TANG Restaurant And Bar (唐) – The Most Intimate & Elegant Hotpot In Singapore


TANG Restaurant and Bar (唐) is a 38-seater, upscale Szechuan hotpot restaurant located in the trendy F&B cluster of Keong Saik. Unlike many hotpot restaurants that are usually crowded and filled with loud chatter from customers, TANG (唐) is more elegant and provides a private and exclusive steamboat dining experience – it is probably the most intimate place to enjoy steamboat in a comfortable setting.


TANG Restaurant and Bar (唐) has a remarkable set of hotpot soup bases. Leading the charge is the House Special (养生汤 $19+) – a rich broth freshly prepared every morning, brimming with the goodness of boiling hens, pork and fish bones together with medicinal herbs for over 8 hours; follow by the Authentic Sichuan Spices (川味麻辣火锅 $21+), which is created from over 40 different spices and herbs.

TANG‘s Chef Zoubing spent more than five years studying the spicy Sichuan soup recipe, having consulted traditional Chinese doctors to ensure that all herbs and spices are in the perfect proportion, for mouth-watering pleasure and balanced digestion. For something subtle yet flavourful, try the outstanding Tomato Soup (番茄汤 $18+), often a favourite choice of the ladies.

Chef Zoubing takes pride to source consistently for quality ingredients from his daily market visits. Guests will be able to enjoy signature dishes handcrafted by chef such as the Shrimp Paste Dome (虾滑 $14+) and Cilantro Meat balls (香菜猪肉丸 $14+) – both are created by meticulously hand-grinding the meat to ensure the right texture.

The Homemade Dumplings (手工饺子 $12+) is the owner’s mother recipe and should not be missed. New dishes, which may not be on the menu, are always prepared, such as the Chicken Balls (手工鸡肉软骨丸 $13+) and Fish Noodles (手工鱼面 $16+). For meat lovers, guests cannot go wrong with the Japanese Momoiro Pork Belly (日本鹿儿岛五花猪肉 $27+, 200g / $15+, 100g), Spanish Iberico Pork (西班牙黑毛猪肉 $25+,200g / $14+, 100g) and A4 Japanese Umami Wagyu Beef (日本甘鲜和牛肉 $69+, 200g /$36+, 100g), which are of the highest grade.

The Translucent Sliced Fish (秘制生鱼片 $22+) is another must. Both the meat and the fish are sliced thinly, allowing for maximum taste and absorption of flavours from the broth. Vegetarian options on offer include a variety of mushrooms ($4+ to 12+), assorted bean products ($4+ to $6+) and different vegetables ($4+ to $11+).

TANG Restaurant and Bar (唐) focus is clearly on quality and service – an attentive member of the TANG family is assigned to every table, serving and assisting guests in cooking the steamboat ingredients, within the correct timing.

In addition to its steamboat dishes, TANG (唐) also provides a small yet sophisticated a la carte food menu comprised of signatures like the Spicy Sichuan Chicken (辣子鸡 $22+) and Mapo Tofu (麻婆豆腐 $12+).

A number of carefully curated wines are available at TANG (唐) and recommended for those who wish to pair the hotpot with exquisite vintages for an extra indulgent meal. A carefully selected assortment of champagnes and whiskies are also available. Guests can enjoy a superb selection of small bites featuring lotus root chips ($5+), luncheon meat strips ($4+)fried enoki mushrooms ($5+) and more, throughout the night.


Tang Restaurant and Bar (唐)

Address: 25 Keong Saik Road, Singapore 089132

Tel: +65 6222 7708

Opening Hours: Sun to Thur 12pm to 2.30pm, 5pm to 11.30pm, Fri to Sat 5pm to 12am, Closed every Tuesday


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