Get ‘Empressed’ by what Emporium Shokuhin has to offer

Sitting majestically by Esplanade is Emporium Shokuhin, Singapore’s first integrated Japanese emporium, or in other words a foodie heaven.  Ranging from live seafood to cute Japanese snacks, Emporium Shokuhin is a one-stop shop that allows you access to all things Jap within its 34,000 sqft space.

I wasn’t kidding about how fresh the seafood is! 

Still not empressed?  Emporium Shokuhin encompasses not one, not two, but eight dining concepts within the establishment.

  • Burosu Honten – Ramen & Gyoza
  • Senmi Sushi – Sashimi & Sushi
  • Umi+Vino – Seafood & Wine Bar
  • Takujo – Fine Dining
  • Gyuu+ – Yakiniku Grill
  • Tsukeru – Shabu Shabu
  • Kohi-Koji – Coffee & Bakery
  • Ready-to-Eat Section

I’ll be sharing my experience in the first three restaurants listed, but if the quality is consistent among all restaurants, I’m sure all eight would impress you equally.

First Stop: Burosu Honten.  This was one of the smaller restaurants, featuring several booth seats positioned right next to the kitchen to ensure that your food is still hot and fresh when it’s delivered to your table.


Our first dish was the NEW!! Burosu Ehime Super Blend Ramen ($16.80+).  You might be thinking there are many other ramen options in the country, but the seafood component in the broth here changes everything.  The broth, while thick, was not jelak at all when complemented by the distinct taste of fresh seafood.  Topped with chashu, bamboo shoots, a prawn and my favorite nitamago, this was a great start to our food-venture.


Next up was the NEW!! Wagyu Beef Gyoza with Garlic Miso Mayo ($8.80+).  Now this one was slightly on the heavy side for me, with the mayo alongside the typically rich wagyu beef filling.  Even so, this was one of the top hits among the dinner party that night, so my advice would be to share this among a group of friends.

Second Stop: Senmi Sushi.  This was easily the highlight of my meal, with my all time favorite sashimi!  This brightly lit store features both booth seats and counter seats, the latter of which allows you to watch the itamae cut and place the beautiful slices of fresh sashimi onto the serving board or beds of sushi rice.

Left and Middle: Omakase Don; Right: Kaisen Don

We were able to try both the NEW!! Kaisen Don ($21.80++) and the NEW!! Omakase Don ($21.80++), and both definitely made it to my list of favorite chirashi dons in Singapore.  Featuring freshly sourced fish from Japan, this was truly amazing value for money.


Time for more wagyu!  This Dynamite Maki ($16.80++) is the bomb!  Featuring a slice of wagyu topped with tempura crunch and a centre of fried prawn, the roll is created such that not only do the flavors compliment each other, but the wagyu also wouldn’t feel too greasy with the added texture from the crunch.

Last Stop: Umi+Vino.  Combining Japanese ingredients with Western influences, Umi+Vino is a sleek restaurant + winebar that serves creative dishes that successfully blend elements from both the East and West.


First up was the 48-hour Braised Wagyu Beef + Asparagus + Mash ($32++).  Like in the previous dishes, the wagyu was flavorful and exuded its signature tenderness, which was further accentuated by this cooking method.  The asparagus really complemented the meat, acting as a lighter accompaniment to one of the richer flavors we’ve had throughout our dinner.


Next was the Ehime Fish Pie with Cream Sauce ($24++), one of the founder’s favorite dish of the restaruant!  Ehime is a prefecture in Japan well known for its fish market, and the fish used in this pie differs each time depending on what fish was fresh on the day of shipment.  Cutting through the freshly baked pastry crust, which was very satisfying in itself, revealed pieces of fish covered in a cream sauce that did not feel overwhelmingly heavy at all.


One of my favorites at this restaurant – the Hokkaido Scallop Sashimi + Konbu Pasta ($22++).  Like most, my first impression from the presentation was that this was a truffle-related dish, but to my surprise, I was wrong.  More surprisingly, this was a cold pasta, which provided a good break from the richer tastes we previously experienced.  The sweetness of the scallop sashimi worked well with the diced up konbu, once again demonstrating the freshness of the ingredients used here.


Finally, to the last savory dish of the night – fresh oysters ($6++ per piece).  At this point of the dinner, the founder Mr. Lim Li-Wei also came over to explain that they ship the oysters to Singapore three times a week, each time within 24 hours. Moreover, they maintain the seawater taste by using a special method of serving the oysters, which really came through in our dining experience.


What’s a meal without a dessert to end?  For us, the Homemade Tiramisu ($8++) really hit the spot.  Typically, I’m not a huge fan of this dessert, since I don’t like it when the cake base is too wet.  This one was actually to the soggy side as well, but I did really liked how some texture was re-established with the thin, crunchy bread pieces on the top.

All in all, Emporium Shokuhin is a great destination for you if you’re craving almost any type of Japanese food.  Even if you haven’t decided yet, the variety offered there will help you make up your mind.

Now are you empressed?

Emporium Shokuhin 

Address: 6 Raffles Boulevard, #01-18 Marina Square, Singapore 039594

Telephone: +65 6224 3433

Opening Hours: 10:00am – 10:00pm (Different restaurants may have different hours)




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