Behind The Kitchen: Conversations with the Owners at Fart Tartz

Founded in June 2014, Fart Tartz is a humble, cozy and gardeny-inspired little cafe located at EXPO – the largest convention and exhibition venue in Singapore. More than 100 square metres of space – not quite little in size, the cafe can take up to 70 guests in full capacity and caters to private events which can take up to 100 people seated and standing.

The flowery and gardeny theme of the cafe cheers up the entire second level of the Max Atria, making it uniquely homely. Serving up a range of handcrafted cuisine and desserts, complimented with a lovely ambience, Fart Tartz is perfect for a relaxing brunch, dine or hideaway from the busy hustle and bustle of city life.

About Fart Tartz

Hand crafted No-Bake desserts from the heart. A healthier creations without compromising the taste. Simple goodness with a perfect balance.


What’s the story behind Fart Tartz?

Started off as baking for loved ones was soon transformed into an online business, then turning it into a full time entrepreneurial venture – this is where Fart Tartz came about.

Conceived by couple Barry and Cleo, the catchy name Fart Tartz stands for prosperity “發达” in mandarin dialect and pretty much aligned with their unique branding. What the brand actually delivers are non-bake dessert Tarts served in different forms such as in a jar, in a bucket and in flower pots.

Why did you chose Singapore EXPO as your business location?

Said co-owner Barry, “It was love at first sight for EXPO, only after a couple of times viewing other locations which they didn’t liked”. The advantages of the mammoth space, a fair and reasonable lease, as well as opportunities to reach potential customers from the event hall seem to have helped them made the decision.

Baker-owner Cleo added, “We do not like to queue too long to enter a cafe or restaurant, similarly we would not want to let our customers to wait too long for a table.”

If you were not running the cafe business, what would you see yourself working as?

Cleo sees herself in the teaching profession whereby her early interests and goals were to become an educator. Barry would still want to be in the vibrant food and beverage services industry, as he has always aspire to become an entrepreneur.

Any words of wisdom for aspiring cafe owners?

Don’t let your emotions cloud your judgement. Passion alone is not enough to open a business, people need to know the functions associated with running a business.

In short, it takes more business acumen than just quitting your day job and jump into something that you think you are good at – says Barry and Cleo.

Must Try Creations

Starters such as the grilled Tori ($8.50) and grilled Hot Wings ($8.50) are perfect small bites to go along with a glass of infused H2O like Minty Fruity ($4.80), or classic Arizona teas from USA ($3.80/bottle), flavoured Sodas ($4.50) as well as speciality Coffee and Tea (from $3.50).

Pasta Asciutta made from Fart Tartz house recipe – serving ‘dry pasta’ with very little sauce composed with crunchy fish roe, shimeiji and shitake mushrooms, fresh herbs and more. Popular picks include the Chilled Prawn Angel Hair ($11.90), Bulbous Oriental Spaghetti ($12.90) and Fusion Olio ($11.90) served in a jar.

Grilled sandwiches, flatbread burgers and salads are also available.

You should never leave Fart Tartz without trying the non-bake speciality dessert Tarts like the Arty Farty ‘Mud’ Tarts in flower pots ($5.50 each), hand-crafted Tiramisu and Tarts in the Jars ($6.80), including other conventional sliced tarts, eclairs, cakes and muffins.

Seasonal tart flavours will also be introduced regularly on the special dessert menu.

Fart Tartz

Address: 1 Expo Drive, Singapore Expo, Max Atria Level 2, Singapore 486150

Online Orders:

Opening Hours: Mon to Thur 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, Fri to Sun 9:00 am to 8:00 pm




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