Tiger’s Milk @ The Club

Singapore’s first Peruvian rooftop bar and restaurant – Tiger’s Milk is a destination of adventures and unearthed charms.

Taking Peruvian dining to new heights, Tiger’s Milk is a unique destination to savor at leisure. Sit and enjoy a Pisco cocktail while appreciating the historic and beautiful Chinatown shophouses backlit by the CBD skyline, or dine and make merry at the outdoor oasis showcasing a central ceviche bar, an open parrilla grill and a pisco bar.

Tiger’s Milk offers a specially curated menu served alongside a collection of boutique wines, liquors, beers and hand-crafted Pisco variations like the old fashioned style cocktail Antigua, tangy and smooth Pisco Sour, dangerously delicious Coco Con Pisco and the sweet and refreshing Pisco Verde.

The Peruvian food has recently been introduced to the local palates and it is rising to be among the best due to its variation and exotic appeal. My first encounter at Tiger’s Milk was an mind-boggling experience of gastronomy and culture. Was presented to an array of traditional Peruvian dishes filled with strong flavors that got me hooked onto finding out about this exotic cuisine.

Starting with a Trio of Tiger’s Milk ($9), serving diced fresh sea bass and octopus in three shot glasses in three different Peruvian salsa namely – Amarillo, Rocoto and Nikkei that will spice up your meal.

Personally, I like Nikkei the most, which is a glorious lovechild of Peru and Japan, incorporating soy sauce, lime, ají peppers, seafood and fish with foreign additions that have blended seamlessly with this Peruvian cuisine.

Another starter not to be missed is the Causa ($16) – a versatile Peruvian potato dish layered with shrimps, sliced avocados and aji Amarillo and topped with chopped eggs. Served cold, this dish is filled with a clean and delicate flavors, perfect for the light-hearted.

Ceviche is a dish of seafood marinated in acidic juices that changes the way of cooking – making the seafood flesh tender and ready to eat. At Tiger’s Milk, you’ll see a contemporary form of ceviche – Classic Seabass Ceviche ($14) composed of chunks of sea bass marinated in citrus, tossed with aji rocoto, red onions and burnt corns, served with sweet potato on the side. Salmon fans can go for the Salmon Nikkei ($16) featuring thinly sliced salmon sashimi finished with yuzu, ginger, wasabi tobiko for a lighter taste.

Grilled Anticuchos, one of the popular dishes in Peru is often sold by street vendors and widely enjoyed by both locals and tourists. A selection of seafood, meat and vegetables are firstly marinated, then assembled on skewers and seared over the grill. Anticuchos may not seem to be a romantic dish, but it actually contains natural aphrodisiacs from the ingredients such as garlic, oregano, chili pepper and cumin.

Staple anticuchos include the sea-salt seasoned Pork Neck and Shishito ($18), a nutritious zinc-rich Lamb’s Heart ($16), the vegetarian miso-grilled Nasu Eggplant ($12) and the smoky caramelised Pineapple Wedge ($14) served with vanilla ice cream.

A visit to Tiger’s Milk is never complete without having their drinks. From icy cold beers, prestige wine-and-spirits to pleasing pisco-infused concoctions, you can never go thirsty here. Pair the flavorsome food with a glass of Pisco Sour ($18) – a classic Peruvian must have which has a bit of tequila flavor finished with a dash of Amargo Chuncho bitters, after being shaken with lemon and egg white for a frothy smooth and tangy full flavor.

The Piscorinha ($18) – champagne and fruit mix of calamansi, passsionfruit, sour plum on crushed ice; and the Pisco Verde ($20) – Granny smith apples, Midori, Cointreau are great for those seeking a softly sweet personality.

Unlike many others on the list, the medium-bodied Coco Con Pisco ($24) is presented with an attitude served in a coconut husk. The concoction comes on strong with a brusque bite of alcohol that slowly backs off, revealing a fresh coconutty, pandan kaya and rock melon profile. The herbal, earthy quality is produced from the presence of spirits like Frangelico and Malibu. With so much Peruvian personality, there’s no surprise as to why the Coco Con Pisco is one of the popular picks on the menu.

Tiger’s Milk takes us to the heart of Peru, which makes it hard for you to find anywhere else similar in terms of flavors and indigenous ingredients. If you are into adventurous food and bold flavours, the fascinating dishes at Tiger’s Milk are definitely something worth exploring.


Tiger’s Milk @ The Club 

Address28 Ann Siang Road Singapore 069708

Telephone: +65 6808 2188

Opening Hours: Monday to Thursday 5.00pm to 1.00am, Friday and Saturday 5.00pm to 2.00am, Closed on Sunday

Website: http://www.theclub.com.sg 

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