Affordable Winter Kaiseki At Akari Japanese Dining


The highly refined style of Japanese dining known as Kaiseki was introduced at Akari Japanese Dining early this year in March and has captured the interest of many Japanese and local diners. The term Kaiseki is a traditional multi-course Japanese meal prepared from fresh and seasonal ingredients, served in the most delicate form and presented in a customary style of progression courses.

The Head Chef at Akari Japanese Dining, Hirotaka Murata has unveiled a brand new Winter 2015/16 Kaiseki menu, available in the month of December 2015 till end of February 2016. The Kaiseki multi-course menu reasonably priced at $100 and $150, composed of nine different courses in total, each reflecting the culinary styles of Kaiseki cuisine – ranging from raw, simmered, fried, steamed and roasted or grilled; which add up to a complete experience of a traditional Kaiseki meal.

So my Kaiseki dinner begins with the first course, featuring a seasonal theme appetizer similar to that of a French amuse bouche. Delicate and beautifully plated, the first course sets the tone of awakening our palates.


A small but robust soup dish of the delicate tilefish with yuzu presented in a lidded bowl.


Next, was a course of seasonal sashimi featuring fresh cuts flown in twice weekly from Japan.


Followed by, hand pressed sushi made with vinegared sushi rice and topped with deftly cut wagyu beef lightly torched.


Upgrade the Kaiseki menu to the $150 course for the grilled marbled Wagyu with fermented soybean paste (Hoba Miso) and magnolia leaves, a popular speciality in the Hida Takayama region in Japan.


The next course, is prepared submerging slices of fish meat and vegetables in a pot of dashi broth, topped generously with grated radish.


The fried dish is commonly tempura, and served towards the end of Kaiseki meal. The pacific oyster is wrapped in bean curd skin, deep fried to perfection and served alongside with a light dipping sauce.


Crab and vinegar are classic pairing in Japanese cuisine. The pickling rice vinegar lends a crunchy texture and sweet savory flavour to the Japanese wakame seaweed and cucumber. Savoured together with the scallops and crab meat, this pickling dish assists in digestion and also works as a palate cleanser companion.


An earthen pot of rice porridge dish served with sliced unagi, seaweed and egg flavors the right way to draw the taste of umami out of this satisfying dish. I had a second bowl without much hesitation.


A homemade Sweet Potato dessert cake with fresh cream makes up the final course.


Reservations for the Winter Kaiseki Menu must be made at least one day in advance, available for dinner service only.

Akari Japanese Dining

Address: 8A Marina Boulevard, Marina Bay Financial Centre, Ground Plaza, #01-02, Singapore 018984

Reservations: +65 6634 0100

Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday Lunch 11:30pm to 2:30pm and Dinner 5:00pm to 10.00pm, Closed on Sunday



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