Long Chim Singapore Turns One

Long Chim, a casual Thai street food restaurant and bar helmed by renowned Celebrity Chef David Thompson, will be turning one on 30 March 2016. Located on Atrium 2 at The Shoppes, Marina Bay Sands, the 150 seater restaurant features a large casual dining area as well as three private dining rooms with rustic, Thai street-style interiors.

A lounge bar serving original Thai-inspired cocktails greets you as you walk into the restaurant. One such cocktail is the Bangkok Blazer ($22), a spiced alcoholic concoction of house-made spiced rum with port, apricot and angostura. The concoction will be lit ablaze before serving, resulting in a warm cocktail with subtle spicy note.


Light and refreshing tipples such as 555 ($20) and Thai Pisco ($20) are also available. Started off the dinner with Thai Pisco, a pretty concoction of dry vermouth with pisco, watermelon and plum bitters.

With his skills and expertise in Thai cuisine, Chef David Thompson has crafted an extensive menu that combines traditional street food with contemporary flavours for Long Chim Singapore. For the uninitiated, Long Chim means “Come and Taste”, and we were pretty much excited to taste Chef David’s renditions of Thai street food.

We started our dinner with four Thai-style appetizers.

Chiang Mai Larp of Chicken ($16)Long Chim‘s take on the northern Thai classic. Minced chicken cooked with three types of pepper and dried chilli, served atop cabbage leaves. The spiciness hits you at first bite but the crisp cabbage helps tone the spice level down to a manageable level. Do note that this dish might be phet mak (very spicy) for people who can’t take spicy food.

Chive Cakes ($15) – Thai-style pan-fried chive cakes reminiscent of Teochew’s Gu Chai Kueh (Chinese Chive Rice Cake). The chive cakes, served with dark soy sauce, garlic and chilli, were crisp on the outside with chewy interior.

Grilled Pork Skewers ($14) – A Thai street food staple, the marinated grilled pork was tender and flavourful.

Crunchy Prawn Cakes ($16) – Not exactly prawn cakes but lightly battered, deep-fried prawns with herbs, shallots and chillies. A starter that pairs perfectly with a pint of beer.


When it comes to Thai-style salads, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? For me, it is Green Papaya Salad ($21). One of the interesting options at Long Chim is the Grilled Long Eggplant Salad ($24). Grilled eggplant tossed with dried prawns, herbs, chillies and topped with an egg. The runny yolk acts as a dressing and adds a subtle richness to the salad. The eggplant has this delicate smoky flavour to it. Would like this salad better if the eggplant ain’t so mushy.

Long Chim serves up a wide array of dishes that goes well with a bowl of piping hot steamed rice. Featured above are the dishes we had.

Siamese Watercress ($16) – Siamese Watercress, better known as Kang Kong in Singapore, stir-fried with garlic, yellow beans and chillies.

Green Curry of Chicken ($24) – Green curry with chunks of chicken with Thai eggplants and chillies. The aromatic, creamy green curry goes well with rice.

Baby Squid ($26) – Stir-fried baby squid with chillies, green peppercorns and holy basil.

Tilapia in Salt Crust ($34) – Tilapia covered with a thick layer of salt and grilled. Served with garlic chilli sauce.


Baked Prawns with Glass Noodles ($30) – The noodles, though springy, was too salty for my liking.


Dtom Yam Super ($25) – A Thai meal won’t be complete without tom yum soup. The tom yum here comes with chicken wings and feet in a clear broth instead of seafood. I wonder if the spice level has been toned down to suit local palates as it was not as spicy as I thought it would be.


Enjoy a sweet ending to your meal with some Thai desserts.

Pandanus Layer Cake ($12) – One of the new items on the menu, the chewy Pandanus Layer Cake looks and tastes like Kueh Lapis, aka 9 Layer Kueh. Interestingly, this dessert has been around in Thailand for centuries and is usually made for auspicious ceremonies. The Thais call it Khanom Chan and just like our Kueh Lapis, it consists of 9 layers.


Banana Roti ($12) – Our unanimous favourite. Banana slices enveloped in a thin, crispy sweet pastry akin to prata; topped with lots of sugar and generously drenched in condensed milk. A deliciously sweet and sinful treat that is worth the calories!

Want to have a taste of Thai street food in a restaurant setting at affordable prices? Your chance is here. As mentioned earlier, Long Chim will be turning one end March. To commemorate the restaurant’s first anniversary in Singapore, Long Chim will be offering patrons a plethora of Thai dishes and cocktails for just $9++ per item on Wednesday, 30 March 2016, from 12pm to 12am. Refer below for the list of dishes/cocktails.

** 1st Birthday  Menu at $9++

  • Starters:
    Grilled pork skewers
    Crunchy prawn cakes
    Dried prawns, ginger, toasted coconut in betel leaves
    Vegetable spring rolls
    Chiang mai larp of chicken
  • Noodles:
    Prin’s noodles with pork and prawn and sriracha sauce
    Charred rice noodles with pork, yellow beans and chinese broccoli
    Charred rice noodles with beef, onions and thai basil
  • Curries:
    Green curry of chicken and thai eggplants
    Red curry of roast duck with thai basil
    Aromatic vegetable curry with cauliflower, tomatoes and shallots
  • Rice Dishes:
    Chicken biryani Thai style with tomato and herb soup
    Grilled chicken with sweet chilli sauce
    Fried rice with crab meat
  • Salads:
    Grilled wagyu beef with roasted rice and long leaf coriander
    Shredded cucumber with shrimp paste, peanuts and tomato
    Grilled long eggplant with dried prawns and steamed egg
  • Stir-Fried:
    Minced beef with chillies, garlic, holy basil and fried egg
    Baby squid with chillies, green peppercorns and holy basil
    Siamese watercress with garlic and yellow beans
    Chinese broccoli with crunchy pork and oyster sauce
  • Desserts:
    Coffee ice cream
    Lod chong
    Banana roti
    Coconut Cake
  • Cocktails:
    Melrose fizz
    Tor Kor Mule
    Monsoon Bird
    555Thai Pisco
  • Beer:
  • Wines:
    Santa Digna Estelado Sparkling Rose Miguel Torres –  Curico Valley, Chile
    Santa Digna Sauvignon Blanc Reserve Miguel Torres – Curico Valley, Chile
    Gamekeeper’s Shiraz St Hallett – Barossa Valley, Australia

** For the $9++ deals, max 3 dishes per person

For reservations, please email  reservations@longchim.sg or call +65 6688 7299.


Long Chim Singapore

Address: 10 Bayfront Ave, Atrium 2, L2-02, The Shoppes, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore 018956

Telephone: +65 6688 7299

Opening Hours: Daily. Lunch: Monday – Friday, 11.30am to 2.30pm, Brunch: Saturday & Sunday, 12pm to 4pm, Dinner: Monday – Sunday, 5.30pm to 11pm (last order 10.30pm), Bar: Monday – Sunday, 5.30pm to 12am

Website: http://www.longchim.com.sg

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/longchimsingapore/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/longchimsg/

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