Oxwell & Co – A Fabulous Feast


Oxwell & Co,  a British inspired gastro-pub nestled along Ann Siang Road has unveiled its Christmas menu with three festive dining options: Fabulous Feast (to be shared with a minimum of three people), Traditional Three-course Ala-carte Dinner as well as Canapé Packages for larger groups.

Fabulous Feast ($110/pax) – A communal meal for a small, cozy party of 3-4 people. Customise your ideal feast from a plethora of dishes. Each Fabulous Feast comes with a choice of savoury snack, two starters and two sides to go along with a choice of main, an Orange & Ginger Cake and Chocolate Ice Cream as desserts as well as coffee/tea.

Traditional Three-course Ala-carte Dinner ($85/pax) – Enjoy a selection of sharing snack, starters, sides, personal main from the Fabulous Feast menu and a wider selection of desserts. Choose either the Raspberry Trifle, Orange & Ginger Cake or Cheese Board.

Canapés Package ($60 – $80/pax) – Exclusive canapés menus available for larger groups of 20 pax and above. Enjoy dishes like Cullen Skink Shooters, Oxwell Beef Sliders, Smoked Turkey & Garden Herbs, Fresh Irish Oysters and many more! Price per pax varies, depending on the option chosen.

The three-storey gastro-pub exudes a different ambiance on each level. A bar for refreshing tipples and snacks on the first floor, a 40 pax dining room with rustic yet elegant furnishings on the second floor and a private function room reminiscent of a drawing room on the third floor.

We were privileged to dine in the Oxwell Study, a private function room with quirky furnishings that is able to accomodate up to 14 pax.


Savoury snacks to kick start our Fabulous Feast!


Pork Scratchings – A British bar snack, these deep-fried crispy and puffy pork rinds are flavoured with pepper and chilli powder. Very addictive! Best accompanied with a pint of beer.


Spiced Crispy Corn – Another bar grub, this bowl of spiced crispy corn took me by surprise. Was expecting it to be like a jazzed up version of ‘Kacang Puteh’ (an old school snack where a variety of nuts are served in a paper cone). Well, I couldn’t be more wrong. Coated in a light, crispy batter and tossed in spices and curry leaves, the corn kernels are crispy on the outside, soft and juicy inside!

For starters, we tried the Salmon Gravlax, Roasted Beetroot and Spiced Duck Rillette.



Salmon Gravlax – A Nordic dish of cured salmon with dill on a bed of crème fraîche. The thin strips of crunchy green apple added a zesty, refreshing tang to the dish. Easily one of the favourite starters.


Roasted Beetroot, Broccolini & Stilton – A festive-looking vegan starter of thinly-sliced sweet and earthy roasted beetroot, crunchy broccolini and  carrot cubes. The dollops of creamy sauce livens up this simple yet flavourful medley of vegetables.


Spiced Duck Rillette – A delectable spread on toasted sourdough with fermented carrot cubes, cassis jelly and a sunny-side up.

Mains were a variety of fish and meat dishes.


Oven Roasted Side of Irish Salmon – We know how easy it is to overcook salmon but Oxwell & Co does it perfectly. Moisy and flaky with crisp, golden brown skin on a pool of creamy hollandaise sauce, garnished with seaweed crisps, sweet potato leaves and salmon roe.


Crispy Rolled Kurobuta Pork Belly – Kurobuta – the porcine equivalent of Kobe beef, known for its intense flavourful meat and heavily marbled fat, is the perfect cut for roasting. Slices of tender pork belly with crisp crackling leaves one yearning for more. Served with puy lentils and cotechino.


Whole Roasted Challand Duck – Marinated with a myriad of herbs and spices like star anise, cloves, thyme, bay leaves, glazed with honey and roasted till almost charred. The meat’s tender and juicy and pairs perfectly with the creamy duck fat bread sauce.


Whole Oven Roasted Serama Chicken – An alternative to the traditional turkey is this succulent oven roasted whole free-range chicken with chestnut stuffing and port jus on the side. Tender meat with sweet, nutty aroma from the chestnuts and nuance of smokiness from the high-quality bacon strips.


For sides, Duck Fat Roast Potatoes, Roasted Sweet Carrots and Brussel Sprouts with Maple Butter & Smoked Bacon are recommended. The Duck Fat Roast Potatoes are great for carb lovers. Brussel Sprouts, an acquired taste for some, are tossed in maple butter here. The bacon added a touch of smokiness to the cabbage-like sprouts. Our unanimous favourite got to be the Roasted Sweet Carrots. Like how its name suggests, the carrots, poached in butter and roasted, were really sweet and soft. A great accompaniment to the mains.


A Yuletide feast won’t be complete without desserts. This Orange and Ginger Cake is part of the Fabulous Feast ($110/pax). The citrusy, spiced pound cake was moist and was lighter than the usual, dense pound cake. Enjoyed this cake though I’m not a fan of orange-infused desserts. Even contemplated having a second serving but was too full to do so.  Served with berry compote, dried raisins and lashings of cream.


Served alongside the Orange and Ginger Cake is this decadent Chocolate Ice Cream with shards of dried milk meringue.


Raspberry Trifle – One of the dessert selections from Oxwell & Co’s Traditional Three-course Ala-carte Dinner ($85/pax). Jaconde with Chantilly, crushed raspberries and adorned with blackberries. The tang from the raspberries make this dessert a good choice after a heavy meal.

Round off the sumptuous meal with some festive tipples like the Christmas Cobbler, a chilled rendition of the traditional mulled wine, refreshing Spiced Honey and Pear Fizz, and Orange and Dark Chocolate Espresso Martini.

With good food, booze and heritage charm, Oxwell & Co is an ideal place to hold your Christmas parties this season.

Oxwell & Co

Address: 5 Ann Siang Road, Singapore 069688

Telephone: +65 6438 3984

Website: http://www.oxwellandco.com/



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