You’d have to be Super Loco to not love the food here!

 Having studied in the States for four years, I’ve become highly accustomed to having a regular dose of Mexican food, whether it may be for a nice weekend brunch or a late night study snack.  So imagine the disappointment I felt when I discovered how hard it was to find good Mexican food here in Singapore, and the even bigger satisfaction I had when I found out about Super Loco Customs House, a Mexican Cocina y Bar on the waterfront that serves up contemporary Mexican fare.


Unlike their sister restaurants Lucha Loco and Super Loco Robertson Quay, this restaurant targets the corporate crowd, featuring premium ingredients such as lobster and wagyu as well as a plethora of cocktails – I’m talking Margaritas and other Mezcal-based drinks.  Bottoms up everyone!


For the lightweight like me, you could order an Agua Fresca, which is a non-alcoholic fruity drink.  I had the Watermelon & Basil Agua Fresca ($9+/$15+), a light and refreshing fruity drink perfect on a hot Singaporean day.  Bonus points for not adding sugar, and just using organic agave nectar in their drinks!


As a pre-meal snack, we opted to share some Totopos ($5+) (think nachos!) alongside some Guacamole ($5+) and Spicy Pina ($5+).  The latter essentially translates as ‘spicy pineapple,’ and is essentially a sweet dip made from charred habaneros, pineapple chunks, coriander and ginger.


Another Antojito (‘snack’) we had was the Tlayuda Cecina ($20+), which was easily one of my top three dishes of the meal.  In short, this was a tortilla topped with shaved air dried wagyu, black bean hummus and watercress, and finished with some queso Oaxaca, a milky cheese similar to mozzarella.  The hummus and watercress balances out the strong flavour from the beef, acting as a perfect concoction of flavours that work up your appetite.


Now onto the best dish of the meal – the Pulpo ($24+).  Even my friend, who is typically not a fan of octopus (octopi?) thought this was the standout item of the meal.  The octopus was basically barbequed to the perfect softness, and was served alongside some achiote (a paste made from annatto seeds), tomatillo and toasted chorizo crumble. 


What’s a meal at a Mexican restaurant without some Tostadas?  Served in twos, the Langosta ($32+) features generous chunks of Maine lobster, celery hearts, sliced avocado, piquillo and orange mayo served on a piece of crispy tortilla.  Although it sounds odd, the orange zest actually introduces a citrusy taste that further brings out the freshness of the lobster.    


By this point in the meal, I came to realize that everything I’ve had so far has been more to the healthy side.  Turns out that Super Loco also focuses on dietary preferences, with 28 vegetarian items on the menu and 90% gluten-free.  One of these was the Ensalada Granos ($8+/$15+), which was essentially a grain bowl filled with superfoods – quinoa, pearl barley, almonds, chia, sunflower seeds are among the ingredients you could find in here!


Super Loco Customs House also offers some larger style dishes for sharing, or as they say ‘Para La Familia’.  We shared the Pescado Asada Con Chili Rojo y Perejil ($46+).  Don’t worry I’ll translate that for you – it’s basically a barbequed whole seabass served with red and green salsa.  This was a simple dish, with the focus really placed on the freshness and the sauces.  The red salsa made from tomatoes, red chilies and paprika was a perfect complement to the fish, bringing in some sweetness to the dish.  More bonus points since the fish was from a sustainable source!


Now to my area of expertise – desserts!  I must say – the Tostadas Dulce de Chocolate ($16+) stole the show.  What I had originally imagined was a regular tortilla with chocolate syrup drizzled over it, but to our surprised, they actually incorporate the chocolate into the tortilla itself.  Carefully placed inside the shell was a scoop of rich Mexican bitter chocolate ice cream as well as a quenelle of chocolate avocado butter.  Yep you heard me right.  Contrary to what it may sound like, the dessert wasn’t overwhelmingly sweet at all, and texture wise, the crunch worked really nicely with the soft ice cream and mousse.  Definitely would recommend this to all chocolate lovers out there!


Another dessert worth mentioning is the Mezbaba ($14+), which is a creative take on the traditional rum baba.  For those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s essentially brioche soaked in a syrup of Mezcal served with a scoop of chamomile ice cream and candied almonds.  For all you heavy drinkers, you’re also given the whole bottle of Mezcal if you think it’s not enough!


All in all, I truly thought this was a great find in terms of the quality and creativity of its dishes, not to mention the view and vibes!  The pastel-ly pink and turquoise interior is guaranteed to lift your mood after a long day at work.  If that’s not enough, you got the super cheerful staff there who are guaranteed to put a smile on your face!


**Super Loco Customs House also offers a 3-course express lunch menu served in 20 minutes at $35+ per person, a perfect solution for those of you who would like some delicious Mexican fare on a busy day in the CBD. 

Super Loco Customs House

Address: 70 Collyer Quay, #01-04, 049323

Telephone:+65 6532 2090

Opening Hours: Mon – Fri: 12pm to 12am; Sat: 6pm to 12am; Sun: Closed




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