Shogayaki ($22) – Sliced beef fried with ginger sauce and slivers of onion.


Korean Spicy Noodle ($16) – Korean noodle (ramyeon) served in spicy soup and topped with kimchi, sausage, luncheon meat, sliced Kurobuta pork and an egg. Everything I like in a bowl. Simple yet comforting. Looks spicy but in actual fact, the soup lack a fiery kick as it is not spicy enough for me.

With the exception of the Korean Spicy Noodle, the rest of the main dishes are served with rice and miso soup.



TGM Patbingsu ($14) – A healthier version of Patbingsu with fresh fruits, nata de coco and two scoops of ice-cream (green tea and vanilla).

TGM Japanese Korean Cuisine

Address: Changi Airport Terminal 2, Level 3, Departure Transit Lounge, Singapore 819643

Telephone: +65 65461928

Opening Hours: 6 am to 1 am daily

* Photography by Alain, Content by Geraldine

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