HICJUICE Brings Light Into My Life – A Foodie’s Necessity


If you have been following me closely, you probably know this isn’t my first time doing a juice cleanse. I am a food junkie – I eat out a lot, snack between meals and even wakes up in the middle of the night “crying” from hunger. Always on a constant battle of the food wills.

HICJUICE offered me a 3-day sample for one of their juice cleanse plan, hence without hesitation, I signed up for the #HICjuicechallenge and took the level 3 reborn cleanse. There are 4 levels of juicing plan – the difference lies in the amount of green juices versus fruit juices.

Level 1 (reboot cleanse) is more of an induction for beginners who aren’t sure if their body can adapt to a juice diet – it has the least amount of green juices; and level 2 (restore cleanse) option is for those aiming to do a deeper and more comprehensive detox. As I was on a restricted sugar diet and not new to juicing, I took up level 3 (reborn cleanse) which contain the most alkaline cleanse. Lastly, level 4 (active cleanse) is designed to give fitness enthusiasts the additional boost in energy they will need to push through and recover from a tough workout.

All the cleanses comes in 1 day, 3 day or 5 day subscription plans. There is also the 5:2 Juice Plan – an intermittent fast diet to recharge, cleanse and boost fat metabolism through limiting calorie intake for two non-consecutive days a week with the other five days of eating normally.


The HICJUICE Experience

HICJUICE has adopted a seemingly intelligent e-commerce concept to initiate user friendly contents. Online shopping for HICJUICE was brisk affair – orders were added in the cart promptly; follow by choosing how to receive the order; the start date of cleanse and finally payment, every process was simple and easy to tackle.

The communications triggered to the emails has been the most effective, as it features essentials for beginning users, tips for intermediate users and articles on post-cleanse use.

The delivery of HICJUICE was prompt and nicely packed into eco-friendly bottles and a cooler bag. My three days of cleansing went by great and I had no problems finishing all the tasty juices. Though I didn’t feel any lighter, physically I had lost 1-2 kg after the cleanse and the detoxes shifted me away from my bad habits like too much coffee, sweets and fatty food.

HICJUICE also help me foster healthier habits after the cleanse, I didn’t crave for snacks and oily food as much as I thought I would. While I’m on the run for errands, I would sometimes pop by HICJUICE retail shops for my juice fix out, which is evidently becoming one of my necessities.

With HIC&RUN, everyone can get fuss-free juicing everyday and doesn’t have to give up your food to go on an all-liquid diet. juice+ is a new concept that serves to replace half a day’s meals as a half-day cleanse and can still consume a meal normally to complement it or simply to use these juices as supplement to your daily diet.

Choose any 3 bottles of 500ml juices from different categories for $59 only, which is a great alternative to taking in a day’s fruits and vegetables’ nutrients. For added boost, opt for enhancers like more juice supplements, superfood snacks or superfood bowls.

More information about http://hicrun.com.sg/





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