World’s First Michelin-starred Ramen Tsuta from Tokyo to Singapore


The world’s only Michelin-starred ramen eatery that has taken over Japan by storm TSUTA has arrived in Singapore – guaranteed to give dedicated followers of ramen a new hotspot to get their fix.

Located on the ground level of Pacific Plaza, the restaurant boast 18 counter seats laid out in an L-shaped format, so that diners can watch the chefs in action just before they tuck in.

Food ordering and payment at Tsuta Singapore goes automated with the self-service kiosk. The menu offers a choice of shio and shoyu on a standard bowl priced at $15.00, include a slice of char siew, bamboo shoot, leek, truffle oil and truffle puree.

Diners have the option to upgrade their bowl with topping offerings like flavoured egg ($1.80), bamboo shoot ($2) and additional char siew ($2 per slice), alongside a small list of side dishes such as steamed rice ($1.80), niku meshi – diced roast pork on rice with roasted onion sauce ($6), ro-su meshi – sliced roast pork shoulder on rice with butter sauce ($6) and soup chazuke – rice with bonito flakes and seaweed ($2). Tsuta serves only one drink – homemade Wheat tea ($1.80) either hot or cold. 


The secret of Tsuta lies in the quality of soup base, noodle and char siew.

Founder-chef Yuki Onishi has certainly achieved flavour magic and developed a special blend of shoyu made in Wakayama Prefecture in Japan, plus laying the foundations for the all-important soba noodles, which Tsuta make in-house with whole wheat and grain flour.

The premium roasted pork (char siew) is specially air flown from Canada – you can really taste the difference. The char siew is moist, tender and succulent which make the perfect centrepiece of Tsuta‘s bowl.


The Shio soba features a light chicken-seafood broth enhanced with Okinawan sea salt and Mongolian rock salt, while the Shoyu soba lends a richer umami taste in the shoyu broth made from Chef Onishi’s unique blend.

Chef Onishi incorporates white truffle oil into the Shio soba and combines it with a green olive purée. The Shoyu soba is infused with black truffle oil and comes with a black truffle puree. 

Tsuta Shoyu Noodle

The broths are cooked at a carefully controlled temperature so that the umami flavours of the ingredients can be brought out. It will not be served piping hot, so that the guests can enjoy their bowl comfortably.

Every mouthful of Tsuta noodle was bursting with well-crafted flavour. Though some might find that the broth a little too salty, it was alright for me and Tsuta has actually toned down the salt in its recipe to suit the local palates. The experience and overall taste were simply delightful, Tsuta definitely shines in its own right!

Tsuta will open their doors on 6 November 2016 at 11:00am, serving about 250 bowls from November 6 to 11, and will increase to 400 bowls from November 12 onwards with extended operating hours.

Now, the big question – will you queue for a bowl of Tsuta Michelin-starred noodle?

Tsuta Singapore

Address: 9 Scotts Road, #01-01 Pacific Plaza, Singapore 228210

Opening Hours: 11am-6pm from Nov 6-11 / 11am-10pm from Nov 12 onwards




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