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With 5 outlets in Shanghai currently, it is not terribly surprising that many consumers think that Cocoa Colony is a brand from China. Perhaps I could satisfy your curiosity. Cocoa Colony was first born at Hu-Bin Road in Shanghai in 2013, but raised by two Singaporean ladies, former DBS banker Ms. Yu Chia Min and her business partner Ms. Karen Koh.

About the Brand – Story Extracted from Cocoa Colony “Cocoa Colony is based upon the idea of Carlos and Louie, two Spanish aristocratic brothers who had fallen on hard times in 1848 at the peak of the Gold Rush phenomenon and who seeked to travel to California to revive their declining wealth. Enroute to California, a frightful storm capsized the ship they were on. Terrified, the brothers clung on to what they could for days before they finally drifted ashore, landing on what turned out to be Ecuador. Exhausted, they stumbled towards a cluster of exotic-looking trees and fell asleep. A painful thump on his head woke Carlos up with a yell – a large object had fallen from the tree and injured him.

A local tribesman who had been observing them from a distance hurried forward and suggested that they should follow him back to his village so he could help treat the wound. Warily, the brothers followed and thankfully, their fears were soon alleviated when the villagers warmly welcomed them and handed them a most comforting hot beverage. They were told that this local ‘elixir’ could prevent and treat illnesses, relieve fatigue and even act as a natural aphrodisiac. Carlos discovered that this wondrous ‘elixir’ was made from the very same fruit that fell on him — cocoa. Over the next few days, the brothers experienced for themselves the healing properties of cocoa and were determined to introduce its goodness to their family and countrymen back home.

They returned to Spain and devoted their time to developing wholesome and delicious cocoa beverages and snacks. Their recipes proved an instant hit across the land and the cocoa fruit, once a rare commodity that only royals could delight in, became accessible to every man. Carlos and Louie were heartened by their success. They recognized that the cocoa they discovered was even more precious than real gold; the “Amazonian Gold” they had found had benefitted not just themselves, but their family, friends and even the wider European community. It brought riches beyond what they could have ever dreamed of.

The Cocoa Colony logo depicts Carlos and Louie under the cocoa tree, harvesting the cocoa, symbolising how the brand endeavours to produce the best beverages and snacks that cocoa can produce and share the “Amazonian Gold” to customers today.”
Following the success of the launch in Shanghai, the chain opened its first outlet in Singapore at Shaw Center in December 2014, having its second outlet at The Cathay in late April, and followed by its third outlet at Suntec City in early May 2015. Expanding aggressively, Cocoa Colony has three newer outlets at Great World City, City Square and Star Vista, and with its seventh outlet opened at 313 @ Somerset on 7th August 2015.

The brand has plans to open up to 12 outlets in Singapore by end of 2015 and aspire to expand into markets like Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta and London in the next few years. Visited the Cocoa Colony outlet at the newly revamped Suntec City Mall, which is one of the larger stores as compared to the flagship store at Shaw Centre.

The Suntec outlet offers a selection menu of sandwiches & wraps, soups & salads and pastas, as well as finger food like Popcorn Chicken ($4.20), Prawn Twisters ($4.20), Fried Calamari ($4.20) and Shoestring Fries ($5.20). The Truffle Egg & Cucumber Sandwich ($6.80) is one of the signature items on the menu that offer customers a choice of either Brioche, Croissant or Foccacia bread.



Visitors at Cocoa Colony should never the store without trying the signature creations – specially crafted chocolate drinks (cocoa 100, cocoa 76, cocoa 38, cocoa with baileys/cointreau), the Cocoa Colony gelato made from peanut butter with signature chocolate sauce, as well as the “Amazonian Liquid Gold,” available in milk, dark and white chocolate respectively. Non-cocoa beverages such as coffee and tea, smoothies and fizzy created with Cocoa Colony own recipes are also available to cater to all customer needs. Chocolate is regarded by many as one of the tastiest food on the planet, and cocoa is known to have many health benefits including being a great antioxidant. The product offers at Cocoa Colony are affordable and appeal to all demographics.

If you ask me for recommendations, I would say simply go for the signature Cocoa 76 ($7.90), which is the premium hot cocoa. I found the original recipe of Cocoa 100 ($12.90) too rich for my liking. The Iced Bailey’s Cocoa ($14) is suitable for those who enjoy a dose of alcohol in their beverages. Non-cocoa drinks such as the Elderflower Lychee Fizzy ($7-$8) was surprisingly popular among the customers, and it will be the best option to have as a thirst quencher or cooler drink.

Noteworthy mentions include their house-made Gelato (from $4.90) served on a brioche, in a cup or add-on a layer of Amazonian Liquid Gold for the extra satisfaction. The Cocoa Bolas ($6.90) makes a good Instagram photo or video of you cracking the crispy cocoa-coated pastry ball with a wooden hammer, which also signifies the “breaking of one’s bad fortune to welcome many good blessings”.


With so many Cocoa Colony stores in Singapore now, you can easily get your chocolate fix at any time of the day. Just find the Cocoa Colony store nearest to you here.

One thought on “Cocoa Colony Singapore

  1. I visited Cocoa Colony for the first time on October 18, 2015 which sells their chocolate drinks only in 3 sizes – Petite, Small and Regular. I was quite keen to try the Cocoa 100 which cost $12.90 (Petite ) which was supposedly 100 percent melted chocolate but was told that it was sweet. Instead, I ordered hot Hazelnut Cocoa for $6 (Small) and when the cup arrived, it was only half-filled. When I asked why it was only half a cup, I was told they had run out of the Petite cup and had put my order into the Regular cup. I was puzzled at this since the Cocoa 100 was supposed to be sold in Petite cups and the Hazelnut Cocoa was supposed to be sold as Small. On probing, I found that the cup designated as “Petite” (4ozs) was used as a “Small” for Hazelnut Cocoa and the Cocoa 100 was served at half of the Petite cup ! (2ozs). At $12.90 per half cup of the Petite cup, I suggest that you buy a packet of bitter chocolate (Swiss made) or even Aalst semi sweet cooking chocolate for about $6.90, melt it in a cup over hot water and you would be able to serve at least 10 people the same quantity for what you get at Cocoa Colony! The Hazelnut Cocoa was certainly nothing to shout about. If you want a really good cup of chocolate, you should try The Hanger at Arab Street. It costs only $7 for a regular sized cup and it uses the best swiss melted chocolate that chocolate lovers will know at once that it’s value for money!!


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