Joo Bar Gets A Refreshed Menu


Regular diners at Joo Bar may be pleased to note that a refreshed menu with new dishes is up for the New Year. The refreshed menu features more small plates (Anju – drinking snacks) and sharing dishes, while the Joo Bar favorites like Joo Boosam, Grilled Mangalitsa Belly, Seafood Gochujiang Risotto and more are still very much available.

The menu is changing slightly to reflect the social way that customers like to dine, but the emphasis on premium ingredients is one thing that will never change at Joo Bar. The food created by the Korean head chef is outstanding, but what really make this place is actually the people and service; including the trendy vibes of the place.

The refreshed menu offer exciting new additions to those trusted favorites you’ve come to expect. Tantalizing small bites or drinking snacks (Anju) like Seafood Ceviche with Tofu Chips ($20), Tuna Tartare ($18), Joo Bangers & Mash ($24), and Sizzling Mushroom Trio ($15) are perfect accompaniments to start your night with your choice of tipple.

The chick becomes the new star at Joo Bar’s as they unveiled two new dishes, namely Honey Butter Chick ($18) and Dak Kang Jung ($18) – featuring chicken tenders glazed with honey butter or gochujiang sauce and topped with chopped nuts and garlic.

For something packed with earthy flavors and health benefits, try the Kimchi & Mushroom Roulade ($16) – composed with house made kimchi, shitake mushrooms, chicken breast and tomato ragu.


Sharing dishes such as the Seafood Rapokki ($22) is the ultimate comfort food comprising all the tasty ingredients in one dish – Korean Ramyeon, Topokki (rice cakes), shrimp, clam, black mussels, squid and mozzarella.


This festive holiday, Joo Bar has added two Christmas twists to their cocktails menu. The Frosty’s Kiss ($22) blends the white Creme de cacao and peppermint green with shaken whipping cream and chocolate shavings for the Christmas flavors.

Loaded with flavours of apples, cinnamon, soju and prosecco, the Apple Pie ($24) cocktail is just perfect for any sweet party – best savored with a dollop of ice cream.


Joo Bar is also open for lunch too – offering four Korean styles of homemade sausage buns for $10 each. Seasoned with special honey-soy marinade and paired with tasty ingredients like kimchi, shitake, mozzarella, etc, the hand-chopped Mangalitsa pork sausage elevates an ordinary hot dog meal into an extraordinary experience.

Add on $2 for a side of fries or salad, and then finish it off with a choice of beverage (from $4).



Address: 5 Tan Quee Lan Street Singapore 188094

Phone: +65 81381628

Opening Hours: Daily 11.30 am to 2:30pm and 5.30 pm to 12.00 am



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