Nan Hwa Fishboat


In the culinary world, the birth of a new restaurant can be followed by a relatively short lifespan. But not all come and go, especially for Nan Hwa – one of the oldest fish boat restaurants have been around in Singapore since 1927. Still going strong and proud of their vintage and culture-rich roots, Nan Hwa recently unveiled its second outlet at Owen Road boasting two separate dining areas – one of which is a casual al fresco and the other fully air-conditioned with ample space for larger groups.

Having a new outlet means that Nan Hwa has much more to offer now. Diners can look forward to live seafood dishes and new tze char dishes, as well as the traditional charcoal fish boat at the second outlet. The traditional fish boat gets an upgrade using premium live Potato Cod (金钱斑) and Dragon Grouper Fish (活龙虎石斑) – a rare cross breed between the Giant Grouper and Tiger Grouper, which is known for its firm texture and moist flesh.

Prices for the premium Potato Cod and Dragon Grouper Fish Boat are charged based on market rate. Other live fishes include Red Grouper, Pomfret or Red Snapper start from ($28) for the small fish boat which shares 2 to 3 person, and the large fish boat at ($68) for a larger group of 7 person and above.


The flesh of the premium Dragon Grouper is also used in comforting tze char dishes such as the San Luo Hor Fun (龙三捞河) – $12 (S) / $18 (M).

For those who prefer their fish freshly steamed, you can always inform the staff to cook the fish in Teochew style.


Nan Hwa also unveiled a selection of new dishes – available exclusively at the new outlet.

Some of the comforting and popular dishes include Crisp-fried Prawn in Golden Pumpkin Sauce (金瓜奶香虾球) – $18.80 (S) / $28.80 (M); Stir fried Sambal Sotong (叁巴苏东) – $11.80 (S) / $17.80 (M); Claypot Drunken Rice Wine Clam (醉香米酒灼啦啦) – $15.80 (S) / $20.80 (M); Four Heavenly Kings (四大天王) – $8.80 (S) / $12.80 (M); and Champagne Pork Ribs (香槟排骨) – $12.80 (S) / $18.80 (M).

Other Nan Hwa signature mainstays from the flagship oulet such as the enticing Braised Pig Trotters ($8.80 / $12.80), Braised Pig Intestines ($8.80 / $12.80), Crispy Homemade Shrimp Roll ($8.80 / $12.80), Crispy Pork Belly with Fermented Beancurd ($9.80 / $14.80) and more are also available at the new outlet.


The homegrown Nan Hwa brand has thrived consistently for the past 88 years and plans to expand into new markets internationally, opening its first overseas branch in Jakarta last month and will continue to grow in the less beaten path of Vietnam and Cambodia in 2016.

Nan Hwa Fish Boat @ Owen Road

Address: 93/95 Owen Road Singapore 218907 (Farrer Park MRT Exit D)

Opening Hour: 11:30am to 2:30pm and 5.00pm to 10.00pm

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