E!GHT Korean BBQ Second Outlet In The Heart Of Town

E!GHT Korean BBQ, a popular full-service Korean BBQ brand with its flagship outlet at The Central, has opened its second outlet last month at Shaw Centre. The new 80-seater restaurant offers exquisite cuts of meat in an edgy, industrial-style setting.


Eight’s Special Steamed Egg ($12) – Prepared using a mixture of egg and homemade fish stock (that is simmered for more than eight hours) whisked over low heat. The result? Fluffy, custard-like Korean steamed egg that is very flavourful.

What I like about E!GHT Korean BBQ is that all you have to do is to order whatever you want and their well-trained service crew will prepare and grill the meats for you at the table.

Big Hog Plate ($45)
– A thick slab of Hungarian Mangalitsa pork belly (360g), lightly seasoned with salt and black pepper. Oh-that-sizzle.

The slab of Mangalitsa pork belly is first grilled briefly, cut into cubes and tossed on the grill together with thickly-sliced onions, king oyster mushrooms and traditional mugwort rice cake.


Dip the mugwort rice cake in the honey (served on the side) as it’s pretty much tasteless on its own. I actually like the mugwort rice cake as it’s crisp on the exterior, chewy within and with natural sweetness of honey. It’s like the Korean version of nian gao (年糕) in my opinion.


Perfectly grilled chunky pieces of juicy Mangalitsa pork belly with slightly crisp exterior.


Tuck into the juicy grilled pork belly on its own or the ssam style – wrap the meat with lettuce, together with slivers of grilled onions and a dollop of ssamjang (Korean spicy dipping sauce).


For a hearty and affordable lunch option, order the Chul Pan (Specialty Hot Grill) which can be easily cooked and consumed within an hour. Featured is the Beef Chul Pan ($18 per portion); a pyramid of thinly-sliced beef on a bed of assorted vegetables like beansprouts, spring onions and cabbage. It is then stir-fried together with a sweet and spicy homemade gochujang-based sauce. You can choose to have your rice served on the side or tossed together with other ingredients on the grill like what we did.

Available for lunch only, this item requires a minimum order of two portions of meat. Other than beef, chicken ($15 per portion) and pork belly ($16 per portion) chul pan are also available.

If you are afraid of smelling like a walking slab of BBQ meat after lunch, the Shaw Centre outlet offers the option of servers cooking any grilled items at a separate table. The restaurant also provides complimentary use of fabric odour eliminator for clothes. What a thoughtful gesture!

Other lunch options available include 8 Colours Bibimbap ($16), Beef Bulgogi Bibimbap ($18), Seafood Bibimbap ($18) as well as weekday set lunches like Kimchi Fried Rice ($8), Spicy Pork or Bulgogi Beef Stir-fried, Pork Kimchi Stew and Steamed Rice ($18) and Grilled Atlantic Salmon, E!GHT’s Signature Mangalitsa Pork Belly and Pork Kimchi Stew with Steamed Rice ($28). All set lunches are served with a drink (green tea or barley) and seasonal fruits.


8 Colours Set ($98) – Strips of thick-cut Hungarian pork belly marinated in eight flavours. The eight flavours include: (lightest flavour) wine, original, garlic, herb, curry, miso, red pepper paste and kalbi (heaviest flavour). It is recommended to savour the pork belly in order (from lightest flavour to heaviest). Each strip of pork belly is around 80g to 100g and is good for sharing among 3-4 pax. A 4 Colours Set ($58), suitable for 2 pax, is also available.

If 8 strips of pork belly is not enough, additional strips can be ordered at $12 per piece.


Each 8 Colours Set comes with housemade kimchi, beansprouts and a choice of stew: Beef Kimchi, Seafood Bean Paste, Pork Belly Kimchi or Sardine Kimchi stew. For an additional $6, you can get Seafood Soft Tofu or Army Stew.


Army Stew any day, any time!


Complete your Korean BBQ experience with the new Organic Honey Makgeolli ($35). The traditional Korean alcoholic beverage is easy to drink with natural sweetness from the honey.


There is always room for desserts, even after a Korean BBQ meal. The Bibimbap Bingsu ($28) is presented in a large hot stone bowl with finely shaved milk ice buried under an assortment of toppings.

E!GHT Korean BBQ, Shaw Centre

Address: 1 Scotts Road, #04-20/21, Shaw Centre, Singapore 228208

Telephone: +65 9018 9212

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday, 11.30am to 2.30pm (last order 2pm), 5.30pm to 10.30pm (last order 10pm), Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays, 11.30am to 10.30pm

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/8koreanbbqshaw

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/8koreanbbq/

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