Crab in da Bag @ Singapore Sports Hub

Seafood lovers unite! 
All aboard the Crab in da Bag second ship at Singapore Sports Hub!

Facing the Kallang river, Crab in da Bag offers a scenic waterfront view of the skyline of Tanjong Rhu, serving Southern Louisiana Asian seafood with a fresh, fun and flavourful experience.

The second outlet has the same concept as its flagship restaurant at Big Splash; such as the nautical theme of the restaurant, the appearance of the waitstaffs in sailor uniforms, as well as the mascots from the sea to host special occasions and celebrations. 

On the food menu, popular mainstays include the delectably crisp Crinkled Cauliflower ($8++), Crispy Chewy Baby Squids ($12++), and fresh seafood range from Live Yabbies ($29++ a bag) to Live Sri Lankan Crab ($55++ a bag), Alaskan King Crab Legs ($39++ a bag) and Live Boston Lobsters ($75++ a bag).

Crab in da Bag takes pride of the Caboodle Festival and brings back this lively and exciting seafood extravaganza in celebration of this opening. I was privileged to witness the famous “titanic” caboodle boil, featuring the restaurant’s much beloved seafood dish served from a six-foot long custom-built boat.


Renowned for its Caboodle Boil, this restaurant by the river offers Crab in da Bag diners an opportunity to savour the Caboodle Boil; available for communal dining – 4 person (Titanic Pit $299++) and 6 person (Gigantic Pot $399++) in a convivial atmosphere.

There is absolutely no crockery or cutlery here, adults and children alike simply dig into the food with their hands, which arguably the best way to enjoy fresh seafood. 

If you love the concept of eating fresh seafood out of a bag or served on the table, simply go for the Caboodle Boil, you will not regret it. These seafood pots are boiled in a flavourful blend of Louisana herbs and spices and served with three homemade dips; namely Thai Green Bird, Northern Malaysian Sambal and Louisiana Garlic Butter.

A new seasoning in addition to the four selection – Louisiana Garlic Butter, Mum’s Special (sautéed onion ring & garlic in savoury sweet and sour brown sauce), Ultimate Curry (signature curry mix with curry leaves & chilli padi) and Caboodle Mix (secret recipe of Louisiana herbs & spices with garlic and unsalted butter); and the Salty Splash, a Western-Asian concoction of salted egg with Louisiana herbs and spices. 

Best served up with Tiger Prawns ($26++) for that finger-licking good experience.


New menu offering include the scrumptious Mum’s Pasta in da bag! ($16++) where linguine is sautéed in a thick, rich sweet and sour sauce and served with Venus clams and Bratwurst sausages.

The Salad in da Bag! ($12++) is something that needs to be shaken up with its appetising balsamic or creamy sesame dressing for some fun to having your greens.

Making their debut for the first time at Crab in da Bag restaurant are the Boston Bay Mussels ($24++ a bag) and guests can choose their seasoning of choice. For an Asian twist, Mum’s Special or the Ultimate Curry will make a good seasoning partner.


Although the menu is more seafood-centric, I like the fact that Crab in da Bag offers choices that goes well with their speciality dishes; and these are children-friendly too.

House Fries ($7++), CidB Wings ($12++), Crispy Chewy Baby Squids ($12++) and more are perfect companions with a glass of tipple.

The Crispy Fries, Clams in Ultimate Curry, Salty Splash Tiger Prawns and the star dish Caboodle Boil.

The Mum’s Special recipe was a little too salty. Don’t get the fun about the shaking the greens in the bag; I’m here for the seafood, eat clean another day; hence skip the salad.


Crab in da Bag (Sports Hub)
Address: Water Sports Centre, 8 Stadium Walk, #02-05, Singapore 397699
Reservations: +65 6384 3511

Opening Hours
Tuesday to Friday: 4pm to 11pm
Saturday to Sunday: 11am to 11pm
Closed on Monday. Open on PH and eve of PH.



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