Chinese New Year Celebrations 2017

The Year of the Rooster is coming up real soon. As usual the heart of Chinese New Year is none other than the tradition of reunion dinners and gathering with families and relatives over festive goodies.

It’s pointless to try to say no to the selection of Joyous Feasts and Lunar New Year goodies that make their appearance this time of the year.

We scooped out dining places that definitely warrant spending a few extra dollars, as well as an array of exquisite gifts, festive goodies and takeaway favourites. So here’s my curated list, in no particular order.

Park Hotel Clarke Quay

Address: 1 Unity Street, Park Hotel Clarke Quay, Singapore 237983

Tel: +65 6593 8855

Begin on an auspicious start in the New Year of the Rooster with a Tower of Fortune Crab Meat Lo Hei (富贵八宝塔蟹肉捞生 $88++ / $30++ with set menu), a creation featuring fresh succulent chunks of crab meat atop the usual lo hei suspects like shredded carrots, white radish and crispy kailan leaves. Encircling the tower is a kaleidoscope of rich colours and textures comprising ingredients such as prawn rolls with salmon roe, pomelo nest with quail egg and premium black caviar, and a trio of hand cut crisp – orange sweet potato, purple sweet potato and potato.


Celebrating Chinese New Year is not quite complete without a heartwarming reunion dinner with your loved ones. Indulge in a line up of Chinese New Year set menus* curated by banquet head chef James Wong and bask in a endless moments of happiness.

With prices starting from $338++ for a minimum group size of 4 to 5 persons, expect comforting delicacies such as Braised Shark’s Fin Crab Meat and Hairy Gourd Soup with Homemade Lobster & Prawn Ball (金龙献瑞 – 浓汤小鲍翅配海鲜金龙珠); Steamed Garoupa in Lotus Leaf (年年有余 – 荷叶清蒸大红斑); Coffee Pork Ribs (大展鸿图 – 咖啡香骨); Braised Seafood Rice in Superior Broth (合家欢乐 – 五福海鲜泡饭) and Homemade Chilled Soya Beancurd Custard with Lotus Seeds (百子千孙 – 莲子自制香滑冻豆花).

Other highlights include Poached Chicken in Dice Chilli, Onion & Garlic Soya Sauce topped with Soy Bean Crumbs (喜鹊报喜 – 酱油豆酥肥鸡); Emperor Herbal Chicken in a Basket (药材皇帝蒸笼鸡); Jumbo Salted Egg Yolk Prawns (黄金咸蛋大虾) and Deep‐fried King of Fruit (香炸榴莲王).

All set menus are inclusive of unlimited servings of soft drinks and red date tea, plus a complimentary Prosperity Salmon Yu Sheng Platter (好运鲑鱼捞生 $38++ / $68++) which can be upgraded to a Tower of Fortune Crab Meat Lo Hei with an additional of $30 nett.

The Chinese New Year set menus (Success ‘步步高升‘ at $338++ for 4 to 5 persons; Harmony ‘合家团圆’ at $518++ for 6 to 7 persons; Fortune ‘财运亨通’ at $598++ for 7 to 8 persons and Prosperity ‘龙马精神’ at $628++ for 9 to 10 persons), are available in three seatings (12pm, 6pm and 8pm) at the hotel’s function rooms and private dining room, including the newly revamped Porta restaurant.

*Available from 20th of January to 11th of February 2017.

Park Hotel Clarke Quay




Address: Level 4 Grand Park Orchard, 270 Orchard Road, Singapore 238857

Tel: +65 6603 8855

Herald in another year of prosperity with Mitzo‘s most indulgent decadence of Lo Hei – Pearls of Prosperity Kanpachi Kingfish Yu Sheng ($68++ for 4 to 6 persons / $108++ up to 10 persons). Toss to a year of abundance in Mitzo‘s style featuring a classy cocktail shaker with chef’s concoction of Chu Hou sauce made from soybeans, garlic, ginger, sesame seeds and spices – shaken and poured over the dashing mix of crispy vermicelli, ginger, slivers of crispy lotus root and fragrantly toasted pistachios.

Crispy salmon skin is added for an extra crunch, and served with generous lashings of the exquisite Kanpachi Kingfish, sitting atop a refreshing bed of bursting lychee caviar – the play on flavours and texture is undisputedly brilliant!


Relax, unwind and enjoy your Chinese New Year feasting with Mitzo‘s thoughtfully curated set menus* that caters for pairs of 2 to groups of 10 people, ranging from $128++ per person to $1,288++ per table. Look forward to classic Chinese New Year specialties like the Superior Fortune Pot which comes in three varieties – King Prawn Fortune Pot ($338++ for up to 6 persons) / $588++ for up to 10 persons); Grouper Fortune Pot ($438++ for up to 6 persons) / $788++ for up to 10 persons); Lobster Fortune Pot ($538++ for up to 6 persons) / $988++ for up to 10 persons).

Other festive delicacies include Steamed lobster topped with black and white garlic in superior soya sauce; Crispy duck with enoki in herbal sauce; and Lobster meat fried rice with pork liver and pork preserved sausage.

For a blessing of a blissful rooster year, must have desserts include a Dual cream of sweet potato served with golden pineapple bag and Mitzo’s Homemade Koi Fish Nian Gao, complete with an artisanal cocktail – Spring Blossom.

For those who wish to bring the party home, Mitzo offers takeaway for its delightful selection of Yu Sheng, Fortune Pot and Homemade Koi Fish Nian Gao.

All takeaway Yu Sheng is packed with a mini cocktail shaker for diners to bring home the unique Mitzo’s Yu Sheng tossing experience.

*Available from 14th of January to 11th of February 2017.

Mitzo – Grand Park Orchard



Hai Tien Lo 

Address: Level 3 Pan Pacific Singapore , 7 Raffles Boulevard, Singapore 039595

Tel: +65 6826 8240

Executive Chef Lai Tong Ping of Hai Tien Lo at Pan Pacific Singapore has curated eight reunion set menus* (from $128++ per diner) and six decadent Yu Sheng platters (from $38++ per platter) to usher in good tidings, abundance and prosperity.

Toss to greater heights with Chef’s Recommended Flourishing Wealth Reunion Yu Sheng with Boston Lobster, Norwegian Salmon and Surf Clams ($88++ / $168++); or the all-time favourite Fortune Yu Sheng with Surf Clams and Norwegian Salmon ($58++ / $98++).


Indulge in premium delicacies such as the nutritious soup of Double-Boiled Buddha Jumps Over the Wall with Maca and Wolfberries; and the tender Steamed Farm Chicken with Minced Ginger. A must-have for the Chinese New Year feast is Hai Tien Lo‘s opulent Poon Choy which is a luscious one-pot dish of many culinary treasures such as whole abalone, dried oyster, sea cucumber, fish maw, roast duck, Chinese mushrooms and more.

Select from the Classic Fortune Treasure Pot ($338++ for six person) / $468++ for persons) with Traditional Stewed Chicken and Whole Abalone or the signature Premium Wealth Treasure Pot ($388++ for six persons / $588 for ten persons) with Whole Abalone, Pork Knuckle, Roast Duck and Prawns.

Other noteworthy creations include Fragrant Steamed Rice with Preserved Meat served in carved Pumpkin; Stewed Inaniwa Udon with King Prawns in Supreme Chicken Stock and Steamed Sea Perch Fillet with Dried Scallops and Minced Garlic Crumbs.

Delight in Hai Tien Lo’s auspicious delicacies in the comfort of your home to enhance the festive celebrations and select from Chef’s creation of decadent Poon Choy, auspicious Yu Sheng platters, assortment of barbecued delicacies and convenient takeaway sets.

Other highlights include the elegantly packaged Chinese New Year Prosperity Hamper, Chinese New Year Koi Fish Nian Gao, and the new Steamed Farm Chicken with Minced Ginger, perfect for the Rooster Year celebrations.

*Available from 9th of January to 11th of February 2017.

Hai Tien Lo – Pan Pacific Singapore



Goodwood Park Hotel

Min Jiang         

Address: 22 Scotts Road Goodwood Park Hotel Singapore 228221                                              

Tel: +65 6730 1704

Min Jiang at One-North

Address: 5 Rochester Park Singapore 139216

Tel: +65 6774 0122

Usher in bountiful Spring of 2017 and celebrate the New Year of the Fire Rooster with Goodwood Park Hotel‘s new selection of festive goodies, Yu Sheng Platters and savoury specials.

Master Chef Goh Chee Kong at Min Jiang at One-North has created a Fruity Lo Hei with Rosemary Plum Sauce (Dine-in only $78++ small / $128++ large) using a combination of sliced fresh fruits like mango, dragon fruit, pomelo, snow pear, rock melon and watermelon with an assortment of vegetables, pine nuts, sesame seeds, as well as lotus root chops and crispy strips of fried yam and sweet potato. The fruit-based lo hei is then given an aromatic lift with a new rosemary plum sauce.

While at Min Jiang at Goodwood Park Hotel, the Prosperity Amberjack Lo Hei (Dine-in only $168++ large) showcases Master Chef Chan Hwan Kee’s artistic side through the neatly plated Amberjack Yu Sheng and a hand-painted rooster standing against a bamboo forest. The delicate Yu Sheng masterpiece is topped with shredded Japanese pickled turnips, a medley of crisp vegetables such as wild arugula, yellow frisee, red sorrel, red mustard greens, carrots, baby radish and white radish. Served together with crispy strips of sweet potato and baked cod, along with pine nuts, sesame seeds, crushed peanuts, jellyfish, wasabi caviar tobiko, red caviar tobiko and finished with a piquant dressing made from mustard, lime juice, goma, peanut and plum sauce.


Diners can enjoy the delights of seafood and meat indulgences with new Prosperity Specials include the Braised Whole Chicken with Sea Treasures in Claypot (Dine in $268++ / Takeaway $286.75 nett for 6 persons – available at Min Jiang); the Braised Pork Belly with Sea Treasures in Claypot (Dine in $268++ / Takeaway $286.75 nett for 6 persons – available at Min Jiang at One-North); Double Boiled Wild Chicken Consomme with Abalone, Fish Maw and Wanton in Claypot (Dine-in $228++ / Takeaway $243.95 nett for 6 persons – available at Min Jiang at One-North).

Other Prosperity Savouries include the popular “Gong Xi Fa Cai’ (Dine-in $298++ / Takeaway $318.85 nett for 8 persons); Prosperity “Fa Cai” 8 Treasures Duck (Dine-in $188++ / Takeaway $201.15 nett for up to 10 persons); Claypot Reunion Rice (Dine-in $78++ to $118 / Takeaway $83.45 to $126.25 nett for 4-6 persons / 8-10 persons). The Festive Appetiser Platter ($115.55 nett) comprising five delicious bites of deep fried chicken with sesame chilli sauce; salted egg yolk deep fried prawns; deep fried ngoh hiang; coffee Kurobuta pork and marinated jellyfish is available only for takeaway at Min Jiang.

For sweet treats, celebrate the New Year with a Trio of Niao Gao (Dine-in $27++ for 9 pcs / $36++ for 12 pcs / $45++ for 15 pcs – available at Min Jiang) in three ways; Deep-fried Yuan Yang Sesame Niao Gao, Ondeh-Ondeh Inspired Niao Gao and Chilled Durian Niao Gao Roll.

Goodwood Park Hotel continues to delight guests with a collection of special set menus available at the grand Windsor Ballroom (27 Jan only), Min Jiang restaurant and Min Jiang at One-North. Set menu prices at Min Jiang start from $98++ to $128++ per person with a minimum of 2 diners; and range from $538++ per table of 6 persons to $1688++ per table of 10 persons. Min Jiang at One-North offers set menu for two to six persons priced at $108++ to $128++ per person; a Bountiful Harvest menu is available at $888++ for 6 persons, $1,188++ for 8 persons and $1,498++ for 10 persons.

Availability for all Lunar New Year specials is from 10 January to 11 February 2017.

Indulge in a heartwarming Chinese New Year Eve Reunion Celebration with two set menus priced from $538++ per table of 6 persons to 988++ per table of 10 persons at the hotel’s Windsor Ballroom. Available on 27 January 2017.

The highlight for this year’s takeaway goodies – the Auspicious Golden Pineapple ($94.15 nett 1kg) and The Huat! Tart ($40.65 nett 500g), are both available for takeaway at the Deli.

The meticulously handcrafted Auspicious Golden Pineapple features a 9-inch tall vanilla pound cake layered with butter cream to symbolise an abundance of wealth is perfect for joyous gifting and receiving; while the oversized 6.5 inch Pineapple Huat Tart made with fresh pineapple reduction and infused with vanilla is crowned with an auspicious  ‘Fa’ which means prosperity in Mandarin and colloquially pronounced as ‘huat’. Such a humongous Huat Tart – gobble it up and definitely will Huat big time!

New takeaway goodies include the Spicy Salted Egg Yolk Lotus Root Chips ($36.15 nett per jar) and popular favourites such as Goodwood ‘Bak Kwa’ ($53.50 nett for 600g and $83.45 nett for 1kg); Traditional New Year Cookies and Chips ($21.20 to $36.15 nett per jar); Duo of Prosperity Fish ($115.55 nett for 10 persons) are also available for takeaway at the Deli.

The Deli

Address: 22 Scotts Road Goodwood Park Hotel Singapore 228221

Tel: +65 6730 1786




Address: 1 St. Andrew’s Road, National Gallery Singapore, #05-02, Singapore 178957

Tel: +65 6384 5585

Welcome the arrival of the Red Fire Rooster at Yan with an extravagant selection of eight set menus (from $118++ to $268++ per person) perfect for groups of all sizes.

Toss to new beginnings with Yan’s Signature Yellowtail Fish Yu Sheng with Golden Flake in Shun De Style, which is a breathtaking piece of art crafted by Master Chef Chan Kung Lai – composed of a base of crispy fried vermicelli elevated to resemble a majestic tower, symbolising heightened success. It is then topped with slices of ginger, spring onion, crunchy capsicums, finely grounded peanut and finished with fresh slices of yellowtail.

The Yu Sheng is finally drizzled with Yàn’s homemade soya sauce and peanut oil, an auspicious gesture that the Chinese believe brings in wealth and prosperity. Diners also have the option to add on cubes of crispy lobster fillet for an additional price.


To celebrate the year of the Rooster, Yan is debuting two new dishes – the Duet Style Roasted & Szechuan ‘Bon Bon’ Chicken (当红烧鸡配棒棒鸡丝) features a full spring chicken served in 2 ways; half of it is shredded and coated with traditional homemade Si Chuan Ma La spice, and the other half aromatically roasted.

The other addition is the nutritious Double-boiled Chicken Soup with Black Garlic Sea Whelk (黑蒜海螺炖鸡). Brewed for 8 hours, the black garlic adds a touch of richness and intensity to the soup, on top of being a booster for the body’s immune system.

Yan has also conjured a number of festive dishes such as Yàn’s Harvest Pen Cai (招财进宝盆菜), available for both dine-in and takeaway. The exquisite 20-ingredient treasure pot of goodness is the epitome of a prosperous feast, showcasing premium ingredients such as 4-head abalone, sea cucumber, sliced sea perch fillet and whole conpoy.

Other delectable highlights include the juicy and aromatic Danggui Roast Duck (当归明炉烧鸭); Roasted Whole Suckling Pig (乳猪全体) and succulent Baked Half Lobster with Superior Stock (上汤开边焗龙).

The dessert for their Chinese New Year menu is the popular Chilled Mango Cream topped with Vanilla Ice Cream & Oats served in Coconut (雪里飘香配煎年糕) with a special treat of pan-fried sweet rice cake.

*Available from 9th of January to 11th of February 2017.

Yan Cantonese Cuisine



Melben Signature

Address: Blk 7 Tanjong Pagar Plaza #01-105 Singapore 081007

Tel: +65 6220 5512

If you are looking for a tze char reunion dinner in a casual environment, Mellben Signature boasts an extensive menu of authentic Chinese cuisine, fresh quality seafood and meats. Located just a few minutes stroll from Tanjong Pagar MRT, you’ll be delighted to know that Melben Signature will be open daily throughout the Lunar New Year period.

Put in your money in the restaurant’s signature recipes such as the Signature Claypot Bee Hoon SoupSignature Creamy Butter Crab, and Salted Egg Pork Ribs.


Diners can select from two 8-course set menus priced at $498 and $558, or relish in the 10-course set menus priced from $798 per table. During the Chinese New year period, the a la carte menu will also be available.

Delight in epicurean seafood classics like Garlic Steamed Bamboo Clam, Hong Kong style Steamed Fish with Chinese Radish, Creamy Butter Crab and more.

The restaurant will also be introducing a new dish this year. Experience a kaleidoscope of savoury goodness in Melben Signature‘s Pen Cai 盆菜 dish ($198) comprises sea treasures such as abalone, prawns, oysters, scallops, fatt choy and roast meats . A minimum of 1 day advance order is required.

Melben Signature


Din Tai Fung

Taiwanese restaurant Din Tai Fung brings back local Lunar New Year delicacy Yu Sheng topped with Smoked Salmon. The brand also gifts a complimentary recipe greeting card with purchase of any Premium Taiwan Sauce.

Prosperity Smoked Salmon Yu Sheng (5 January to 12 February 2017) – Standard ($32.80 for 2 to 3 person / Deluxe $48.80 for 4 to 6 person). Add-on ingredients include Fried Salmon Skin ($4.80 per serving); Smoked Unagi ($9.80 per serving); Pine Nuts ($2.80 per serving); Smoked Salmon ($9.80 per serving); Crispy Yam Strips ($3.80 per serving).


Citibank Cardholders enjoy 10% off any purchase of Prosperity Yu Sheng and complimentary Sliced Smoked Salmon worth $9.80 with a minimum spend of $110.

A complimentary serving of the Peanut and Black Sesame Glutinous Rice Ball is also available (12 to 28 February 2017) exclusively for dine-in Citibank cardholders with a minimum spend of $100 on their return visit with any purchase.

With a minimum spend of $60, customers can receive a complimentary pack of 8 Din Tai Fung special design Red Packets, while stocks last.

Din Tai Fung



Sawadee Thai Cuisine

Address: 9 Tan Quee Lan Street, TQL Suites #01-01, Singapore 188098

Tel: +65 6238 6833


As one of the pioneers of authentic Thai cuisine, Sawadee Thai Cuisine serves up reliable and splendid Thai dishes that will take you on a glorious taste journey.

Sawadee Thai Cuisine is dedicated to sourcing and using only freshest ingredients from Thailand and plate-up a la minute. As the chefs play with the intense and robust Thai flavours of sweet, spicy, salty and sour, careful balancing of flavours and spices is the secret of an outstanding dish.

At this chic and modern Thai restaurant, you can find wonderfully plated dishes like the Mackerel fish mousse (Thai style Otah) with thai herbs served in a traditional clayplate; and a number of excellent dishes include thai basil pork, pad thai and tom yum soup.

To usher in the year of the Golden Rooster, Sawadee Thai Cuisine has curated a sumptuous selection of set menu for a minimum of 2 diners to a group of ten – featuring Success 5-Course Set ($55+ per person); Harmony 8-Course Set ($208+ for 4 persons); Fortune 8-Course Set ($308+ for 6 persons) and Bountiful Harvest 10-Course Set ($688+ for 10 persons).


Festive a la carte menu dishes such as the Royal Prosperity Abalone Yusheng ($58 / $88); Superior Tom Yum Soup with River Prawns ($28); and a Whole Lobster with Thai style Three Flavoured Sauce ($48) will be fired up and ready for the big occasion.

Sawadee Thai Cuisine Chinese New Year menu is available from 16th January till 11th February 2017.

Sawadee Thai Cuisine



Emporium Shokuhin

Address: 6 Raffles Boulevard #01-18 Marina Square Singapore 039594

Tel: +65 6221 4333

Japanese gourmet grocer Emporium Shokuhin features a wide array of live and fresh seafood, quality premium meats and Japanese imported products, as well as 8 exciting dining concepts for your shopping and gourmet pleasures.

Toss to longevity and a prosperous year with Emporium Shokuhin exquisite takeaway Yusheng packages. The Fortune Yusheng ($36.80 serves 2 to 4 persons) comes with 6 slices each of Ehime Citrus Yellowtail and Salmon Sashimi, along with the usual lohei suspects and a sweet array of ingredients such as Mikan, dried cranberries, edamame, yuzu peel, pistachio, pineapple, and homemade citrus sauce.

Upgrade to Prosperity Yusheng ($63.80 serves 6 to 10 persons), you get 8 slices each of Ehime Citrus Yellowtail, Salmon Sashimi and Seabream together with the additional lohei ingredients. Available from 3 January to 11 February 2017 with just 1 hour advance order at the counter.


Enjoy attractive festive dining deals (3 January to 28 February 2017) at any of the 8 dining concepts featuring promotions like 1-for-1 Japanese black wagyu buffet at TSUKERU; 28% off any fresh seafood delights at UMI+VINO; 1-for-1 Ehime Bluefin Tuna for all nigiri, sashimi and temaki selections at SENMI SUSHI; 38% off for 2 pax and above for A5 Miyazaki and Kurobuta Pork Buffet at GYUU+; newly created dishes at BUROSU HONTEN and feast on 8 Hours Braised Bluefin Tuna Head, Lobster Pen Cai Claypot and Premium Yusheng at TAKUJO.

The good news is that Emporium Shokuhin is open during the Lunar New Year if you need to make last minute purchases. Keep yourself updated on the opening hours via their website.

For your convenience, Emporium Shokuhin is online and offers home delivery services. Start shopping and you can find fabulous online deals at

Emporium Shokuhin



Old Seng Choong

Address: 171 Kampong Ampat, KA Foodlink #05-04, Singapore 368330

Tel: +65 6282 0220

Chef Daniel Tay has been trying to outdo himself and this year he succeeded to churn out not just one, but four unique flavours of Pineapple Tarts – Coconut, Rose, Yuzu and CharGold Bak Kwa.

Every tart is individually wrapped to maintain quality and freshness. The beautiful Rose Pineapple Tart would be a hit among the ladies as the filling is infused with aromatic rose water and tiny specks of dried rose buds to further enhance the flowery nuances.

The refreshing and citrusy Yuzu Pineapple Tart features fresh yuzu juice and pulp in the buttery shell, while the Coconut Pineapple Tart boasts a harmonious combination of desiccated coconut, pineapple and sweet pastry.

For sometime much more unique, give the CharGold Bak Kwa Pineapple Tart a try. It’s slightly savoury with roast bak kwa encased inside the buttery sweet pastry. 


Online sales are available from 30 December 2016 to 24 January 2017.

Booth sales at Takashimaya B2 Square will start from 30 December 2016 to 26 January 2017.

Old Seng Choong




Voted as one of the best traditional pineapple tarts in Singapore, Bakerzin takes a bold step this year to introduce two new flavours to capture the hearts of pineapple tarts fans.

The sweet and tangy Lemongrass Pineapple tarts, or the mildly savoury Fish Floss Pineapple tarts could be a delightful alternative to the classic bakes.

Early bird discount starts from 3 to 10 January 2017. DBS and HSBC card members enjoy 15% off all purchases except Triple Joy Bundle and Festive Dine-In menu.






Address: 30 Penhas Road (Off Lavender Street) / Mandarin Gallery #02-33/34

Tel: +65 6293 3121 / +65 6836 9527

Usher in the Year of the Rooster and welcome in prosperity with Antoinette’s 2017 Lunar New Year Collection. Bringing back traditional treats and local flavours enjoyed during Chinese New Year, Antoinette introduces modern flavours and release a unique range of confectionaries and cakes to add sparks to the celebrations.

In the 2017 Collection, Antoinette welcomes a new cake – a traditional twist on the classic French entremet. The auspicious Ang Bao ($10 each) is decked in a prosperous red chocolate glaze. Each little red packet is filled with cremuex of caramel and mandarin orange, crowned with an elegant chocolate tuile sprinkled with gold dust. Open up this little red packet of joy and reveal layers of cocoa sponge cake with dark chocolate mousse and crunchy cashew nut nougatine sandwiched in between.


The Ang Bao is also joined by other modern Antoinette Lunar New Year favourites such as the Eight Treasure Cake ($15/$60); Antoinette’s signature Queen’s Yusheng ($88); The Queen’s Salted Egg Yolk Truffle ($28 for 9 pcs), Chocolate Love Letters ($20), Traditional Pineapple Tarts ($15); Almond Goji Berry Cookies ($8); and Homemade Rice Crackers ($10/$18).




Prima Deli 

Prima Deli offers a harmonious mix of old and new festive treats such as fragrant kueh lapis, traditional love letter, supreme pineapple tarts and prosperity cookies.

Following the successful debut of Laksa Cookies last year, Prima Deli brings back the popular Laksa Cookies ($19.80 per tin) – made from Prima Taste Laksa Sauce Mix.

And in this year of the Rooster, Prima Deli pays another tribute to one of Singapore’s iconic dishes – Hainanese Chicken Rice. Created using Prima Taste Hainanese Chicken Rice Paste, the Hainanese Chicken Rice Cookies ($19.80 per tin) are crunchy and aromatic with a slight hint of chicken rice chilli.

The perennial favourite Kueh Lapis gets a twist this year – now comes with Prune ($55.50 for approx. 1.2kg). Other festive cake options include lapis surabaya, orange butter cake, marble cake and premium pandan chiffon.

Prima Deli also offers a selection of Pineapple Tarts available for orders. There four varieties – Supreme Pineapple Tarts ($25.80 per tin); Pillow Pineapple Tarts ($19.80 per tin); Cheese Pineapple Tarts ($19.80 per tin) and Fortune Pineapple Tarts ($2.10 each) – these are individually wrapped in auspicious red organza bags, perfect for gifts!


Early Bird Special 28 Dec 2016 to 12 Jan 2017 – Receive 1 tin free with every purchase of 2 tins of Pillow or Cheese Pineapple Tarts.

Special Promotion 28 Dec 2016 to 27 Jan 2017 – 20% off Supreme Pineapple Tarts and Prosperity Cookies (with min. purchase of 2 tins).

13 Jan to 27 Jan 2017 – 50% off every 2nd tin of Pillow or Cheese Pineapple Tarts.

Prima Deli



Shiberty Bakes

Address: 46 Owen Rd, #01-277 Singapore 210046

Tel: +65 6291 5221


Shiberty Bakes crafts cakes and macarons for every occasion from theme parties to corporate events, and even runs a dessert cafe nestled in the charming Owen Road. Founded by baker and blogger Jessica Loh, Shiberty Bakes serves a range of sweet treats, savoury items, and recently added a collection of festive cookies and pineapple tarts to her bake sale.

Matcha fans will find delight in the rich texture and flavour of Matcha White Chocolate cookies ($18/jar); the much-loved fragrance of Salted Egg Pork Floss cookies ($22/jar), or the buttery melt-in-your-mouth Yuzu Pineapple Tarts ($18/jar) at Shiberty Bakes.

The Sambal Ba Kwa cookies ($22/jar) are undoubtedly addictive as it provides a nice crunch from the bak kwa and a bit of spicy kick from the traditional nonya sambal. Love the shimmering gold accents on the artisanal cookies which made eating these delicate munchies a lot more happier.


Shiberty Bakes


Bonheur Patisserie

Address: 252 North Bridge Road #B1-72, Raffles City Shopping Centre, Singapore 179103

Tel: +65 6466 1498

Home-grown confectionary Bonheur Patisserie specialises in French Macarons and offers a wide selection of exciting flavours in a number of vibrant colours and endless designs to suit everyone’s taste.

Besides crafting adorably cute and colorful macarons, Bonheur Patisserie also offers quality baked goods and customised bake services.

This Lunar New Year, sweeten up your celebrations with a series of limited edition macarons and festive pound cakes. Welcome good fortune and prosperity with a set of 8 Chinese New Year themed macarons ($42/set U.P. $52) featuring a cute Cartoon Chick and a Rooster Motif; a Fortune Cat, a Golden Ingot, a Firecracker and Good Luck in Chinese character, as well as a Golden Couple.

CNY Macaron flavours include Nutella, Orange, Pistacho and Sakura.


Bonheur Patisserie


Cold Storage

Mandarin Oranges symbolize prosperity and gifting them during the new year is an integral part of the Chinese tradition.

Looking for cute and exquisite mandarin orange gift hampers for the upcoming Chinese New Year? Check out Cold Storage‘s unflappably cool Golden Fortune Rooster Basket priced at $13.88 with two mandarin oranges included or the cute Golden Prosperity Hen Basket priced at $22.88 with eight mandarin oranges included.

Cold Storage also offers a traditional Mandarin Lukan Prosperity House Gift Box priced at $22.88, as well as other prosperity baskets like Golden Ingot Basket, Golden Wang Lye and Golden Happiness.

Besides Mandarin Oranges, shoppers can also purchase an array of traditional cookies and festive snacks, wide range of wines (i.e. French Cellars Shiraz / Monkey Bay Sauvignon Blanc at $108.00 for 6 x 75ml) and beers (i.e. Carlsberg CNY Pack at $98.00 for 48s), including exclusive Abalone gift sets (i.e. New Moon Australia Jumbo Abalone at $86; New Moon Australia Abalone at $45.80; New Moon Braised South Africa Abalone at $43.80) at all Cold Storage stores.


From 30 December 2016 to 11 February 2017, shoppers can receive free gifts such as limited edition red packets, premium chopsticks and WMF Philadelphia 18/10 stainless steel 4-piece cutlery set with their purchases, while stocks last. Terms and conditions apply.

With a minimum of $35 spent in a single receipt, three lucky winners will stand a chance to win $888 worth of Dairy Farm vouchers and an exclusive Lion Dance performance at their homes.

Cold Storage



Zespri Kiwifruit Singapore

Annual festive occasions such as the Chinese New Year always involve overeating which can make you feel uncomfortably full and slightly ill.

It can be difficult to watch what you eat when you’re too busy enjoying, but you can always add a little dose of Gold into your festive activities.

Take advantage of the excellent benefits from Zespri‘s SunGold Kiwifruits which provides an abundance of vitamins and fibre (3x Vitamin C of Oranges / 10x Nutrition of Apples) that will aid your digestive health.

The celebratory pack holds eight sweet and juicy Zespri SunGold Kiwifruits, with eight auspicious Chinese New Year well wishes whenever you pick up a Kiwifruit. You can even use the tray to hold your favourite new year treats after savouring the delicious Kiwifruits!


Priced from $10.80 to $13.00 a box, Zespri SunGold Kiwifruits celebratory pack is available at major supermarkets (NTUC Fairprice and Sheng Shiong) outlets, while stocks last.

Zespri SunGold Kiwifruit



Ryan’s Grocery

Address: 29 Binjai Park, Singapore 589831

Telephone: +65 6463 3933



With Chinese New Year just around the corner, what better way to usher in the Year of the Rooster than with a sumptuous steamboat feast?

Ryan’s Grocery — a specialty gluten-free grocer and organic butchery — offers an array of premium meats, organic vegetables, wild-caught seafood as well as gluten-free condiments and sauces.


The range of premium meats include: Borrowdale Free-Range Pork Belly ($8.20/150g), Borrowdale Free-Range Pork Loin ($8.20/150g), Borrowdale Free-Range Pork Collar ($8.20/150g), Borrowdale Free-Range Pork Rolled Coin ($8.20/150g), Hormone and Antibiotics Free Premium Chicken Breast Coin ($6.60/200g), Hormone and Antibiotics Free Premium Chicken Thigh Coin ($6.60/200g), Australia Organic Black Angus Beef ($12.80/200g) and Australia Organic Lamb ($9.80/200g) — all prepared Shabu-Shabu style. Having tried the different cuts of meat, I can vouch that the meats are of superior quality (as compared to those you can get from the supermarkets). I enjoyed eating the lamb slices as they are not gamey at all.



Ryan’s Grocery also offers three types of gluten-free handmade meatballs: Hormone and Antibiotics Free Premium Chicken Ball ($9.90/12pcs), Blackwood Valley Organic Free Range Beef Ball ($11.80/12pcs) and Borrowdale Premium Free Range Water Chestnut Pork Ball ($9.90/12pcs). The pork ball is my favourite as I like the addition of crunchy water chestnut.


Other than meats, seafood such as Organic Tiger Prawns ($28/400g) and Wild Caught Sea Scallops ($22.50/300g) are also available. Check out the range of seafood here.

For a fuss-free steamboat session, Ryan’s Grocery offers a Fortune Shabu-Shabu Set or Prosperity Shabu-Shabu Set at $118 each. The Fortune Shabu-Shabu Set comes with an assortment of 10 packets of pork shabu-shabu. As for the Prosperity Set, it comes with is a selection of 8 assorted packets of premium shabu-shabu. Choose from three different cuts of pork, Black Angus beef and lamb shabu-shabu. Good for customers who prefer a variety of meats. Both sets also come with a SKYLIGHT Gift Set (worth $79).


Other than premium meats and seafood, a great steamboat also depends on the broth. Choose either the Free-Range Chicken Broth ($7.30/948ml) or Outram Ya Hua Bak Kut Teh Spices ($6.90 for 2 packets / complimentary with total spend of $100 and above on shabu-shabu cuts and seafood).

The grocery sells a range of gluten-free dipping sauces that complement the meats and seafood. For a delicious dipping sauce, mix Clearspring Organic Toasted Sesame Oil ($13.90/250ml), Suma’s Dark Tahini ($11.90/280g) and Suma’s Organic Peanut Butter Smooth with Salt ($9.90/340g) that goes very well with the shabu-shabu style meats. The Great Southern Black Truffle Mustard ($19.90/100g) is also recommended.

Ryan’s Grocery Lunar New Year offerings are available from 3 January till 15 February 2017. All orders can be made online at or in-store at 29 Binjai Park. Enjoy free delivery with a total spend of $200 and above. Do note that there will be no deliveries from 26 January to 31 January. Self-collection is available daily from 9am to 6pm except on all Thursdays, 27 January (close at 12pm) and between 28 to 30 January. The last collection date for all Chinese New Year orders is 15 February 2017.

Ryan’s Grocery




Joyden Concepts

Joyden Treasures

Address: 5 Stadium Walk, #02-42, Leisure Park Kallang, Singapore 397693

Telephone: +65 6446 8488

Joyden Canton Kitchen

Address: 4 Hillview Rise, #02-21, HillV2, Singapore 669554

Telephone: +65 465 9988

Joyden Seafood

Address: 12 West Coast Walk, #01-11, West Coast Recreation Centre, Singapore 127157

Telephone: +65 6779 5355


The pomelo — symbolising abundance and good fortune — takes centre stage this year for Joyden’s Chinese New Year menus. The preparation of the pomelo pith is an arduous process but results in a refreshing accompaniment to the dishes. Highlights of the pomelo pith dishes include Lobster and Fish Maw with Pomelo Pith in Premium XO Sauce, Braised Sea Cucumber with Pomelo Pith and Broccoli, Wok-tossed Tiger Prawns and Fresh Scallops with Pomelo Pith on Crispy Vermicelli and Chilled Hashima with Pomelo Pith, Pear and Chuan-Bei.


Lobster and Fish Maw with Pomelo Pith in Premium XO Sauce — resembling a dancing dragon in the sky, thus, symbolizing good luck and smooth year ahead — is definitely a show-stopper. Tastes as good as it looks.


Braised Sea Cucumber with Pomelo Pith and Broccoli – The star of this dish got to be the pomelo pith. Lightly poached in a superior broth, the pomelo pith acts as a sponge, absorbing the flavours of the stock. The result? Plump, tender and flavourful pomelo pith that goes well with the other ingredients of the dish.


Crispy Roast Duck with Traditional Hakka Red Wine Sauce. One of the better ducks that I have tried. The Hakka red wine sauce is good.


Steamed Soon Hock in Superior Sauce with Ginger and Mandarin Peel. Not the most photogenic but score perfectly taste-wise.


Crab Meat Longevity Noodles – A dish that looks normal but tastes phenomenal. Flavourful noodles with strong wok-hei and fresh, sweet crab meat.


Joyden Traditional Homemade Nian Gao – Deep-fried nian gao with sweet potato and yam. So good!


Chilled Hashima with Pomelo Pith, Pear and Chuan-Bei – A light dessert that concludes the meal perfectly.

Chinese New Year Set Menus (for 4 persons up to 10 persons) featuring selected Pomelo Pith signature dishes are available across all Joyden outlets from 9 January to 11 February 2017. Prices range from $268 to $1,388. For more information about the set menus, click here.


If you prefer to dine at the comfort of your own home, dishes such as *Joyden Bountiful Treasure Pot (R: $298+ for 5-6 persons, L: $438+ for 8-10 persons), Prosperity Salmon Yu-Sheng (R: $58+ for 5-6 persons, L: $88+ for 8-10 persons), Prosperity Sliced Abalone Yu-Sheng (R: $88+ for 5-6 persons, L: $128+ for 8-10 persons), Prosperity Sliced Abalone and Salmon Yu-Sheng (R: $78+ for 5-6 persons, L: $148+ for 8-10 persons) and Joyden Traditional Homemade Nian-Gao (R: $18.80 at 6 inches each) are available for take-away. There will be a 10% off Prosperity Bundle, i.e., Yu-Sheng + Nian Gao + Treasure Pot. Additional salmon is available at $18+ and abalone at $38+. Do note that for all take-away items, an advanced order of minimum 3 days is required. Self-collection of the items is available between 9 January to 11 February 2017 (except 28 January) from 11am to 3pm and 6pm to 9.30pm respectively. As for Chinese New Year Eve (27 January), collection is only between 3pm to 4.30pm.

* Not available at Joyden Canton Kitchen

Joyden Concepts



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