Knickers+Bockers Pizza

Meet Knicker+Bockers, a new pizza player that lets you create your own circle of happiness by choosing your own ingredients and making it a culinary masterpiece.

It begins with the homemade dough – not just a crust, but four choices of fresh hand-stretched dough such as 1. NY Style – round, crusty and chewy, thin but thicker on the edge; 2. NY Herb Crusted – NY Style with herbs and spices flavour; 3. Cali Style – Oval shaped, thin and crispy crust; and 4. Cali Herb Crusted – Cali Style with herbs and spices flavour.

I personally prefer the NY Style as it was characteristically soft and chewy, but for those who like their crust crispy all the way, the Cali Style might just be your choice.


Moving on to pick your preferred sauce from the 5 types of sauces – classic tomato, smoky bbq, curry sauce, garlic pesto, white cream; then select your cheese – mozzarella, monterey jack, colby, provolone, cheddar, parmesan, feta, gouda; and finally top it off with your favourite ingredients from the selection of greens, seafood and premium gourmet meat choice from Swiss Butchery.

There are 40 premium ingredients to choose from; assembled right before your eyes and fired into oven within minutes.

Challenge your creativity and enjoy over 50,000 pizza combinations even the pickiest eaters will be put to the test – each with an unlimited number of toppings, all at one price.


With fresh and mouth-watering ingredients in the house, Knickers+Bockers give you a chance to be an artist in making your own pizza creation. If you are one of those who are more conventional, try the signature K+B crafted pizza creations.

We had the signature Curry Lovers pizza – comes with an abundance of ingredients such as curry chicken, chicken sausage, roasted carrot, tomato, red onions, mozzarella cheese and curry sauce on NY style dough. The curry flavour was on point, complemented the ingredients and was not overpowering.

Other signature highlights include The Carnivore, The Millenial, NYPD Blues, Pepe’s Pepperoni, Ali Baba, Hawaii Five O, Shiok Chick, The Last Virgin and Super Hipster. All pre-designed pizzas and create-your-own pizzas comes in a personal-sized 10″ and at the same price of $12.90.


Customers could also design their own pasta at $8.90, select the top pasta picks and add on sides like buffalo wings (Wings & Things $5.90), baked potato wedges (Spuddy Daddy $4.90) and nacho cheese crackers (The Cracksters $4.90).

Knicker+Bockers new savoury pockets (available from 9am to 11am at Raffles Place outlet only) are some of the pleasurable breakfast takeaway for the working crowd during the morning. These scrumptious sandwiches are made from the signature dough, filled with a combination of gourmet meats such as bacon strips, bbq chicken, fresh vegetables and special sauces. These delightful breakfast treats comes in four mouth-watering flavours – Original, Asian Fusion, Otak Otak, and Curry ($4.50 each with a hot drink). Wish that they are available all day!

Fancy a New York style pizza delivered right to your doorstep? Order with Knicker+Bockers to get exactly what you’re after and enjoy!

Knicker+Bockers Outlets

Address: Ocean Financial Centre @ 10 Collyer Quay #B1-10 Singapore 049315

Tel: +65 6509 9247

Opening Hours: Mon to Fri 8.30 am to 8.00 pm, Sat 9am to 1pm

Address: Leisure Park Kallang @ 5 Stadium Walk #02-04 Singapore 397693

Tel: +65 6241 4480

Opening Hours: Mon to Thurs 12pm to 9.30 pm, Fri to Sat 11am to 10pm, Sun 11am to 9.30pm



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