Antoinette’s One-Way Ticket To Satisfy Your Fetish for Matcha Fix

Calling all matcha aficionados, the Fetish Matcha campaign by Antoinette is the one and only ticket you’ll ever need to satisfy your fetish fix.

Curated by chef-patissier Pang Kok Keong, the campaign features 22 matcha creations ranging from hot items, cakes, pastry, confectionery and drinks that would make even the famously picky French queen, Marie Antoinette, swoon with desire.

Each of the 22 ‘fetishes’ is lovingly conceived and brilliantly crafted to display the depth and versatility of this ethereal, enigmatic green powder. Each stunning in ambition and unique in identity: some flavours bold and expressive, others subtle and unexpected. Matcha is presented in ways never known, leaving one intrigued, delighted, and inspired.


Matcha is powdered whole green-tea leaves, usually stone-ground. Antoinette uses high quality matcha powder from Nishio, Japan, for refined flavour and health benefits. Containing vitamins, minerals, and a powerful type of antioxidant called catechins, macha is often called “the ultimate mental and medical remedy”. Matcha fetishists, you can have your cake – and eat it too!

For this inaugural fetish campaign, Chef Pang has upped his game and woven a pageant of matcha wonders that bewitches all the 5 senses. Matcha French Toast, Matcha Pop, Matcha Almond Tuile, and Matcha Latte are just some of the seductive highlights.


Matcha Pasta ($22)* – Matcha powder is mixed while making the dough for the pasta. The hand-cut pasta is then garnished with marinated kombu and sakura ebi with matcha powder on the side. The morel mushrooms and black truffle paste give a deliciously earthy hint to the dish.


Matcha French Toast ($16)* – Absolutely gorgeous fluffy matcha brioche with maple syrup and vanilla Chantilly on the side.


Matcha Crepe ($18)* – French crepe prepared a la minute complete with French chestnut cream and vanilla Chantilly.


Matcha Pancake ($15)* – Fluffy Matcha pancake stack with marron glacé Chantilly perfumed with rum and maple syrup.


Matcha Croissant ($6) – Crisp buttery croissant filled with molten lava matcha.


Matcha Cake Pop ($9.50) – Not your typical Magnum ice cream, but a popsicle of matcha cake with white chocolate and matcha ganache enrobed with milk chocolate and roasted almonds. An exquisite multi-textured experience of crunchiness, softness, and sweetness in a single bite.

Matcha Strawberry Shortcake* ($9 per slice / $55 whole) – Antoinette’s signature cake is ‘matcha-fied’ with sponge layers that deliver a very light hint of matcha.


Yucha* ($8 per slice / $75 for 800g) – Matcha butter cake (sugar free) layered with matcha crème mousseline and yuzu curd.


Matcha Macaron with Mango Jelly – ($3 each / $16 for 6 pcs / $32 for 12 pcs) / Matcha Financier ($2.50 each) / Matcha Cake ($3 each).

Matcha Milk Jam ($9)

Matcha Swiss Rocks* ($11) / Matcha Truffle ($2.50 each / $18 for a box of 9 pcs) / Yucha ($2.50 each / $18 for a box of 9 pcs) / Matcha Chocolate Rice Crispies with Marron Glacé* ($12).

Matcha Almond Shortbread ($2.50) / Matcha Croquant* ($12) / Matcha Orange Almond Tuile* ($9)

Matcha Soda* ($8) / Matcha Yuzu Lychee Iced Tea* ($12.50) / Matcha Latte* ($22)

The Fetish Matcha campaign is available from 27 May till end July 2016 at Antoinette Penhas and Mandarin Gallery.

Come in group of 4 people to enjoy La Carte Fetish Matcha set at $190++ which include 2 cups Matcha Latte, 1 cup Matcha Soda, 1 pot Matcha Yuzu Lychee Iced Tea, 4 slices Matcha Milk Jam on Toast, 4 portions Matcha Pasta, 4 slices Matcha Pancake , 4 slices Matcha French Toast, 1pc Yucha (cake), 1pc Strawberry Shortcake, 2pcs Matcha Financier, 1pc Matcha Pop, 4pcs Yucha & Matcha Truffle, 4pcs Matcha Croquant, 4pcs Matcha Orange Almond Tuile, 4pcs Matcha Chocolate Rice Crispies with Marron Glacé & Matcha Swiss Rocks, 4pcs Matcha Macaron with Mango Jelly.

All items are available at both Penhas and Mandarin Gallery outlets, except the Matcha Latte and La Carte Fetish Matcha.

In support of the Singapore Children’s Society OCBC-TODAY Children’s Fund, “Food for Dreams”, a dollar ($1) will be donated for every order of the selected Matcha items*. Five dollar ($5) from the sale of each La Carte Fetish Matcha set will be donated to the campaign. The Singapore Children’s Society OCBC-TODAY Children’s Fund supports 8 programmes across 4 centres under the care of Singapore Children’s Society to help children from distressed families rebuild their lives.

Antoinette Outlets

Penhas Road

Address: 30 Penhas Road Singapore 208188

Tel: +65 6293 3121

Mandarin Gallery

Address: 333A Orchard Road #02-33/34 Singapore 238897

Tel: +65 6836 9527

Sofitel So Singapore

Address35 Robinson Road, Lobby Level, Singapore 068876

Tel: +65 6701 6868

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