The Best Of Tokyo – Menya Takeichi Chicken Ramen & Tokyo Sundubu Korean-Inspired Stew


Menya Takeichi, a Tokyo based ramen restaurant chain make its debut outside of Japan, adding flavours to its already delicious lineup of dining concepts at Suntec City’s Eat at Seven which include Enbu, Nikuhoni, MaguroDonya Miuramisakikou and Nigiro Café.

You will not find the usual tonkotsu pork ramen here, but a bowlful of creamy collagen rich soup made entirely from fresh whole chicken and chicken feet. Menya Takeichi‘s ramen is known for its chicken based broth which is simmered for over ten hours to bring out its subtle flavours. The ramen also features springy, chewy noodles and comes topped with chicken char siu, chicken meatballs, chicken breast meat and onsen egg.


This comes in four variations – Shio (salt base); Shoyu (soy sauce base); Spicy (spicy base) and Paitan (standard). I personally enjoyed the shoyu ramen the most as the broth boasts elevated levels of umami and goodness. Menya Takeichi‘s Tsuke-men ramen is another stand-out option, comes with extra-thick noodles, standard chicken meat and toppings.

For a fuller ramen flavour with a kick, slurp on the Spicy Tsukemen – highly recommended. Ramen prices start from $12 to $17.50.


The restaurant also offers a number of sides dishes such as Potato Salad with Nikumiso and Mentaiko ($7), Fried Chicken with Tartar sauce ($8), Gyoza ($6 – $10), Grilled Prawn with Anchovy Creamy Sauce ($8), and including rice dishes like Chicken Ball Rice ($7), Chicken Tempura Rice ($8), Mentaiko Rice ($6) are perfect options if you like to sample a different kinds of the dish.


Diners can opt for the set meal which include a choice of ramen with rice (Set A) or ramen with rice and gyoza (Set B) with an economical top-up from $3.50 to $5.50 only.


Menya Takeichi has over 40 restaurants and franchised establishments across Tokyo and is almost always busy, but the local Japanese will tell you that it is worth the wait. You don’t need an air ticket to savour the goodness of Tokyo’s number one chicken ramen, because the recipe for Singapore is relatively the same as in Japan. Faster grab a seat at this new ramen joint before the queue comes in!


Menya Takeichi (Singapore)

Address: 3 Temasek Boulevard, #03-313 Suntec City Mall, Singapore, Singapore 038983

Phone: +65 6235 3386



Tokyo Sundubu


Located next to Menya Takeichi, also one of the seven concepts at Suntec City’s Eat at Seven is Tokyo Sundubu. An iconic chain with 35 outlets in Japan, Tokyo Sundubu doles out delectable bowls of collagen-rich sundubu, a type of Korean stew with a medley of handmade tofu and different ingredients such as chicken or beef, asari clams and shrimps. This hearty dish gained popularity in the west after a Korean immigrant opened a restaurant in Los Angeles.

Tokyo Sundubu’s menu boasts over 23 variations. The restaurant’s research and development team had experimented with over 100 recipes before it achieved the winning and secret formula for its luscious collagen. In Japan, 80 to 90% of the restaurant’s patrons are female, all of whom are only eager to relish the health and beauty benefits of sundubu.


Seafood – Japanese Oyster Sundubu ($30)

Low in carbohydrates and brimming with collagen goodness, sundubu boasts a robust flavour. The marquee highlight is the silky-soft tofu, handmade with premium ingredients imported from Japan. The tofu is rich in soy isoflavones, which are known to have estrogen-like effects.

The tategi, a red pepper condiment, enlivens the stew with its fiery spikes. The capsaicin in the tategi is known to enhance metabolism. With this delicious stew as a staple, it’s no wonder why many Korean ladies have beautiful skin and trim figures. The calories of each dish are also stated on the menu, so patrons can calculate their intakes.


Side Dish – Jyagachi Chijimi (Potato Cheese $12)


Tokyo Sundubu (Singapore)

Address: 3 Temasek Boulevard, #03-312 Suntec City Mall, Singapore, Singapore 038983

Phone: +65 6884 4435





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