Can’t Get Enough Korean Fried Chicken As Chir Chir Introduces More Glorious Food

This Korean fried chicken (KFC) spot Chir Chir Fusion Chicken Factory opened on 3 February 2015 at 313 @ Somerset has become the sort of place that has a wait even on weekdays.

The melted cheese and whipped cream-topped cajun chicken tenders (Nest Snow) is by far the most popular and deserving item on the menu. The presentation alone is enough to arouse suspicion what other magic powder might be at work.

Other variations such as the Crispy Fried Chicken, Garlicky Chicken and special sides like Mac & Cheese, Honey Grape Salad are significantly popular as well. Chir Chir Fusion Chicken Factory continues to create a stir in the Korean fried chicken scene with its new fried chicken hero and a troop of entrancing sidekicks.


Fans of Korean fried chicken have another reason to be addicted as Chir Chir introduces a new celebrity Honey Butter Chicken ($28.90) – combining crispy battered fried chicken, potato wedges and pan-fried toppoki (rice cakes) in lashings of honey butter sauce, then showered with honey butter seasoning powder, dried cranberries and sliced almonds. The result is a perfect harmony of sweet and savory.

I simply can’t get enough of this delectable sweet and salty pairing which married compatibly and the effects of love were felt here as I dunked the succulent chunks of meat into the honeyed garlic mayo dip. I think I need to come back and fall in love again.


If you love Chir Chir’s Mac & Cheese, wait till you try the new Topokki & Cheese ($9.90). This is a fun spin on the classic, adding chewy Korean rice cakes, chicken ham and salty bits of bacon into the creamy cheese sauce – this dish is simply irresistible!


Spicy Seafood Soup ($26.90) – Green mussels, tiger prawns, crayfish and a whole squid add flavours to this satisfying clam-based spicy soup. The rich, briny flavours of the ocean and the Korean glass noodles will definitely get you hooked. The portion is hearty and can share up to four person.


Spicy Topokki ($15.90 + $4 for breaded chicken) – If enjoying spicy food is your goal, you shouldn’t miss this sweat-inducing dish that will set your tongue aflame and possibly tear up your eyes. The spice comes from the gochujiang (red pepper paste) sauce, served with Korean rice cakes, sliced fishcake, cubed sweet potatoes, crispy Cajun fried squid and a deep-fried hardboiled egg, this dish will fire up all the flavours in your food.


No Korean fried chicken meal is complete without beer. The Chir Cream Beer comprises draught beer topped with freshly whipped cream is must have to pair with the chimaek-worthy chicken. For those who want to get away with not drinking booze, try the new collection of fizzy sodas and double smoothies.

Raspberry / Mojito / Aqua Double Smoothies (L-R $12.90 each, add $3 for soju) – the pretty looking double smoothie is blended with mango puree and topped with different flavoured ice slushes, then crowned with a generous swirl of freshly whipped cream and rainbow sprinkles. My favourite smoothie is the raspberry, next is the lime mojito which is tangy, smooth and refreshing.

In case you didn’t know, besides 313 @ Somerset and Bedok Point, the famous fried chicken restaurant has an outlet at Chinatown Point. Chir Chir Chinatown is open daily till 3:00am (last order 2:30am) to cater to the late-night dining crowd. Supper-goers you know where to go now!

Chir Chir Fusion Chicken Factory (Chinatown Point)

Address: 133 New Bridge Road, #01-43, Chinatown Point Singapore 059413

Telephone: +65 6538 1069

Opening Hours: Daily 11:00am to 3:00am




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