Street 50 Restaurant & Bar @ Bay Hotel Singapore – SG50 Golden Jubilee Menu

Conveniently located on the street level at Bay Hotel Singapore, just minutes away from Harbourfront MRT and VivoCity, the Street 50 Restaurant & Bar is a popular hideout for supper hotpot, as well as international cuisines with a contemporary twist. Whether you are into Italian, French, American, and perhaps Asian cuisine like Indonesian, Thai or even Singaporean flavours, you’ll find something which you like from the array of over 50 gastronomic dishes, including beverages and desserts.

In conjunction to the nation’s 50th birthday, Street 50 Restaurant & Bar has launched an all-day special Golden Jubilee a la carte menu curated by the restaurant new Executive Chef – Kay Lee Hou Keong, whom was trained under renowned Michelin Star chef Max Milleri and then sharpened his culinary skills at Joel Robuchon. Having spent almost two decades cooking in the kitchen both locally and internationally, diners can look forward to an excellent blend of different cuisine and cultures into each and every dish doled out by Chef Lee and his team.

The new appetisers at Street 50 gives you a good start before the main course of the meal. Keep the choices simple and off to a good start with the mouthwatering Snow Crab Salad ($9.90) or try the Land and Sea Shell Salad with Spicy Cincalok ($9.90) if you like to spice up your meal, which include the Otah by the Bay ($8.90) that is crowned with manila clams, giant octopus, hokkaido scallops and coral garoupa.

A good soup dish expands upon the appetisers and bring a new layer of flavours into your meal. The Fisherman’s Soup ($8.90) features a mixed seafood broth flavoured with garlic, bay leaf and white vinegar; while the Nyonya Meat Ball Soup ($8.90) takes a twist from the popular Indonesian Bakso (meatball soup) consisting full-flavoured chicken and crab meat balls with fish sauce and bamboo shoot, complimented with slices of fish maws in a clear soup.




For mains, be sure to try the Veal Cheek Rendang ($19.90) which is an European take on the Indonesian staple, showcasing the tenderness of the veal meat which have been braised for 8 hours, served with bread and Rendang sauce. The saba fish or mackerel, which is a favourite fish amongst the Japanese is served at Street 50 with familiar Singaporean flavours. The Sambal Saba ($16.90) is topped with sea salt flakes, asian salad and homemade sambal onion chutney that goes very well with the grilled fish and fragrant jasmine rice on the side.

Other noteworthy main courses include the classic Ye Ole Fish and Chips ($14.90) breaded pacific dory with oriental spicy mango salsa and country fries; Bay’s Spring Chicken ($14.90) a signature fried chicken dish with tantalising alay turmeric spices and coleslaw salad; Satay Un-Skewered ($19.90) a Australian lamb chop marinated with satay spices and topped with peanut sauce; and several other delectable choices.




Everybody loves their desserts and Street 50 takes you back to the good old days and put a tasty twist on tradition. Try one of the timeless Singaporean dessert – the bubur cha cha. The combination of braised yam, sweet potato, pumpkin, rainbow chewy and Japanese blue potato on the Bubur Cha Cha Creme Brulee ($9.90) with Okinawa black sugar and coconut pandan foam makes this tasty dessert very pretty and Instagram worthy.

Durian fans will simply go for the Durian Pengat ($8.90) paired with a fragrant pandan jelly served in a cocktail glass. And for those who are not up to the sorts of flavour twists, the most classic dessert would actually be the Pulut Hitam ($6.90) served with coconut ice cream acting as the coconut milk, which tasted close to the real one except that it’s not served warm.

Street 50 Restaurant & Bar is available for all-day dining from 12.00pm to 11.00pm and supper menu will commence from 11.00pm to 3.00am.





Address: Bay Hotel Singapore, 50 Telok Blangah Road, Singapore 098828

Telephone: 6818 6681



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