Head over to Lolla 4 an Amazing Sunday Brunch!

 No, I don’t think I’m cool for using ‘4’ in the title instead of ‘For,’ but I do think it’s appropriate since this post is dedicated to celebrating Lolla’s 4th Anniversary!

Having heard my friends rave about Lolla, I finally ventured over the past Sunday to try the hyped up Sea Urchin Pudding, among the many other drool-inducing items on the newly introduced brunch menu.  Located right in the center of Ann Siang Hill, Lolla specializes in creating small plates, which are perfect for those of us who always want to try everything on the menu.  As a benchmark, we shared five dishes between two hungry people, and that left us slightly towards the full side.


The first thing we tried was (of course) the Sea Urchin Pudding ($22 for half portion; $42 for full portion).  We opted for the half portion – it looks tiny, but trust me it was definitely enough.  The flavours were extremely rich, almost to a level of decadence, especially if you eat the sea urchin with the squid ink pudding beneath.  I definitely understand why this would leave a deep impression on diners – the creaminess alongside the distinct taste of seafood really kick-started our appetites!


Next up was something lighter to cleanse our palates from the distinct seafood flavours – Sourdough w/ Kombu Butter ($7).  I know this sounds very ordinary, but my friend and I had to resist our urge to spoon that butter directly into our mouths.  The kombu not only added texture to the butter, but also an interesting flavour that almost got us asking for more sourdough!  The only reason we didn’t was that we knew we had to save space for the other dishes…


Now, onto two items that were on their ‘Specials’ menu (which is why I can’t mark price – sorry!) – Crab and Scallop Timbale.  I know what you’re thinking – what is timbale?  It’s basically similar to tartare in that the ingredients are diced up and mixed together as a dish, but unlike tartares, they don’t add onions/sauce.  Because of that, we were able to fully taste the freshness of the crab as well as the hint of sweetness from the raw Hokkaido scallops.


Our fourth dish was both our favourite one – Candied Burrata.  Not only was plating beautiful, but I really did not expect the flavours of what seemed like very random ingredients to work so well together.  If I were to break it down, this was basically a chunk of burrata served on a bed of sultanas, guava and pine nuts and finished with a mildly sweet sauce.  The fragrance of the pine nuts and sultanas really complemented the light cheesiness of the burrata, while the guava balanced all that out with its hint of sourness.


The Grilled Avocado ($17) marked the last item of our meal, and as an avocado addict, this followed closely after the burrata in terms of my preferences.  The avocado was grilled to a perfect softness, which was then balanced out with the crunch from the breadcrumbs embedded within.  Served with some vegetables that I wasn’t able to identify, both texture and flavour of this dish really impressed us.

Chef preparing the Spanish Tortilla w/ Smoked Eel for others

At restaurants like Lolla, I just wish I had a bigger stomach, since there was so much more I wanted to try!  Just as a quick highlight, other intriguing items on the menu that I saw others order and will definitely be back for include the Spanish Tortilla w/ Smoked Eel ($24), Beef Tongue Hash ($28) and Crab Lasagna ($29)


Finally, in celebration of their 4th Anniversary, $4 Mimosas (reg. $19) for Sunday Brunch (available until end of November!) – what more do I have to say?


Address: 22 Ann Siang Road, Singapore 069702

Telephone: +65 6423 1228

Opening Hours: Lunch 12pm to 2:30pm; Dinner: 6pm to 11pm; Sunday Brunch 10:30am to 3pm

Website: http://www.lolla.com.sg/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lollasingapore/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/LollaSG/

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