7-Eleven introduces new Ready-To-Eat products to become the next meal-time hotspot


Food has always been hugely important when we think of 7-Eleven. Singapore’s largest convenience store chain 7-Eleven has raised the competitive bar in terms of design, outlet space, food options and services.


You can now find a series of ready-to-meals, cash-withdrawal services, self-pay bill options and more at 7-Eleven‘s new generation stores.

With the new arrival of high-quality, fresh-chilled Ready-To Eat (RTE) meals, grabbing a quick bite at 7-Eleven is more delectable now. Over 438 7-Eleven outlets in Singapore will be stocked with a diverse range of food solutions from breakfast through lunch, dinner meals, as well as desserts and snacks.

Innovation, creativity and quality in food development is crucial to 7-Eleven as they have to meet the challenges posed by the diverse market and changing consumer trends. It took the 7-Eleven Singapore team more than six months of R&D to present the wide range of RTE products.


The 7-Eleven RTE meals are prepared fresh everyday and then delivered chilled for optimal freshness and quality. The RTE products have a limited shelf life and are replaced every two days to ensure stringent quality control and freshness.

Who says bargains are not always of high quality? The 7-Eleven team has been lucky enough to make friends with popular hawker stalls and eateries in Singapore, and recreate delicious local meals for people to eat well without the hassle.

Ready-To-Eat Local Meals

You can get your hands on beautiful local dishes such as Fried Carrot Cake ($2.90), Butter Chicken Biryani ($3.90), Braised Duck Rice ($4.90) and Hainanese Chicken Rice ($3.50).


Ready-To-Eat Western Meals

Western RTE options include Chicken Bolognaise ($4.30) and several pre-packed sandwiches and burgers priced from $2.90 onwards.

There are also snacks and desserts available – one of the must tries and the first ready-to-eat chocolate lava cake in a convenience store is 7-Eleven‘s very own Chocolate Lava Cake ($2.80), featuring high quality cocoa powder and a real dark chocolate centre.

All the local range of RTE including the chocolate cake are all halal certified.


Ready-To-Eat Premium Pastas and Japanese Onigiris

7-Eleven introduces its first array of premium pastas with a Japanese touch. Pasta options include Spaghetti Neapolitan ($5.80), Spaghetti Al Funghi with Mentaiko ($5.80) and Vegetarian Spaghetti ($5.80). The portions are hearty and you can get to enjoy fresh, wholesome pasta in the most convenient way possible.

Onigiris ($2) – Japanese rice triangle and toasted seaweed are also available in 7-Eleven stores. It comes with fillings like Grilled Salmon, Salmon Mayo and Chicken Teriyaki.


7-Eleven Singapore



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