Sumiya Seafood・Grill・Sake @ Suntec City

Combining quality Japanese seafood and charcoal-grilled food together with satisfying Japanese alcoholic beverages, SUMIYA has created an exciting new dining experience in its newly opened outlet at Suntec City.

Experience a new culinary intrigue of expertly Grilled Fish on vertical skewers and a “Pay-As-You-Drink” Sake service (First in Singapore) – more affordable and easier to enjoy!

With a retro-chic setting to create a relaxing ambience, enjoy either a quick set lunch such as the Assorted Seafood Sashimi on Sushi Rice ($18.80) in the afternoon, or an exhaustive menu of Japanese flavours like the Ryoshi Mushi, Kushiyaki and a fine selection of Japanese sake at the evening to unwind.



SUMIYA is the first in Singapore to introduce a circular Enomatic sake dispenser, which features different varieties of Japanese fermented rice wine to complement your meal.

Sake drinkers have plenty of choices to choose, as there is a total of 16 types of sake stored in the temperature-controlled dispenser; ranging from lighter, easy-to-drink brews to premium, more full-bodied varieties.

Prices start from just $2.20 for a tasting glass of Ichinokura Himezen Sweet, a delicate rice wine that makes a great aperitif. I tried the Soden Yamahai Shikomi from Fukuoka Prefecture, which contains 15-16% alcohol and boast a mellow taste and fruity aroma. It was the Gold award winner at the Joy of Sake for 2013 and 2014 in USA.

For a subtle fragrance and soft pleasant taste, try the Kuriya Original Sake from Gifu Prefecture, an original limited edition premium sake made from 100% superior grade Yamadanishiki sake rice.


Customers can simply insert a post-paid card into the machine, select your preferred sake and portion (tasting – 20ml, half – 60ml or full – 120ml) choice by pushing the button on display – a delicious sake will then come pouring out, settling perfectly in your glass.

Useful tasting notes are labelled on the sake dispenser; indicating clearly the aroma, taste identification, acidity, texture, and origin of each sake. If you are unsure, not to worry as the restaurant is backed by a certified sake sommelier and expert service staff to assist.

Having the flexibility and opportunity to sample different sakes without breaking the bank is definitely a dream come true for every sake connoisseur.


Seize the chance to experience the unmatched flavor of seafood, typically fish cooked using an ancient Japanese style of charcoal-grilling called “Irori Genshiyaki“. This is also the first of its kind to be introduced in Singapore, and available only at SUMIYA Suntec City.

A special fish-drying machine emits heat replicating the warmth of sun rays at 30°C, which will intensify the natural flavour of the freshly-imported fish after a proprietary marinade. The fish (whole or selected parts) is then slow-grilled vertically around a stack of smouldering charcoal to create a smoky char exterior and succulent, natural juices within.

The process takes 20 to 40 minutes, depending on the size of the fish and results in evenly crisp skin and moist, tender flesh. Customers can choose from the array of daily catches such as Yellowtail, Kinki Fish (Rock Fish) which are air-flown twice or thrice weekly from Japan.

Prices range from ($10) for a small Grilled Semi-Dried Soy Sauce Tuna Tail to ($48) for a whole Grilled semi-dried Kinki Fish. Highly recommended at SUMIYA is the Grilled Yellowtail Collar with Salt ($20.80), in which the Irori Genshiyaki with salt brings out the sweetness of the naturally oily fish leaving you wanting more.



Featuring a variety of seafood and meats, there are now more ways to enjoy SUMIYA‘s irresistible offerings that is tailored specifically to a customer’s personal taste with choice of preparation include sashimi, tempura, Irori Genshiyaki with salt, and the Can Can Mushi (Fisherman-style Steam) style, also known as Ryoshi Mushi, a hotpot-inspired cooking method where Japanese fisherman cook freshly-caught seafood in a tin can on the boat or shore.

A special aluminium tin is filled with customer’s soup base choice, either Original Clear Broth, Tom Yum Soup or Soy Sauce & Miso-based Soup with Garlic and Chilli; then heated over a table-top stove with oysters only in the Hiroshima Oyster Ryoshi Mushi (8pcs – $32), or an assortment of seafood in Today’s Chef Ryoshi Mushi (open price) which comprises prawns, clams, oysters and a fish of the day.


SUMIYA offers a balanced suite of grilled delights in isoyaki-style such as the Fresh Hotate Isoyaki (Scallop $11.80), Fresh Abalone Isoyaki ($15.80) and Oyster Isoyaki ($4.80) each doused in soy sauce dashi broth and grilled in their shells over hot charcoal, presenting an burst of umami flavours and smoky aroma.

The restaurant also serves up a dazzling array of Kushiyaki (grilled skewers) – Japanese Wagyu Beef Skewer ($13.80), Minced Chicken Ball Skewer ($5.80), Japanese Sweet Potato Skewer ($4.80), Avocado with Mentaiko Mayonnaise Skewer ($4.50), and Bluefin Tuna Cheek Meat Skewer ($8.80) are destined to be the popular favourites for many diners.

Hearty and satisfying donburi (rice bowls) and soba (buckwheat noodles) items like Chopped Tuna Sashimi on Sushi Rice ($26.80) and Prawn & Hamaguri Clam Tom Yum Soba ($20.80), along with healthy Garden Salad ($14.80), delectable sushi such as Roll Sushi on Stairs (6 slices – $32.80), and sashimi plates – Fresh Bluefin Tuna Mixed Cube / Steak Sashimi ($48 / $68) showcases the Otoro, Chutoro and Akami, these make for a comprehensive menu at SUMIYA.


Rounded off the meal are indulgent desserts such as the Mango & Yogurt with Matcha Ice Cream ($8.80) served in a martini glass, and the Pumpkin-filled Karinto Manju (crispy deep fried Japanese cake with pumpkin filling) with Matcha Ice Cream ($8.80).

Be sure to try the limited edition Sumiya Tropical Dessert ($18.80) comprising a beautiful hand-carved ice bowl in which colourful cubes of mango, watermelon and rock melon, sago, green tea ice cream and sweetened red bean paste bask in a pool of coconut milk sauce. Pre-order is strongly recommended, as there are only 15 precious servings available each day, you wouldn’t want to miss this refreshing sweet treat.


SUMIYA Seafood-Grill-Sake (Suntec City)

Address: 3 Temasek Boulevard, Suntec City North Wing Tower 2, #03-332, Singapore 038983

Telephone: +65 6235 1816

Opening Hours: Lunch 11:30am to 3:00pm, Dinner 5:30pm to 10:00pm (Daily)


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