Joyden Treasures – A New Culinary Treasure In The East

Serving diners for 30 delicious years, Joyden has been applauded as one of the sublime family-style Chinese restaurant brands locally. There is currently three restaurants and an event hall under the Joyden ConceptsJoyden Seafood (formerly known as West Coast Seafood), Joyden Canton Kitchen, Joyden Treasures and Joyden Hall. Joyden Treasures is the newest addition to the Joyden Concepts,

Located in Leisure Park Kallang – an entertainment cum shopping mall served by Stadium MRT station, Joyden Treasures is the largest outlet of Joyden Concepts, boasting a dining area of 7,000 sq ft space (seats up to 210 pax) and six exclusive rooms that can easily accommodate ten guests each.

For Joyden Treasures, the restaurant presents a refined well-curated menu of classic home cooked fare in grandeur. Diners can look forward to a delicious and comprehensive selection of seafood and meat dishes put together by the owners of Joyden Treasures and its team of experienced chefs.



Starting with comforting soups and appetisers, a traditional Cantonese favourite include this wholesome Double Boiled Seafood Soup in Whole Old Cucumber ($14 – individual serving); featuring a homemade broth of mushrooms, dried scallops and fish maw encased in the hollow of a softened old cucumber. Dig deeper into the melon, you’ll find a surprise homemade pork wanton that packs a meaty bite.

For the latter, the Phoenix Beancurd Skin Prawn Roll ($16 – small / $22 – medium / $30 – large) is a crowd-pleaser for young children and adults. This popular snack comprises a blend of chopped fresh red prawns, two kinds of eggs – salted egg and century egg, and cilantro stuffed between delicate sheets of beancurd skin, then deep-fried to perfection and served with a tangy sweet chilli sauce concoction.



Joyden Treasures showcases a comprehensive menu of exciting seafood dishes, ranging from cold dish, dried delicacies, lobsters, crabs, live fishes, shell fish and prawns. Fish lovers can never get enough of the Joyden Original Steamed Red Grouper in Homemade Soy Bean Broth (market price) featuring a whole red grouper steamed in a homemade soya milk broth using secret recipes from the owner’s family.

Fresh ginger, chives, straw mushrooms and black fungus are added to allow the aroma and taste of this wonderful dish to shine through. I love the addition of crunchy fried enoki mushrooms which contrast notably well with the silky texture of the fish meat.

The Jumbo Prawns in Traditional Dark Sauce ($26 – small / $36 – medium / $52 – large) is something not to be missed at Joyden Treasures. This signature dish embodies the spirit and labour of love from the owners and family members, personally conducting multiple taste tests to ensure a well-balanced sauce filled with exceptionally pleasing fragrance and taste. The aromatic sesame-oil based dark sauce goes well with a bowl of steamed rice; and best eaten together with the crunchy deep-fried jumbo prawns.

Among its other signatures, is the Traditional Salt Baked Crab (market price), using a blend of different salts and spices to bring out the full flavours of the Sri Lankan crab. The combination of salts and spices are first wok-fried together before covering the whole crab and then baked for 30 minutes at low temperature to a perfect glory of smoky fragrance, and balance of saltiness and nuances of the spice.




Joyden Treasures also offers an unbeatable selection of poultry and meats. Another sublime family creation is the Crispy Fragrant Duck with Petite Lotus Buns ($58 whole duck). Be delighted with the delicious fall-off-the-bone flesh from the duck confit-like bird, prepared with a gentle simmering of fragrant herbs and spices before deep frying quickly for the crisp skin.

Served with homemade steamed lotus-shaped buns, gourmands can firstly shred the meat, then stuff it in the bun with silvers of homemade pickled papaya and fresh cucumbers, before adding a dollop of the homemade sambal orange sauce and enjoy.



Apart from trying the restaurant’s signatures, diners can also look forward to something comforting and more nostalgic – the Old School Desserts like the fluffy Brown Sugar Ma-La-Gao ($4.20) – served during lunch daily as one of the dim-sum favourites.

Or simply go for the Traditional Yam Puree with Pumpkin and Gingko ($16 – small / $26 – medium / $36 – large) which is also served in a single bowl portion ($6 – individual) presents Joyden’s take on the popular Teochew orh nee with a light homemade yam puree topped with chopped water chestnuts, steamed pumpkin slices and ginkgo nuts; drizzled with spring onion, lard oil and sugary syrup for a good mix.



Joyden Treasures offers a good selection of dim sum for lunch, available from 11:30 am to 3:00 pm daily. There are about 30 items on the dim sum menu, one of must-tries is the homemade Crushed Peanut Ang Gu Kueh ($4.20 per serving of four pieces) made with juice of natural ingredients and free of preservatives and artificial colouring.

You can also expect local specialities like teochew soon kueh, traditional peng kueh, steamed yam cake and other delectable dim sum favourites served during lunch. I spotted pictures of the beautiful Golden Chrysanthemum Imperial Seafood Dumpling ($4.50) which resembled the blooming flower, including other want-to-try dishes. This gives me a good reason to come back to Joyden Treasures, hopefully in the not-too-distant future.


Joyden Treasures

Address: 5 Stadium Walk, #02-42, Leisure Park Kallang, Singapore 397693

Telephone: +65 6446 8488

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 11:30am to 3:00 pm and 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm / Saturday, Sunday and PH 10:30 am to 3:00 pm and 5:30pm to 10:30pm

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