Chow Fun Restaurant & Bar – Great Tasting Noodles That Are Better Than Ramen

Chow Fun Restaurant & Bar at The Grandstand represents an excellent noodle concept cuisine of the Chinese at its most innovative.

Inspired by westernised Chinese restaurants in America, “Chow Fun” is a fried noodle dish commonly found in the USA, Hong Kong, and some regions in the Southern China. The name also alludes to ‘chow’ or food, and the ‘fun’ and infectious spirit of the restaurant as it aims to become the bustling dining and drinking destination at The Grandstand.

Born in Singapore but spent 20 years living and working in the USA, chef and owner Alicia Lin brings her experience and expertise to this novel concept, creating a convivial and inviting venue for her customers. The menu features over 18 Asian and Western-inspired noodle small plates, mouth-watering snacks and an irresistible all-day happy hour offer.


At Chow Fun, it’s all about sharing and enjoying the experience, while enjoying having fun tasting an array of inventive dishes from the exotic and varied flavours of the menu.

Dive into a selection of over 18 Asian and Western-inspired noodle small plates priced at an affordable $2.90 per bowl. Guests can savour a myriad of flavours at one seating as they are encouraged to be adventurous and order four to six items per person.

Customers will be spoiled for choice with the variety of hot and chilled noodle dishes that run the gamut of vermicelli, penne and spaghetti to udon and rice noodles. Choose from the selection of rice noodles like the chilled Ginger and Scallions rice noodle, Bak Kut Teh rice noodle or Chow Fun’s take on the Korean Bibim Guksu, served warm with gochujiang stirred into the noodles with pickled radish and coriander seeds, topped with sautéed soy ginger pork belly.

Udon fans will be treated with dishes spiked with South-East Asian flavours such as the Tom Yam Cream or Pineapple Fried Noodle, while the more conventional customers would go for the classic Wild Mushroom Penne pasta accentuated with a touch of aromatic truffle oil.

Sleeping spaghetti favourites like the Pink Shrimp spaghetti, Gremolato aglio olio, Wagyu Bolognese, Sun-dried tomato pesto and Bone Marrow, lemon & parmesan spaghetti – all has its own unique umami flavour.

Other interesting highlights include the Japanese Tonkutsu ramen, Salted Egg udon, Fried Mac and Cheese, and chef’s favourite Kung Fu Dashi Broth vermicelli- a combination of elements that make up a tasty bowl reminiscent of the Singaporean fried bee hoon.

If you have a huge appetite or still feeling peckish after the tasting noodles, you can order selected noodle bowl in upsized portions from $15.90.

Chow Fun offers a menu of starters and snacks that stand out as well, and make a good pairing with the array of beers and wines on offer. Hands down to the Mom’s White Radish Cake ($5.90) handmade from sous chef Joven’s family recipe book; featuring plump pan-fried cubes of silky white radish cake studded with Chinese sausages, dried shrimps and shallots, served with spicy dried shrimp sambal made in house.

A cross between a Swiss rosti and Japanese Okonomiyaki, the Potato, Bonito and Cheese Pancake ($5.90) is a winning combination of melted Mozzarella, mature Cheddar and Grana Padano cheeses atop a bed of thinly-sliced crisp-fried potatoes sprinkled with an umami-bomb of bonito flakes and spring onions.

Other crowd-pleasers include Fish Roe Fish Balls ($6.90), ‘Crack’ Fries & Nacho Cheese Sauce ($5.90), and an addictive Deep-fried Caramelised Banana Fritters ($6.90) which can also be enjoyed as a dessert.

Sweet treats at Chow Fun are available a la carte for two to share, or in tasting platters of three ($16.90) and five ($22.90). Take delight in the refreshing Lychee Granita and Crystal Jelly ($4.90), heartwarming Red Bean, Black Sesame and Peanut Homemade Tang Yuan (6.90) or indulge in the decadent Salted Egg Chocolate Lava Cake ($8.90).



CHOW FUN Restaurant & Bar

Address: The Grandstand, 200 Turf Club Road, #01-08, Singapore 287994

Tel: +65 6464 6900

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday 11am to 12am


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