Gin Khao – New Thai Gem @ East Coast Parkway

Featuring a potpourri of authentic Thai dishes done with a contemporary spin, this casual Thai restaurant Gin Khao at East Coast Parkway adds a splash of modern ingredients into its traditional Thai recipes and refine flavours that are familiar to the diverse palates of modern days Singaporeans.

Pore through the menu of Gin Khao, and you will discover a wide selection of mouth-watering dishes that will satisfy your hunger for Thai food.

Starting off with some Thai street delights and appetisers, Gai Tod Tom Yum ($8.80) – Spicy Tom Yum marinated crispy chicken wings, Pla Muek Tod ($9.80) – Thai beer battered crispy squids, Som Tam ($7.80) – signature green papaya salad, and Yum Neua Yang ($9.80) – thai spicy ribeye beef salad are some of the recommended dishes that you should try.


For something mild, tangy and appetising, simply go for the Prawn and Green Mango Relish with Crispy Rice Cakes ($7.80). The traditional Thai snack made from crunchy puffed white rice serves as a good nibble starter before the actual feast begins. It is paired with the prawn and green mango relish spiked for a little kick.

Needless to say, Gin Khao also serves up a fiery dose of Tom Yum soup ($12.80) that are available with seafood, chicken or just prawns.


On the Thai grill, my favourite dish was the Stir-Fried Squid with Runny Salted Egg ($14.80). Pan-seared to give it that delicate nuance, the grilled squid coated with savoury salted egg cream has a beautiful mouth-watering gleam to it.

Gin Khao uses imported squid from Japan, which is known better for its tenderness and amazing chew. For the die-hard salted egg lovers, live with regrets if you don’t order this wonderful dish. Other popular choices include Pla Cod Tod Nam Prik ($18.80) – deep fried black cod with spicy thai chilli sauce, grilled Spanish mackerel with green chilli Nahm Jim ($13.80), and Steamed Mussels ($12.80) simmered in Thai Beer Broth.


Gin Khao pays equal focuses to its meat dishes, as much as to its seafood dishes. Be delighted with the succulent Gai Phat Gratiem ($12.80) – stir fried peppery and garlicky chicken, and pattaya-style Gai Yang Pattaya ($13.80) featuring a whole chicken leg grilled in Thai barbecue sauce, or look forward to something comforting such as the Moo Phat Prik King ($12.80) – tender and juicy pork belly stir-fried with Thai red curry.

For those whom are shy with spicy level, Moo Yang ($12.80) the thai-style grilled pork belly will be perfect on its own, and complemented with a special dipping sauce on the side.


The Thai restaurant has numerous exceptional rice and noodles dishes (close to 20 options), such as the classic Phat Thai Kung ($13.80) – fried noodles with prawns and Phat Thai Talay ($10.80) – fried noodles with seafood are unpretentious, satisfying and brings you a taste of Thailand without you having to make a trip there.

Even rice creations like the Khao Moo Phat Krapow ($12.80) – stir fried minced pork basil rice, Khao Nuea Phat ($13.80) – stir fried marinated spicy sliced beef rice, and signature Khao Phat Kaneng Khiew Wan ($11.80) – stir fried fragrant rice with chicken in green curry boast aromatic flavours from the land of a thousand smiles.

Deserving mention is the Khao Phat Dtaeng Moe ($11.80) which is heaped with fragrant fried rice and tender squid, topped with flossy pork and refreshing cubes of watermelon.


For desserts and drinks, Gin Khao gets inventive by introducing a myriad of delicious sweets and beverages such the much-loved Thai Iced Milk Tea ($4.80) is infused with a splash of rose, while hot teas ($4.80) comes in unique flavours like Pandan Chiffon, Mango Sticky Rice, Tiger Mint and Halia Citron. Even coffee is served with coconut milk, instead of the usual milk.

Sweet tooth lovers will be treated to the all-time favourite Mango Sticky Rice ($6.80), and Gin Khao serves black glutinous rice which is unpolished and more nutritious than its white counterparts. Had the black glutinous rice ($8.80) spiced up with a scoop of green curry gelato for that extra kick.

Alternatively, you can enjoy the Gelato in a coconut husk ($7.80) served with roasted peanut, corn or attap seed. Interesting gelato flavours include Tom Yum, Green Curry, Sticky Rice, Palm Sugar, Lychee Sorbet and the classic Vanilla, Chocolate, Coconut and Mango in a single or double scoop ($3.00 / $5.50).



The lovely Thai establishment boasts a casual family-style setting interspersed with an industrial chic. Prices on Gin Khao menu are relatively affordable with starters from $6.80 to $9.80, and mains not exceeding $18.80. The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner everyday and located in the heart of East Coast Parkway, just next to Burger King and Long Beach Seafood.

Getting here by car is recommended, however if you are taking public transport, you can take bus 13, 31 and 196 with a 10-minutes stroll to East Coast Park.





Address: 1020 East Coast Parkway #01-01 Singapore 449878

Telephone: +65 6604 8996

Opening Hours: Monday to Thursday: Lunch 11.30am to 3.00pm, Dinner 5.30pm to 10.00pm, Friday to Sunday: All-Day 11.30am to 10.30pm



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