Kawaii Deco Sushi by Little Miss Bento

Learn how to create beautiful and delicious sushi dishes at home with the guidance of Singapore’s Top Bento Artist, Shirley Wong (Little Miss Bento).

I had the privilege of attending a deco sushi making workshop conducted by Shirley Wong, or better known as Little Miss Bento. It was a fun and interactive session, where the trainer Shirley herself introduced the basics of sushi art making and dressing it up in Kawaii Deco, which means cute decoration in Japanese.

An easy starter kit with all the required ingredients have been prepared for the workshop, thanks to Little Miss Bento and her team.

Following the success of her first cookbook, Kawaii Bento, Shirley shares the fresh ideas in her second book for making deco sushi that are not only a feast for the eyes, but for the palates as well.

She demonstrated step-by-step and guided us into the preparation of the deco sushi, firstly created the Sakura Flower sushi, and then followed by the Bee sushi.

As my hands were busy at making the deco sushi, there will not be any visuals of my sushi making process. However, I have extracted the sections on the deco sushi including details on basic tools and techniques, an illustrated glossary of ingredients, and step-by-step photographs of the recipes.


In approximately 30 minutes or less with done rolling and cutting, I’d turned the sushi into an edible centrepiece with kawaii creations from Little Miss Bento. 

Those deco sushi which I have created and placed on my hand were shaped as close to Little Miss Bento‘s, but there were some flaws in mine naturally for a first-timer.

Everyone can learn to make Kawaii Deco Sushi, and it isn’t too tricky to make at home. With the essential tools and ingredients, you can brighten any table, bento box or picnic basket.

The Kawaii Deco Sushi book is suitable for cooks of any skill level. It will be retailing at S$32.00 before GST, available at all major bookstores in Singapore including Kinokuniya Singapore, Popular, Times bookstores.

Catch Little Miss Bento in action with a live demonstration of the making of cute decorative sushi rolls during her Official Second Book Launch event on 11 July 2015 (Saturday) 4.00pm at Kinokuniya Takashimaya.

About Little Miss Bento

Shirley Wong, aka, Little Miss Bento, became an online sensation and gained a huge following when she started posting her adorable Japanese bento lunchbox creations and unique sushi art rolls on her blog and social media channels.

As the top bento artist and blogger in Singapore, Shirley has won many awards for her bento creations and is often featured on local and international media. She is the only Singaporean to be certified under the Japan Sushi Instructor Association in Tokyo, and she conducts bento classes and workshops to share her skills.

More about Little Miss Bento at http://littlemissbento.com

THANK YOU Little Miss Bento and her marketing partners at Marshall Cavendish, as well as the support of the following sponsors for this opportunity. 

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