Fukuichi Japanese Dining (Hotel Chancellor Orchard) – Premium Teishoku at Unbeatable Value

Lovers of Japanese cuisine and loyal following of Fukuichi Japanese Dining would do well to check out the Teishoku (Meal Sets) introduced at the Fukuichi‘s second outlet at Hotel Chancellor. Offering nothing beyond $22 and $45 for lunch and dinner respectively, the Teishoku menu is the ultimate indulgence for those with a hearty appetite.

Choose from an array of various set meals such as the Bara Chirashi Teishoku (Assorted Seafood Rice Bowl Set $18), Sashimi Teishoku (Assorted Raw Fish Set $22) at lunch; or the Gindara Mentaiko Yaki Teishoku (Grilled Silver Cod Fish Set $28), Gyu Niku Teishoku (Grilled Beef Set $35), and the ultimate Bento set (Complete Meal Box $45) at dinner.


As part of Fukuichi Japanese Dining second outlet opening promotion, the Japanese restaurant at Hotel Chancellor is offering an unbeatable value of its bento (Fukuichi Indulgence Teishoku) set for just only $30++, instead of the usual price $45++.

The Fukuichi Indulgence Teishoku promotion is available daily for dinner till end of September 2015.

Another opening special promotion is for lunch, where diners can enjoy the fourth Teishoku complimentary with every three Teishoku orders. The meal set lunch menu (from $18 onwards) is also available daily, and the promotion will last till 30th of September 2015.

The Fukuichi Indulgence Teishoku ($30++ U.P. $45++) features eight different items, starting from an Appetiser, Salad, to the assorted Sashimi, assorted Sushi, special California Roll, grilled Salmon with cod roe sauce, Tempura and a Miso soup, presented in a lovely bento meal box.

The freshest produce is imported directly from Shizuoka – Japan, selected from the finest maguro, salmon, seasonal seafood and more. Fukuichi Japanese Dining also offers a multi-course tasting menu, better-known as Omakase, which showcases Executive Chef John Pua and his team’s innovative creations of fine Japanese cuisine.

The Omakase prices starts from $100, $120 and $150 onwards.


Guests can also try a wide selection of exquisite a la carte Japanese items, ranging from side dishes (Otsumami), sashimi, sushi, sushi rolls (Makimono), hand rolls (Temaki), deep fried dishes (Agemono), grilled dishes (Yakimono), steamed dishes (Mushimono), soup (Owanmono), to rice and noodles (Oshokuji).

Chef’s recommended dishes include the Gyuniku Fagura Sauce ($38) – tantalising grilled beef cubes topped with goose liver sauce; Ebi Teppanyaki ($25) – grilled prawns with cod roe sauce, Kani Tofu ($7) – Chilled crab meat bean curd with century egg sauce, and more.



Special mention goes out to the XO Chawanmushi ($14) – steamed egg with crab meat, fish roe and prawn in special XO sauce, which is a new Fukuichi steamed dish in addition to the menu card. Just ask the friendly staff at Fukuichi, if you like to try this mouth-watering dish.

Other noteworthy steamed dishes include the Fagura Chawanmushi ($25) – Goose Liver Steamed Egg, and Fukahire Chawanmushi ($22) – Shark’s Fin Steamed Egg.



Fukuichi Japanese Dining at Hotel Chancellor @ Orchard

Address: 28 Cavenagh Road, Hotel Chancellor @ Orchard #01-05, Singapore 229635

Telephone: +65 6737 0788

Capacity: 90-seater include Tatami room

Opening Hours: Lunch 12:00pm to 3:00pm, Dinner 6:00pm to 12:00am (Daily)

Fukuichi Japanese Dining at Triple One Somerset

Address: 111 Somerset Road, #02-11/12, Triple One Somerset, Singapore 238164

Telephone: +65 6271 5586

Capacity: 150-seater include Tatami room, VIP room, Sake Wine Bar Outdoor Terrace

Opening Hours: Lunch 12:00pm to 3:00pm, Dinner 6:00pm to 12:00am (Daily)

Website: www.fukuichidining.com.sg

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