Hong Kong’s Trendy I See i See Handcrafted Icy Desserts Now In Singapore [CLOSED]

I SEE i SEE, a popular ice pop brand from Hong Kong could start the next big craze in Singapore – even the health conscious crowd will likely enjoy the delicious and pretty popsicles.

They are all natural, made from the goodness of fresh fruits and do not contain added preservatives, artificial flavorings and colourings, or other creations of modern food chemistry that you can’t pronounce.

Unlike most other frozen or homemade ice pops, I SEE i SEE utilises a quick-freeze process that takes only 20 to 30 minutes to form refined ice crystals and feather frost texture. All the ice pops are handcrafted in small batches.


Customers can look forward to exciting flavours from the range of fruit and milk-based ice pops.

The Flavours

Strawberry Hokkaido Milk – This sweet and bright flavoured ice pop is made from the perfect combination of U.S. imported strawberries and Hokkaido Tokusen milk. This one’s a classic and my favorite!

Cheese Raspberry – This frozen take on the classic raspberry cheesecake is packed with fresh raspberries and complemented with cream cheese. Meet your new raspberry cheesecake!

Earl Grey Pistachio – This icy pop captures the quintessential flavor of Earl Grey tea, with the right balance of an earthy flavour and a soft creamy finish, sprinkled with hand-crushed pistachios. One of Hong Kong’s best sellers and another favourite ice pop of mine!

Creamy Mango – The creamy Mango ice pop is a must for mango lovers. With care taken to not overly sweeten, this pop is a hit with every mango fan it meets!

Stinky Durian – One of the more decadent pops, using only fresh durian pulp and puree to create the ice pop. This one’s for the durian lovers!

Refreshing Kiwi – Choose a light coloured pop to help the green kiwi fruit inside shine through. These refreshing pops are sure to please everyone at the party!

Juicy Honeydew – The simplicity of this pop is almost as refreshing as the delightful honeydew juice. I wouldn’t mind the honeydew in a dairy base, as that will enhance the balance of creamy sweetness.


(L-R: Stinky Durian, Strawberry Hokkaido Milk, Juicy Honeydew, Earl Grey Pistachio, Creamy Mango)

Prices range from $5.90 to $7.90 per ice pop. Other rotating flavours include Fig and Honey, Lychee with Cherry Kiss, Reach for the Stars, The Super Food Avocado, Straight Up Pineapple, Virgin Mojito, and more to come.

Takeaway is possible for up to seven ice pops packed in an insulated bag filled with dry ice.


I SEE i SEE (Singapore)

Address: 313 Orchard Road, #B3-46, 313 @ Somerset, Singapore 238895

Opening Hours: Daily from 11:00am to 10:00pm


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