Introducing Skyve’s New Menu Additions – Appetisers, Mains and Desserts

Residing on the quaint Winstedt Road, this relaxed, yet elegant wine-bistro SKYVE brings sophisticated European fare and fine wines to the chic dining scene. The setting of this elegant bistro is great for a romantic dinner, a family gathering, a business dinner or just tipples with friends. SKYVE is also a popular destination for birthday celebrations, engagement parties, intimate weddings, corporate events and product launches.

Hearty, modern European cuisine with varying depth of flavours takes centre stage at SKYKE, where guests can discover some classic dishes with a spin, such as the Confit of Duck Leg and desserts like Dulce De Leche Creme Brulee.

Executive Chef Jachin Tan challenges himself to constantly come up with new ideas for his menu. Expect new scrumptious starters, delectable seafood and meaty entrees to entice the voracious eaters. Diners can complete their dining experience by pairing their food with fine wines from SKYVE‘s extensive wine list.


Had the opportunity to check out SKYVE‘s new and refreshed creations launched in August, starting with fresh oysters from the Irish oceans. Chef Jachin gives his take on the classic Oysters Rockefella recipe consisting half-shelled oysters topped with wilted spinach, bacon and crispy parmesan chips, then oven-baked and served warm.

Those who love slurping down fresh, chilled oysters would do well to savour them raw, as they burst with well-announced flavours of the sea, the saccharine and tangy raspberry vinegar in the Raspberry Mignonette that gives a refreshing kickstart to your meal.


Potstickers, or commonly known as 餃子 (Jiaozi – Chinese dumplings) might seem out of place at SKYVE, but it is never a bad idea to have them taste better than the Chinese way.

These juicy and creamy Crab Rangoon Potstickers are filled with chef’s secret crab stuffing such as crabmeat, bacon & Chinese chives, then pan-seared to golden at the bottom. Incredibly moreish, these potstickers comes in a set of five and accompanied with wasabi mayo sauce for a sweet and a tinge of tangy experience.


Scallops lovers will take delight in the next seafood starter, featuring four Hokkadio Scallops that are simply seared to preserve the original sweetness of the succulent shellfish.

These plump, succulent and sweet scallops are served with aubergine mousseline and topped with seaweed caviar and ebiko which encompasses all the flavours of the ocean in a single bite.


The Parmesan Beef Burger breaks free from the confines of traditional burger techniques by encompassing savoury parmesan cheese within the burger patty. The result is a burger that’s bursting with salty goodness and the robust flavours of quality meat.

Chaperoned by a fluffy brioche bun, bacon jam, foie gras butter and tender baby spinach, this is definitely a luxurious burger that stands out among the rest.


Feel like having something traditional but with a modern twist? The Confit of Duck Leg has always been a popular item on the menu, but this time, the dish is made even better with new conceptualization. The tender yet crispy duck leg is accompanied by a gloriously creamy sweet potato mash and a crunchy candied brussel sprouts.

Drizzled with just the right amount of tamarind jus that cuts through the fat of the duck, you’ll be smacking your lips at first bite.


The carnivorous will rejoice when seeing the Sous Vide Beef Rosette that features a generous portion of chargrilled grass fed tenderloin that’s lovingly hugged by crispy bacon.

Topped with decadent foie gras butter and accompanied by traditional sides like the truffle potato mash, mushroom ragout and lightly blanched baby asparagus, the meat’s the focus, but so is everything else.


La Vie En Rose, literally translating into “life in pink”, is pastry chef Deborah Lin’s relentless pursuit of her favourite colour, pink. But beyond the pink facade, the dessert is a celebration of fragrant rose and aromatic lychee.

It comes together in the form of a traditional Ispahan cake, chewy macaron shell and tart raspberry sorbet.


Fans of caramel will definitely be enchanted by the Dulce De Leche Creme Brulee that’s a playful take on the traditional dessert. Lightly crack the sugar layer to reveal a decadent egg custard and smell as the charred sweetness of dulce de leche caresses your senses.

Served with crisp beignets that are laced with refreshing orange notes, this dessert will have you coming back for more.


Tiramisu is not an unfamiliar name on the Skyve menu, but this time, it’s done even better.

With ladyfinger sponges done in house and topped with light mascarpone cheese and just a tinge of kahlua coffee, this endearing dessert comes served in an adorable jar that will have you whipping out your phones for insta- worthy photos.

Skyve Wine Bistro 

Address: 10 Winstedt Road Block E, #01-17, Singapore 227977

Telephone: +65 6225 6690

Opening Hours: Mon – Thur: 12pm to 11pm, Fri & Sat: 10am to 1am, Sun & PH: 10am to 10pm



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