Where to eat a ‘Montana’ Good American-Inspired Food with a Traditional Twist!

Seeing news everyday about the U.S. election has once again sparked my recurrent craving for wholesome American food – I’m saying burgers, waffles and anything that looks like it could give me a heart attack.  With that, I decided to venture this weekend to Montana Singapore, a cafe that serves up American-inspired dishes with a traditional twist on their new, revamped menu!



Tucked away on the second floor of PoMo, Montana featured a large, brightly lit space that was perfect for weekend gatherings with friends and family.


Being hungry as usual, we decided to share three mains among our three-person party alongside a dessert, which left us more than satisfied.  The first main that arrived on our table was the Mac Daddy with House-Made Bun ($17.00++), which consisted of a 160g beef patty, mac & cheese (gotta love carbs on carbs!), jalapeño alongside some thick cut fries.  Much to our surprise, because of the mildly spicy kick from the chili, the burger  did not feel half as heavy as it sounds even with the mac & cheese element.  The patty was cooked to a perfect level of doneness, showing some pink upon our first bite.


Next up was the Peking Chicken Confit with Waffle ($16.50).  On top of the fundamentally American combination of chicken confit and chive waffle, the restaurant incorporates some Asian elements into this dish through the smoked ginger plum coleslaw and smoked ginger plum sauce.  I’m a huge fan of savoury waffles, so I found myself really enjoying this dish, although the Asian elements did not come out as much as I would’ve expected.  Maybe next time I’ll try out the Bulgogi Beef Waffle ($15.80++) or Assam Crab Waffle ($17.50++) instead.


Our last main was the Crab Aglio Olio Linguine ($20.80++), which featured pretty generous amounts of fresh crab meat on a bed of lightly flavored linguine.  We requested a ‘toned down’ level of spiciness for this dish, but apparently the restaurant can prepare a spicier version of the pasta featuring white jalapeño – perhaps I’ll challenge myself next time!


Now for the dessert that actually led me to this place – the Freak Cakes!  Upon releasing their new menu, my Instagram feed exploded with these beautiful cakes, which made me determined to give them a try.  While the restaurant offers five flavors to choose from, my friends and I settled for the Coffee Kaya Coconut Freak Cake ($14.80++).  While the presentation definitely lived up to its hype, I personally found the cake slightly too sweet, especially since the glazing itself was quite sweet already.  However, my friend really enjoyed it and the level of nostalgia the gem biscuits brought back, so the level of sweetness is definitely a subjective thing.

One more thing to commend was the service at Montana – the servers were all very attentive to your needs, and were actually very receptive of feedback regarding the food!  I would definitely come back if my random American food craving come back again, which I’m sure would sometime soon!


Montana Singapore

Address: #02-25, 188306, 1 Selegie Rd, 188306

Telephone: +65 6334 3137

Opening Hours: Mon – Thu: 11am to 10pm; Fri: 11am to 11pm; Sat: 9am to 11pm; Sun: 9am to 9:30pm

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/montanasingapore/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/montanasingapore/

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