Hokkaido Sushi Restaurant – The Ultimate Hokkaido Buffet Experience Worth Getting Excited About

All you can eat buffet is extremely popular in Singapore. Some are good and some others much better – where are the best Japanese buffet restaurants you tried?


Recently visited Hokkaido Sushi Restaurant at M Hotel Singapore, which is one of the most unrated Japanese restaurant in the city. On either the 2nd or 3rd Tuesday of every month, Hokkaido Sushi Restaurant would fly in the Pacific Bluefin Tuna, also known as Hon Maguro in Japan.

Gourmands can witness the traditional craftsmanship techniques of the Tuna Live Cutting Show at Hokkaido Sushi Restaurant and have the opportunity to taste the freshest sushi and sashimi carved from the Bluefin Tuna.


If you wish to savour the freshest Hon Maguro, you can order it a la carte, or leave the selection to the chefs in Omakase style.

Buffet lovers will be delighted to know that bluefin tuna is also offered to customers, in addition to the existing buffet selection. The sashimi or sushi are normally served in three different cuts – Otoro, Chutoro and Akami. 

Adventurous foodies can ask to taste other parts of the bluefin tuna – e.g. the bone marrow features a jelly like texture that coats the mouth, and leave the lips with appealing fatty goodness.


The a la carte selection of the buffet menu showcases a huge variety of dishes ranging from appetisers, sushi and sashimi, yakitori to maki roll, tempura and teppanyaki. Signature highlights include Ikura Chawanmushi, Pitan Tofu, Hokkaido Maki and Ginkarei Shioyaki.

Overall food quality was good and Hokkaido Sushi Restaurant proves to be an extremely value for money restaurant. Whether you are lusting after freshly made sushi, want to experience eat-all-you-can buffet, or feel like being extravagant wanting a Omakase feast of carefully curated Japanese delicacies, you will not be disappointed at Hokkaido Sushi Restaurant.

Hokkaido Sushi Buffet Price:

  • Buffet Lunch $38++ / Buffet Dinner $43++ (Mon to Thurs)
  • Buffet Lunch $48++ / Buffet Dinner $55++ (Fri to Sun/PH/eve of PH)

Hokkaido Sushi Restaurant

Address: 81 Anson Road,M Hotel Singapore Level 9, Singapore 079908

Tel: +65 6221 3075



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