Atlas Coffeehouse – Bukit Timah’s All-New Inspiring Coffee House

Pulling the perfect espresso shot is no longer a man’s game, as we have seen a rising number of female baristas working in cafes and running their own cafe businesses. Ms Daphne Goh, owner of Assembly Coffee is no stranger to the coffee scene as she started out working at Stranger’s Reunion a few years back – spending many hours behind the coffee machine learning and serving customers at the same time.

With a right opportunity and support from friends in the cafe industry, Daphne decided to continue her coffee journey opening her own cafe at 26 Evans Road – Assembly Coffee. The cafe quickly became very popular in recent years despite its offbeat location and limited space.

Seeing opportunities where others see none, Assembly Coffee expanded its business further by venturing into a second cafe named – Atlas Coffeehouse, and continue to serve great coffee, breakfast plates and a variety of other fare that are new and specially created for the new cafe.


Atlas Coffeehouse boasts a much larger space complete with a fully equipped kitchen and coffee bar. What’s not to love about Atlas Coffeehouse – with great coffee and specialised breakfast offerings, this cool new spot located at 6 Duke’s Road, minutes away from Botanic Garden MRT will further expand its menu to suit changing consumer tastes.

The current menu offers simple eats such as breakfast pancakes, toasts, sweet waffles, cakes and pastries. A selection of gourmet creations include the chicken miso salad, salmon soba noodles, grain bowl and sundried tomato chicken stew.


Prices are affordable – you wouldn’t find anything above $20, maybe for now until more dishes are introduced at a later date. The big poofy Butterscotch Banana Pancake ($18) topped with hokey pokey ice cream is served hot from the oven and may take a little more time to reach your table as it is freshly made a la minute.

The pancake got off to a good start with its fluffy texture and finished off with not-overly-sweet caramelised bananas, butterscotch sauce and ice cream. The other recommended pancake available on the menu is the Breakfast Strawberry Maple Pancake ($16), comes with strawberry compote and maple syrup. Coffee blend is created in-house by Atlas Coffeehouse, and beans supplied by Two Degrees North Coffee Co. which is welcoming with layers of flavors and nuance within a balanced sweet cup.

The cafe name Atlas Coffeehouse is derived from the three key letters “L”, “A” and “S” in the word Atlas, combining coffee with the elements of land, air and sea – whereby coffee beans plants grow best in agriculture land, coffee smells good in the air and coffee taste changes like the rising and falling tides in the sea of sort.

Even the nature-driven design of the cafe spots little terrariums on the table with jagged tiles and blue walls representing the ocean – evoking a calm and serene mood where customers can seek happiness in a cup of coffee at Atlas Coffeehouse.

“Coffee is not just a cup of beverage, it’s a cup of liquid sanity”….do you agree?


Atlas Coffeehouse

Address: 6 Duke’s Road, Singapore 268886 (nearest MRT Botanic Garden, next to Crown Centre)

Opening Hours: Sunday to Tuesday 8.00 am to 5.00 pm (subject to changes)

Instagram: @AtlasCoffeeHouse

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