OMOOMODON – A surprisingly good fusion where Japanese meets Korean


OMOOMODON is the latest offshoot of the SEOUL YUMMY chain of casual Korean eateries in Singapore. The name ‘OMO-OMO‘ stands for ‘OH MY‘ in Korean slang, and the word ‘DON‘ means Bowl in Japanese – together they become ‘OH MY DON‘, which is a Korean-Japanese fusion concept inspired by Japanese donburi.

The two-weeks old eatery at The Star Vista mall has a semi al fresco section as well as seating in air-conditioned comfort that can take up to approx. 40 person in total. Dining at OMOOMODON begins with a self-service, digitalized concept and ends with a tray return system to promote a quick and fuss-free dining experience.


At OMOOMODON, customers get to enjoy the best of South Korean and Japanese cuisine with a contemporary touch. Be prepared to feast on 18 signature dons of OMOOMODON that has been pre-designed for optimal taste and satisfaction.

Choose from the wide range of meaty rice and noodle dons, to seafood rice and noodle dons, as well as vegan dons. OMOOMODON also offers endless customisable bowls, so that your meal never has to get boring.

Build My Don‘ price starts from $8 – by choosing 1x Base [Korean White Rice, Multigrain Rice, Soba, Fried Glass Noodle, Udon], 1x Protein [Chicken, Beef, Seafood, Mushroom] 1x Garnish [Mixed Greens, Kimchi Omelette, Onsen & Tobikko, Curry] and 1x Sauce [BBQ Mayo, Bibimbap, Cho Gochujiang, Teriyaki, Yuzu Wasabi].

Add on $5 for a soft drink and side dish of your choice to make it a set and complete your meal with Korean Bingsoo desserts.

OMOOMODON | Signature Dons


I Love EEUL (U.P. $15) – Grilled Unagi, Korean white rice, mixed salad, Korean BBQ sauce.


Yes Sir! Yes Sir! (U.P. $12) – Beef Sirloin steak, multigrain rice, kimchi omelette, teriyaki sauce.


Bird’s Nest (U.P. $10) – Spicy chicken, Korean glass noodles, onsen egg, tobiko, Korean BBQ sauce.


Spichi (U.P. $11.50) – Spicy Octopus, Udon, Kimchi omelette, Kimchi soup.



Takoyaki ($5) – Tako Balls, Bonito Flakes, Mayonaise, BBQ Sauce


Spicy Tofu ($5) – Tofu, Tobikko, Cherry Tomatoes, Spicy Sauce



Snow Fall (Cereal Bingsoo $6) – Milky Snowflakes, Cereal Powder, Almond Flakes, Mochi


Volcano (Oreo Bingsoo $5) – Milky Snowflakes, Oreo Chocolate Powder, Oreo Biscuit

As part of OMOOMODON opening promotion, diners can enjoy any 1 of the 18 signature dons at just $8 each. Promotion is valid from 4 to 17 November 2016.


Address: 1 Vista Exchange Green, #02-14/15, The Star Vista Singapore 138617

Opening Hours: Daily 11am to 10pm

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One thought on “OMOOMODON – A surprisingly good fusion where Japanese meets Korean

  1. Ordered two sets of Gochujamg Hamburger set and the sauces for penne pasta and burger was so spicy. Both my gals of 9 and 11 year’s old couldn’t even eat it!!! It should be stated in e menu to warn patrons who can’t take spicy food.


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