Atmosphere Cafe & Bistro @ Alexandra Central

What’s the first cafe that comes to your mind when you think about 3-dimensional (3-D) latte art coffee? Many would probably think of the cafe at Changi Village which have created a social media storm in a coffee cup, but do you know that the baristas at Atmosphere Bistro can also offer you something more than just a regular caffeine boost?

I am actually talking about 3-D masterpieces made out of coffee froth. In simpler terms, it means transforming the foam of a cafe latte into a temporary sculpture floating on the top of the coffee.

Atmosphere Cafe & Bistro located in the mall of Alexandra Central, is the sister outlet of Atmosphere Bistro & Bar at Parkland Green – East Coast Parkway. The new cafe features a menu of signature favourites from the bistro such as Atmosphere Fries, Flaming Pizza, Atmosphere Molten Lava Cake and more.

The concept of the new Atmosphere Cafe & Bistro focuses more on its Instagram worthy coffee and desserts. Customers would be impressed with the cute animal figures and sculptures that they don’t want to start drinking. Choose the regular cafe latte and cappuccino, or from the range of flavoured lattes such as vanilla, hazelnut, caramel, tiramisu, baileys, rose and macadamia. Even a hot chocolate can be transformed into a 3-D latte art trend.

3-D Latte Art Coffee







Atmosphere Cafe & Bistro have introduced new desserts in addition to their signature molten lava cake and an array of pastries & cakes.

The latest two dessert creations launched exclusively for the cafe are Marigold ($12.80) – white chocolate cake with molten cheese and Fluffy Snowfall ($12.80) – double stacked pancakes with banana, strawberry or chocolate filling, topped with homemade fluff sauce, seasonal fruits and assorted macarons.

Atmosphere Cafe Desserts






The Atmosphere Cafe also operates as a bistro offering hearty mains such as Baby Back Ribs ($21.80) and Battered Fish ($17.80), appetisers like the Atmosphere Fries ($7.80), Battered Mushrooms ($6.80), Caesar Salad ($6.80), pastas – Chicken Meatballs Baked Penne ($15.80) and pizzas – Flaming Pizza ($14.80) which are perfect for sharing.

For those working around the Alexandra area, you can take the opportunity to try the value lunch set which start from ($12.80) – include a main course of your choice with an appetiser and a snack or beverage.







Although there were hits and misses in some of the dishes I have tried, Atmosphere Cafe and Bistro boasts a relaxing ambience to chill out with your friends and love ones.

The daylighting cafe has lush cushion seats which gives you additional room to feel comfortable reading a book or magazine while sipping your cup of coffee away. 


IMG_8961 IMG_8964

Atmosphere Cafe & Bistro

Address: 321 Alexandra Road #02-01 Alexandra Central Singapore 159972

Telephone: +65 6250 4863

Opening Hours: 11:00 am to 10:00 pm (Daily)



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