Guan Kitchen


Set within the shop houses on River Valley Road, Guan Kitchen is easy to overlook as another coffee shop. The quintessentially modern zi char eatery offers the usual zi char fare in a comfortable and air-conditioned setting.

Guan Kitchen is managed by the same folks that owned Chao Zhou Porridge, the menu dishes are largely Cantonese fare as compared to the latter which serves mainly Teochew dishes. Guan Kitchen’s team of Malaysian chefs will awaken the local palates with their style of cooking, presenting popular zi char dishes with a contemporary twist.

Lemongrass Pork Ribs ($22)


Some of Guan Kitchen signature dishes include Asian-inspired Pork Ribs showcasing mouth-watering pork ribs stir fried with tangy lemongrass seasoning, malbec wine and secret sauce, creating a depth of flavours to this dish.

Crisp-Fried Fish Skin with Salted Egg Yolk ($15)


A popular snack and perfect starter to every meal is the enticing Crisp Fried Fish Skin coated with luscious salted egg yolk, and imported seasoning from Nanyang.

Deep Fried Pork with Fermented Bean Paste ($15)


The star of this dish is the red fermented beancurd and Chinese rice wine, making the deep-fried pork boldly flavoured with a briny taste. The fermented beancurd has an acquired taste, it’s either you love it or dislike it. Though I have no problem with the taste, I might suggest cooking the pork longer to achieve a more crisp-tender texture.

Homemade Preserved Radish Beancurd ($13.80)


Another signature dish, which is my favourite – the Homemade Preserved Radish Beancurd  featuring a silky smooth and pillowy beancurd, golden fried to achieve a crisp exterior then topped with bountiful amount of salty and fragrant radish. Recommend to enjoy the beancurd with the moreish sauce laded on top.

Sautéed Lotus Root with Macadamia ($15)


A light and perfect green accompaniment to your mains dishes will be the Sautéed Lotus Roots with a medley of macadamia, peapods, carrots and celery. Quickly cooked with a light sauce to maintain its freshness, you can skimp on calories without sacrificing its flavours.

House Special Ribeye Beef with Leeks in Inshinabe ($28)


Other delectable dishes include the House Special Ribeye Beef with Leeks, as well as the Chicken Soup with Chinese Yam, both served in a piping hot stone pot for your enjoyment.

Chicken Soup with Chinese Yam in Ishinabe ($25)


House Special Red Grouper Soup with Pickles ($38)


If you like fish soup, you should try the Red Grouper Soup at Guan Kitchen which was hearty and comforting. The fresh red grouper was served fillet for diner’s convenience, the fish slices boasts a firm texture and had a mild tangy flavour from the preserved vegetables. This soup dish is the perfect answer for feeding your belly and warming your soul.


Do look out for the house specials or simply ask the staff for recommendations – the menu dishes change regularly, sometimes daily, so that customers can look forward to new surprises when they visit Guan Kitchen. The casual eatery also offers a selection of premium wines like Trapiche Pure Malbec from Argentina and Mandarin Duck Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand.

Guan Kitchen

Address: 225 River Valley Road, Singapore 238283

Opening Hours: 11.00 am to 12.00 am

Telephone: +65 6333 6003

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