Face To Face Noodle House 面对面 – Original Sarawak Noodles In Singapore

Having evolved for 105 years with 30 outlets in Malaysia, Face To Face 面对面 Noodle House has arrived our shores and officially launched its first overseas flagship store on 5 April 2016.

Located in City Square Mall on level two, Face To Face in Singapore adopts a more modernised and trendy outlook with a fast food serving style.


A treat from the islands of Borneo, Malaysia – the traditional and original Sarawak Kolo Mee (Dry Noodles $8.90) featuring egg noodles tossed with secret homemade sauce, topped with minced pork, charsiew, kailan vegetables and fried wanton; and Speciality Pan Mee ($8.90) served with minced pork, crispy anchovies, onsen egg and rich broth were my favourite noodle dishes.

The handmade noodles were cooked just right and al dente, the flavours were rich and spot on. The noodle dishes were specially made a little wetter than the original recipe from Sarawak, using pork broth which added a robust dimension to the accompanying ingredients. Portions were hearty and value for money.

To satisfy the demands of varied palates, Face To Face created new dishes such as Curry Chicken Pan Mee ($11.90), Genki Herbal Chicken Soup Pan Mee ($12.90) and Black Pepper Pork Chop Pan Mee ($12.90). For those who like spicy noodles, try the Sichuan Piquant Pan Mee ($10.90) served with pickled tuber mustard and pork slices in a hot and spicy Sichuan soup.

Face To Face also offers Hakka Yong Tau Foo (Five Treasure Set $7.50 / A la Carte $1.80) and accompanying snacks such as Bacon Cheese Ball ($5.50 for 3 pieces), Chef’s Special Fried Wanton ($4.00 for 5 pieces), Deep Fried Fish Cake ($1.50) and Fried Taucu Wings ($4.50 for 4 pieces).

Face to Face 面对面 Noodle House Singapore

Address: City Square Mall, 180 Kitchener Road, #02-23/24 Singapore 208539

Tel: +65 6595 6595

Opening Hours: Daily 11:00am to 10:00pm



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