A Night at Varadero is a peek into Capella Singapore, Bob’s Bar Iconic Cuban Fiesta


Bob’s Bar at Capella Singapore is where everyone gather at night with friends and family and has a little party, a fiesta if you will, along the beautiful backyard of South China Sea.

Capella Singapore celebrated the completion of revamp works at Bob’s Bar on Saturday 23 July 2016, by taking its guests on an exhilarating ride through the rhythms of Cuban music and dance, themed as ‘A Night at Varadero‘ and complemented with an array of Cuban delicacies and refreshing rum-based cocktail offerings curated by award winning Executive Chef David Senia of Capella Singapore.

The Cuban Fiesta debuted as a way to showcase a true quintessence of Caribbean to the growing throngs of guests visiting the Sentosa Island.

Here’s a quick look at the one-night-only revelry featuring the bar’s first-ever Salsa dance session, its signature Havana barbecue station, pop-up Mojito and Rum Bars, a special Rum Appreciation Masterclass, as well as live music all the way into the night.

Rum-based Cocktails – A Night At Varadero

How is it a party without drinking some rum cocktails to make you feel like you’re on holiday! Dark and Stormy, Mojito, Missionary Downfall, and Banana Daiquiri were some of the rum based cocktails we had.

These cocktails were easy and pleasing to taste, especially when laziness comes creeping in – we were chilling our way with our drinks on the comfortable sofas and day beds; it really felt just like our favourite holiday treats.

Cuban Delicacies – A Night At Varadero

Bob’s Bar offers guests the opportunity to taste a bit of the tradition with Cuban specialities like the toasted Sandwich Panini Cubano ($25), a must-have among Cubans, delicately made with gourmet ham, pulled pork, cheese, pickles and mustard; the healthy Salad Frijoles Colorados ($22); Cuban Sliders ($25) which are mini burgers with juicy spiced wagyu patties; Mojito Ceviche ($28) made up of seabass marinated in lime juice; as well as Chicken Rice Salad in Cubano style ($25).

Desserts include the well-loved Bob’s Churros ($14), melt-in-your-mouth Spanish doughnuts deep fried to perfection and Bananito ($18), two hot crispy bananas served with coconut ice cream.

Rum Appreciation Masterclass

We got to attend a special Rum Appreciation Masterclass at Bob’s Bar in partnership with Proof & Company to help educate the industry and guests around rum appreciation, production and flavour profiles.

We had our individual flight of four choices out of 30 different types of rum – ranging from light, dark to aged rums. The four types of rums we tasted were Diplomatico Blanco, Navegante Rum, Plantation Jamaica 2001 Single Island Rum and Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva, which is one of the easiest, smoothest sipping rums in the world.

I am not an expert when it comes to drinking, especially with a splash of Venezuela here. However, I managed to know more about the acquired sense of rum tasting, and it would be greatly appreciated if we had longer time.

First Salsa Dance Session – A Night At Varadero

The night at Bob’s Bar came alive when the music started playing from the live band – people sing, dance and groove together with the salsa dancers and the Panamanian folks behind the synthesizers.

Taking the lead on the dance floor is the amazing squad of dancers from Salsa Cubana Singapore, sharing the Caribbean dance steps at the bar’s first-ever Salsa dance session.

Almost everybody got up from their seats and started dancing to the music. The atmosphere on that night at Varadero was absolutely fantastic.

A Caribbean hotspot like Bob’s Bar is rare today, and Capella Singapore seems to be painting a great picture for tomorrow.

We hope that ‘A Night at Varadero‘ will make a come back someday.


Bob’s Bar – Capella Singapore

Address: 1 The Knolls, Sentosa Island, Singapore 098297

Tel: +65 6591 5047

Opening Hours: 12.00pm to 12.00am (Bob’s Bar)



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