Cat & The Fiddle DIY Cheesecake: Celebrate The Day Your Way



Singapore’s first online specialist cheesecake store Cat & The Fiddle has introduced a fun concept that allows customers to add a personal touch to the cakes and it goes beyond putting a Happy Birthday tag.

Put your creative hats on to turn a cake into a work of art and surprise yourself, or your loved ones with your very own “Over-The-Top” cake masterpiece. With zany add-ons like mini hearts, jumbo red hearts, silver and golden balls, M&M chocolates, Pocky biscuit sticks and more, you can upgrade your cake and make it Instagram-crazy.

Turn simple store-bought cakes into Masterpieces worthy of a Celebration


  • Take your pick from more than ten cheesecake selection ($22.90 to $38.90) including the cake toppers and decorative snacks.
  • Fresh cream frosting is available at $3; while regular toppings are at $1 and fruits add-on at $2. You only pay for what you need.
  • DIY the cake and add a touch of love and creativity.

Tip: Putting fresh cream atop the cake is a great cheat, allowing you to stick the cake toppers without using any fondant. If you have a theme in mind, decorating the cake definitely takes less work than not having an idea.

The finishing touch! Candy hearts scattered around the cake.

In fact, decorating is the easy part; the hard part will be keeping your fingers from plucking the toppings off and putting them into your mouth.

Cat & The Fiddle has popped up at Takashimya Shopping Centre (Food Hall near Cold Storage) from 25 October to 6 November 2016, 10am to 9pm. If you are throwing a party and love the idea of decorating store-bought cakes, it’s time to visit Cat & The Fiddle and bring more colour to the table.


Cat & The Fiddle

Address: 171 Kampong Ampat, KA Foodlink #05-04, Singapore 368330

Tel: +65 6287 0077

Orders & Delivery





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