Highly sought after snacks from Japan now available at Singapore’s 7-Eleven stores


An exciting new range of 12 exclusive and premium Japanese-made snacks has hit 375 7-Eleven stores islandwide – 20 July 2016.

Housed  under 7-Select brand, fans of Japanese snacks can look forward to their favourite supply of goodies being available at select 7-Eleven store islandwide with prices ranging from only $2.50 to $3.50.

These snacks are made using premium ingredients sourced from various prefectures which are famous for cultivating these produce, such as tasty spuds from Hokkaido. Each nibble is created using only the most stringent preparation methods to bring out the best flavours.

7-Select Langue De Chat: Chocolate or White Chocolate – $3.30 (80 gram)


Inspired by the classic French, ‘cat’s tongue’ biscuits and Hokkaido’s Shiroi Kobibito biscuits, these Langue De Chat biscuits are extremely thin and light. Two biscuits sandwich a layer of white or milk chocolate and are great for dunking in that cup of tea.

Tweaked with additional egg whites, they have a marvellous melt-in-the-mouth texture. Each is individually wrapped to maintain the quality and freshness of each morsel.

7-Select Peanuts Chocolate – $2.50 (75 gram)


Need something for movies or to share with a buddy during those important sport games? Indulge in a handful of these chocolate coated peanuts. First roasted to bring out the best nutty aroma and flavour, each nut is then immediately coated with semi-sweet chocolate for a luscious cocoa taste.

To make doubly sure that these are at its freshest, the peanuts are packed within 12 hours of the manufacturing process.

7-Select Butter Cookies – $3.50 (120 gram)


These cookies are redolent with the rich taste of premium European butter used to make these crisp snaps. Each perfectly baked pair is individually wrapped to preserve the crunch and there are a total of 14 gems in each box.

7-Select Sakusaku Corn Cheese – $3.20 (80 gram)


Cheese lovers delight! These addictive Sakusaku Corn Cheese chips are made with Cheddar, Camembert and Cream Cheese. Low in sodium and air dried in high temperatures, each morsel is crisp and crunchy to the last piece. These are ideal with a pint of icy cold beer or Japanese sake.

7-Select Mixed Nuts – $3.20 (40 gram)


Put a pack of these in your kids’ school bag or have a supply ready in your office pantry as a healthy solution for a snack attack! Each pack contains almonds, cashews, walnuts and macadamias – all flawlessly roasted to bring out the best flavour and characteristic of each nut.

These are then tossed in fine mineral sea salt from the seaside town of Muroto in the Kochi Prefecture, before being sealed in air-tight bags.

7-Select Kodawari Peanuts – $2.80 (78 gram) 


Kodawari peanuts are easily recognised by the extraordinary size of each nut. These are pan-roasted to bring out the sweetness and enticing nutty aroma of the large bean which also provides a good boost of energy when hunger strikes and contain lots of nutrients, minerals, antioxidants and vitamins.

7-Select Kodawari Peantuts with Crackers – $2.80 (86 gram)


In this bag, one can enjoy the best of both worlds – Kodawari peanuts jazzed up with a good helping of crunchy crackers.

7-Select Mini Coconut Biscuits – $2.50 (100 gram)


A definite crowd pleaser, these Mini Coconut Biscuits have an irresistible coconut and vanilla flavour and each fragrant mouthful reveals lovely bits of coconut flakes.

7-Select Sesame Stick – $2.50 (120gram)


One of Japan’s most local snacks, Sesame Stick is a black and white sesame biscuit. Colloquially known as “asparagus” biscuits due to its shape and studded nature of the sesame seeds, this aromatic biscuit is a family favourite across Japan.

7-Select Hosogiri Potato Chips – $2.50 (55 gram)


If you like it hot, a handful of these Hosogiri Potato Chips (Spicy) will provide the zing you are looking for. The premium potato sticks are first cooked in chicken broth before they are deep fried in premium vegetable oil to a crisp and then dusted with fiery red pepper powder.

7-Select Tamago Boro – $2.80 (100 gram)


Tamago Boro are popular childhood tidbits made with egg yolks and potato starch specially sourced from Hokkaido spuds. Each handful has melt-in-mouth texture and it is impossible to stop at only one bag. These come in handy re-sealable bags for easy storage.

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