Sakurazaka Takes Shabu Shabu And Sukiyaki To Greater Heights At Great Affordable Prices

Sakurazaka is the the latest F&B addition to the Greenwood enclave of Bukit Timah. This new Japanese hotpot restaurant takes Shabu Shabu and Sukiyaki to greater heights by offering a selection of prime Japanese and European meats, vegetables and seafood, including less common items such as Kyushu Shirobuta pork, Japanese Aomori rice-fed beef, F1 Joshu Wagyu beef, and F1 Wagyu-Holstein cross-breed beef all at great affordable prices.

Chef Masashi at Sakurazaka presents an a la carte menu that thrives off sophisticated flavours of the traditional shabu-shabu and sukiyaki infused with European flairs. Diners can indulge in premium meats and seafood cooked in five amazing shabu-shabu broths such as chicken, pork bone, bouillabaisse, ago dashi and beef.

For the best value, choose from any of the four set meals that comes with a starter, an assortment of seasonal vegetables, rice or noodles and a choice of dessert. Prices start from $46 for the Shabu-Shabu Pork Set, $54 for the Shabu-Shabu Seafood Set and $64 for the Shabu-Shabu Beef Set.

There’s one Sukiyaki Beef Set at $75 that offers diners an option to replace F1 Wagyu-Holstein cross-breed beef with the top-grade F1 Joshu Wagyu beef at a nominal charge of $18.

To start off the meal, I was presented with two slices of Iberico pork, a hot stone and an onsen egg with sukiyaki sauce – served just before the hotpot. To enjoy, simply cook the meat on the hot stone to my desired doneness, and dunk it into the sukiyaki sauce mixed with the onsen egg. Chef Masashi calls this the ‘Ishiyaki Sukiyaki’ and is unlike other restaurants’ sukiyaki where they cook the meat in a hot pot.

For the shabu-shabu hotpot, customers can pick two types of broth and I decided to go with beef and ago dashi which is made from dried flying fish stock, a signature ingredient from Kyushu. I prefer the ago dashi as the broth was delicate, yet full-bodied and enhances the taste of the ingredients.

The Shabu-Shabu pork set and Shabu-Shabu beef set each comes with two cuts of meat – approx. 200g of pork loin and 200g of pork belly for the pork set; while the beef set features striploin and ribeye cut from the Aomori Japanese rice-fed cattle.

The meats were thinly sliced but not paper-thin as it could melt in the broth before it even reaches your mouth. You can order extra meats or seafood for variety, highly recommend the Joshu Wagyu ($45 / 100g) and the Shirobuta Pork ($12-$14 / 100g).

An assortment of vegetables and mushrooms are included in the shabu-shabu set. Choose either the noodles or rice to wrap up the shabu-shabu, and if you like cheese, go for the Japanese rice risotto.

The cooking comes tableside where the staff adds rice to the broth, thickens it with a raw egg and cheese – the rice absorbs all the soup and turns into a porridge-like risotto. This was really good!

To complete your meal, pick from the selection of Kakigori flavours such as Mango, Hokkaido Milk and Matcha. The kakigori is made of finely shaved ice, flavoured with syrup and condensed milk, but refined by Chef Masashi by adding some European ingredients to produce sensational Port Wine and Tiramisu Kakigori.


Address: 24 Greenwood Avenue, Singapore 289221

Tel: +65 6463 0333

Opening Hours: Thur to Sun Lunch 11:30am to 3pm, Mon to Sun Dinner 6pm to 10:30pm




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